Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where is my Christmas spirit?

The Christmas Spirit comes and goes for me this year. I find myself having to force myself to get into the spirit. A lot of it has to do with my own demons in my head. I've had a hard time lately with my family, missing them all so much. I think the older I get, the more problems I've had in my life that I've never dealt with and that's what I'm doing now. Trying to cling to the Word but also in a very dry spiritual way right now. Having a husband that is beyond supportive and always seems to love on me extra and send me encouraging words throughout the day helps. It helps more than he would ever know, especially because I don't tell him often about being upset about certain topics. He just knows and having a spouse like that is just plain awesome.
Christmas is less that 2 weeks away and I can't even believe it guys. My shopping is pretty much done, which is great but the stresses of life don't stop just because it's Christmas time. Westin has been going to bed around 6:30 this week because he is such a handful in the evenings. He is starting the terrible two's a little early and it is best for everyone involved to make sure he is in bed early. I think him being so tired is causing his crankiness. It has helped and he is still sleeping in until about 7am. Sleepy boy & happy Mommy!!
I need to get out of the house on the weekends more. Drive around and look at Christmas lights. I think Friday night we all are going to hop in J's truck and look at lights. A friend of mine's father lives on some land out in the country where we take our country drives and I want to drive by his house to see their lights. I think that will get me in the spirit more. Each year we go to the Collierville Square and eat dinner at the Silver Caboose. Then we will take pictures at square with the lights. I truly love this time of the year but I'm feeling lazy and guilty for not making tons of memories and our own traditions for our kids. It's time that I get over my negative thoughts and just enjoy this time of the year with my sweet husband and awesome kids!
Please pray for me. It would really help a lot and I need to snap out of my guilts and negative thoughts.
Love you all!
I hope your having a fabulous Thursday!!