Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

** Please forgive me as I post a few updates that I missed last year! **
We had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving in Georgia with my family, my WHOLE family! It was a nice time and we SSOOO enjoyed getting to visit with my Dad, brother, Grandmother and tons of cousins, second cousins & friends! It is always a great time and fills my soul up each time we get together. My family is FAR from perfect, but it is perfect to me. I wouldn't change a thing about them.
So, let's just start out with a crazy picture of my brother and Dad. (fun times with these two crazies!)

Uncle Brandon giving a certain little boy some bedtime snuggles.

DeeDee and her boys (they are starting to look SO BIG to me!)

Me and my family. Thank you Will for looking the other way, it is very difficult to have everyone grinning and looking at the camera.

My whole family. Parents, brother and all of my crew.

DeeDee and her crazy boys again.

I hope you all had a great end to 2013. More posts to come so I can get caught up!