Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend Mom came in town and we had such a great time. We didn't do too much but we are on a constant busy schedule so there were many things to do.
Friday night J and I went to dinner and bowling with some sweet friends, minus kids. You always have friends that are like family and the Moore's are that to us. J and Jason grew up together so we all are like a bunch of kids when we get together. Having dinner and spending time together without kids running around / pulling on your legs was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Saturday morning Luke had football practice so here is Will and Westin playing on the big boy football field. No one was on it so they ran the 100 yards just like the Ole Miss players do... Hotty Toddy and Go Crusaders!
Saturday afternoon, after football, we went to eat some BBQ and then went shoe shopping for Westin. Here is my little passenger seat buddy for the afternoon. We have to take turns and although Luke is really not suppose to sit up front.... he breaks the rules sometimes... :/

Little buddy was so tired Saturday afternoon but he is still going strong here...

Climbing on the furniture!!! :)

Monday Mom drove back home but not before we all went to lunch. Saying goodbye is always SO HARD so I was crying all morning as you can tell in this picture.

Mom with her baby boys, isn't she just the most beautiful thing ever?!?!
We all had such a great time together and being with my Mom makes me a happy girl! I wish she was my next door neighbor..... for real!!!

Last night I snapped this picture of Will reading his devotional.. love his old soul self and he has become so big lately. He just understands life better and has such a great head on his shoulders. I couldn't be more proud of him!!!

Happy Wednesday (hump day) friends!!!