Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Westin is 11 months!!!

Oh my Heaven's above child, you are getting SO BIG!!! We thought you were the sweetest and funniest little thing from the first day we laid eyes on you but sweet child you continue to get better and better. Your little personality is in full bloom. Here are the funny things you love to do:

  • Follow your brother's to their room, you already think they are the coolest.
  • When your big brothers wrestle, you get SO MAD at them. It sounds like you are yelling at them to stop, I guess you have seen Mommy do this too many times.
  • When you are in a sweet mood (which is a lot), you give us all kisses. They are the sweetest kisses I've ever had...
  • Wave bye bye
  • Saying dada, mama, bubu, no no, dis (this)
  • Pulling up & standing on your own but haven't taken any steps yet
  • still drinking milk and bottles
  • still eating baby food
  • You have NO DESIRE to eat table food. It completely puzzles me. Sometimes you eat cheerios but I have yet been able to find table food you enjoy eating.
  • Daddy is your favorite person. He is just the best in your eyes. Whatever Daddy has you must at least touch it, if not play with it (i.e. remotes, iphones, ipad, drinks, books)... when Daddy gets home you do not leave his side

We all Westin are just so in love with you. Lately I have felt guilty for not enjoying my pregnancy so much with you. I knew it was my last pregnancy but I didn't enjoy it as much as I should of. I didn't take into full effect the changes that would come our way by you being placed, so perfectly in my womb.

11 months ago (almost a year!) when you were born, you completely redefined our family. You complete our lives and we look forward to the future with Will, Luke and Westin! We always wanted one more child so before you we always wondered if we would be blessed again. God sure blessed our family and we never fully knew the impact until the day you came into our lives.

Enjoy your last week (and a few days) before your first birthday. Thank you Westin for bringing so much happiness to our lives. Thank you for showing us how important it is to love again, thank you sweet child for being our baby boy!!!

Next week his first birthday post will be up... please pass me the tissues, this can't be happening!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cold, Busy, Fun Weekend

Weekends just run by faster and faster, this must mean that I'm getting older! Friday comes and we all are so excited about spending the weekend together, then Monday morning rolls around so fast that I'm not sure where the weekend went... These days are getting better and better, love my little (big) family.

Mr. Westin is giving me an attitude lately. He was giving me this look in the bathtub so I had to take a picture of him.... this child keeps us cracking up!!! 

Daddy decided one night recently that he didn't want me feeding Westin, so I said by all means help yourself. It melted my heart... Westin was so happy Daddy was feeding him his dinner and he acted so good. Why is it that my children act like crazy people for me (i.e. Luke lying on the Kroger produce section floors Saturday morning, in front of lots of people) but then for Daddy they always act right. When I told J how Luke was acting he was stunned... yes honey your son not only looks like a monkey but acts like one too. A sweet older lady walked up to me in the store (after witnessing Luke's episode, then my episode of turning into the devil trying to get him to get up and stop embarrassing me) She said "Sweetheart, I promise you one day you will miss these crazy moments".... It made me slightly sad for getting onto Luke but yes thank you sweet woman... you are right, one day I will miss these days!!!

Mommy's little side kick went on my nightly walk (well nightly just started this past week). ha... He's so precious, my little monkey is getting so big!!

Last night Ole Miss played in the NCAA tournament. Our little family was super excited to watch the game. We did let the boys (older boys) stay up late to watch the whole game and we felt pretty good about it til the last 20 seconds. Will stormed off to his room, slamming the door, crying at the top of his lungs when we lost at the last second by 2 points. Poor little guy has lots of things to learn and winning / losing games is just one of them. He gets the passion from his Daddy BUT Daddy has learned in his 33 years of life that life is not that important. To Will, basketball is his life right now so as a Mommy my heart hurt for him, but as an adult I couldn't help but grin knowing "this too shall pass".

