Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a sweet, healthy baby BOY!!!

 Yes you read that correctly, the Lord has blessed me with another sweet, beautiful baby BOY!!!! I was a little shocked but also not surprised at all! I feel so happy and blessed to have 4 boys in my life that will forever love and protect me! Not that a daughter would not, but these men in my life will forever be MY life!

The boys were thrilled to find out it was a boy! I feel sorry for this sweet angel, he is coming into a home full of rowdy boys and I just pray that he might be the calm one out of the bunch?? :) If he's not then that's fine too... he has the sweetest face and already has my heart wrapped around his tiny fingers!!

Enjoy these pictures below...

 His wittle foot :)

His little hand over his face, telling us that enough is enough. He definitely is a stubborn little thing!! He did not want us getting measurements or many pictures of him.

And here you see him sucking his thumb. He sucked his thumb throughout most of the ultrasound. I sucked my thumb til I was 13 (no lie!!) so seeing him sucking his thumb totally melted my heart!!! His foot was measured at only 1 inch, so imagine how tiny those fingers are that he's sucking... it's is nothing short of a miracle!!!

We do not have this sweet boy a name yet. We wanted to wait until we knew what we were having before getting into a arguement about names. (Did y'all ever find picking names out extrememly hard?? Well we did and it can be a little tricky when you can't find one that you both agree upon!)

Thank you for the prayers, most importantly seeing him healthy, having functioning kidneys, 4 chamber heart and all of the necessary organs was a HUGE relief!!! Our Lord is SO good!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankfulness and playing catch up!

So sorry for the blog vacation I have been taken lately. I haven't even taken many pictures either. No worries because after this family filled weekend, we will be back in action with the pictures! I wanted to update you on a few things going on in our house and share some thoughts on my mind!

  • I'm working half a day today and then will be heading home to cook with my Mommy! Yep, she is in town for Turkey day tomorrow and I am a happy girl! Tomorrow we all are going to the hub's family get together and I can't wait to have everyone together!!
  • I have been craving dressing, graving and cranberry sauce for weeks now, I honestly can't believe it is less than 24 hours away!!! This pregnant lady is so excited about being able to enjoy good food!!!
  • This week I'm 18 weeks preggo. Feeling GREAT and just trucking right along!
  • We find out on Monday if we are having a BOY or GIRL!!! If your lucky we will share :). I am beyond excited, just so ready to find out!! I totally think it's another boy and everyone else says girl!! Only 5 more days and we will know for sure!!
  • Most importantly though, I pray for a healthy child. That is my prayer each night before bed, if this child is not healthy, allow us to handle what ever obstacle is given to our family!!
  • Will and Luke have been so funny lately. Is it wrong that we think out kids are hilarious?? They are and they are always wrestling, fighting and thinking they are SO much older than they really are... it's funny!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend time with the ones you love! This year I am not with my whole family, just my Mommy, but it will be special to us! She will be staying to go to the ultrasound on Monday. Spending time with all of the hub's family will be nice as well! Last year we were in Georgia seeing my family so this is the year to be with his family. Eats lots of yummy food and enjoy everyone's company!

I will be back on Monday and let you all know what we will be welcoming!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

I sometimes do mid week randoms but decided since I'm in the mood to post today I will just do my random post today. I have different things to discuss.

  • We find out in LESS than 3 weeks (19th week of pregnancy) if we are having another boy or a girl. I am about 95% sure it's a girl, just by the way I'm carrying it so far. If you did not know I was pregnant then you could not tell. I'm just not showing, by now with both boys I had a noticeable baby belly.
  • My Mom will be here for Thanksgiving in about 2 weeks and I can NOT wait!!! It's been way too long!
  • I am feeling great so now I'm in a major cleaning mood at home. I am trying to get organized and things thrown away or put away before we start decorating the nursery, AFTER Christmas!!
  • Pinterest has stolen most of my days at work. It is the best thing since sliced bread!
  • I had to take a 12 hour continuing ed class for work, I'm SO thankful that is over because things like that stress me out to the max!
  • My car is almost paid off, I can just taste the wonderful-ness of that extra money each month! It could not come at a more perfect time!!
  • My brother and I fought like cats and dogs growing up. In our teens/adult years we grew to LOVE each other. He is my rock, I love him so much. Until (just joking) recently we got into a huge arguement on the phone over something that obviously we both felt VERY strong about. He and I both have different opinions about what we were arguing about and we just went at it! I hate that it happened, but it did and things are fine but still make me feel weird. He's coming for Christmas with his girlfriend and now I'm nervous about it. It will be fine I'm sure!
  • I know I said this last week, but this weekend all of the Christmas decor is going to be UP! I am SO into the Christmas spirit this year and early!! I am already listening to my Christmas CD's.
  • Will is turning 8 this weekend... I will have a 8 year old!!!!!! I just about can't talk about it without tears, I can not believe it!!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful week thus far!
Blessings to you all!!