Those are Luke's little fingers on top of Westin's head and Westin is not happy about it (poor Westin will forever be Luke's punching bag, Luke LOVES to pick on Westin!!!)...
We are proud of our Rebels for doing such a great job this year!!! Hotty Toddy friends!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Since I'm not in school I still enjoy Spring Break because I'm so lucky to have kids that have Spring Break now! This year we decided to take a trip to Georgia to visit my family. It was just the boys and I because Daddy had to stay back for work. We missed him so very much!!! :)

I decided to fly with them this time because my vehicle is getting older and I can't just up and drive it everywhere like I use to. Well they were absolute angels that I might just fly every time! These kids might be crazy and wild at home but they sure know how to act in public.

The boys and I on the airplane. They all were so good, love these little guys!!! I was more nervous about being along with the 3 of them. I was afraid someone would take advantage of me being by myself with them and do harm but of course it all worked out perfectly and Will really was my helper this whole trip. He and Luke did such a fabulous job!!!!!

Waiting on our luggage! :)

That night we went to my Grandmothers to have dinner and let the boys play with their cousins (my aunt's children so actually their 2nd cousins). It is always a fabulous time as you can see their silly picture above!

This is Mom and Westin. It was a super long day with crazy boys, so she would probably be mad at me posting this but that's ok. She's my sweet Momma!!

Saturday night we went to Dad's to let the boys play around with him and have dinner. He let the boys shot one of his guns for the first time. It must of been a boy thing because I was super nervous about the whole deal but they loved it! I'm not sure it will be happening again but atleast they can say they shot a gun before.

Westin was obsessed with my Dad. He really loves men and this made my heart melt a little.... he loved spending time with his PopPop!

Dad and the boys! :)

I have a Godsister, her parents were my Godparents growing up and she and I have always been the best of friends. I was her matron of honor in her wedding and she is just like the sister I never had. Our parents are still best friends which makes it always a fun time when we get together. We might go months without seeing each other but as soon as we do, we pick right back up and it is as if time never stopped. She is a very special person to me and I love my sweet Brittany so much!!!

She is a hair stylist for a fancy salon in the town I'm from.... She is also struggling with infertility, please keep her and her husband in your prayers. I know she will have a baby one day and God's timing with be perfect for her! I keep telling her that when she's ready I will be her surragent mother, I'm not kidding about that either! I would do it in a heart beat!

I truly enjoyed my trip to Georgia. I alway do and when I return I feel as if my soul has been replenished. Even though I grew up here in Tennessee, my family has always been in Georgia and that will forever be my home. Love that place and all of the loved ones I have living there.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I will be MIA until next week. Not that many of you care or even notice I've been gone but we are visiting family in Georgia, my favorite place!

I pray you all have a very blessed week and weekend! I hope to catch up on my blog reading and posting when we return!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap.... PROJECTS!

This weekend was fabulous, much better than the previous weekend with us all passing around the stomach bug! Now that the germs are out of the Clements home, Spring cleaning has begun. Spring is my FAVORITE time of the year for many reasons! Saturday is spitted snow all day long and was absolutely beautiful! J replaced our bathroom door (nothing hotter than a handyman), it was a huge project, much bigger than we both expected so while he was working on that I did the following: 

Painted this baker's rack baby boy blue, just like Westin's highchair. It was previously black but I needed some pop added to the room and that's what I got. This baker's rack was my grandmother's and I know it's nothing fancy to other's but it's fancy to me!  

Below I redid our family picture wall. I recently had tons of pictures made of the boys and have nowhere to put them.. I don't want the house to look cluttered with pictures of the boys everywhere but I just can't take older pictures down. So I got new frames and moved pictures around to different rooms.
Here is a living room wall. 

The beach pictures below are now in our bedroom and use to be in the same spot of my new living room wall. Small change but makes a huge difference. 

While Mommy and Daddy were busy with projects, Will and Luke were running in and out of the house 1,000 times and Westin was just making his way from one person to the other and occasionally got to play with the boys. They put this silly hat on him! :) 

While they were outside playing he snuck in their room to play xbox.... he looks a little mischievous here! :)

Nothing better than a good ole lunch at Chick-fil-a! 

Today it is absolutely beautiful and next weekend is suppose to be warm and pretty! Spring is starting to come and I could not be happier! I hope you all are having a blessed Monday, this Momma is very blessed!