Monday, March 28, 2011

My Nanny

This is my Nanny girl, a horrible picture of me, but it sure shows my Nanny's beauty!! This woman is so special to me. I hear her voice and I get a glimpse of peace, knowing everything is going to be fine in the world because of my Nanny. She is my idol and Christian role model. She is so real, caring, compassionate, loving, respected, smart, healthy, beautiful, hard headed :), loved by so many people. I am the Christian woman I am today, because I have always wanted to be more like her. When I was 13 I was saved in the church she still attends. After my parents divorce, before we bought a house in Georgia, we lived with her for a few months, it was such a joyous time in my life. All was right in my world, my Nanny was always there for us, we really bonded and I have never looked back. She instilled values in me and will let you know when it's not right. She is simply amazing and such a DELIGHT to be around. I look up to this woman more than any woman I have ever known.

She called last night to check in and everytime I feel like a little girl again when talking to her. I feel she and I have a special bond. She has 6 other Grandchildren and she makes us all feel so special in our own ways. I am so blessed to have my boys know her and enjoy speaking to her. When we go to Georgia to visit we stay with her, she has some land and the boys enjoy her house so much. Last time we left, Will cried and hid in the woods behind her house because he didn't want to go, this went on for about 30 minutes. It was so dramatic but shows how much she impacts us. She is my (and the hubs) only living Grandparent. She tells me often that when she goes "Home" to not be sad, be happy she will be in a better place. She looks forward to meeting our Maker. For selfish reasons, it will be one of the saddest days of my life. She is so young and healthy, I have no doubt she will be around for many, many more years to come!

I know you all have Grandparents that have impacted your lives in bigger ways. Isn't it amazing the love of a Grandparent? I loved all of my Grandparents, but there's just something about my Nanny. I crave the smell of her house, the way her flowers grow on her porch, hearing the trains late at night, how darn hot it gets in her house, the way my tummy aches from laughing so hard, home made pound cake that melts in your mouth, the peace and love that surrounds her home, the forgiving and abundant love she gives me and my family.

Thank you Lord for blessing my life with this amazing woman, I wish I could spend every Sunday night dinner with her, but making each moment count when we are together will have to do for now. I am counting down the days til late May when we will make our next trip to visit her! I love my Nanny girl, we are like two peas in a pod!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

His Love Never Fails

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I go on each day, check up on your blogs, but just don't find the time to post something myself.

This week is my first week in a new office, with a few new faces, but with the same company. I have really enjoyed it, I HATE change, but this I do believe is a good change!

My heart or emotions is having problems this week. Yesterday we had such a wonderful speaker at our woman's class at church. She is someone that grew up going to church with the hubs and she told her "story" of faith with included trials and hardship, but she showed how God's "Love Never Fails" in each of her life circumstances. It really had me thinking a lot last night about "My story" Everyone has a "story", some might be worse than others, but we are are sisters and brothers on this Earth trying to live life to the best that we know. Y'all I cried the whole way home, while fixing dinner, while eating, while tucking the boys into bed... then I cried during my quiet time with the Lord. He touched me last night and there have been things I have never said to Him, things I have never thanked Him for, situations He has protected me and I'm not sure He understands how much I love him, HIS LOVE FOR ME HAD ME CRYING ALL NIGHT!!! That is something amazing people! That is a special time, yes it exhausted me, but I was exhausted in the Lord and He is SO loving, forgiving, nurturing, caring, He is my Heavenly Father!

When my earthly Father can not fill my needs or voids that a daughter needs, my Heavenly Father NEVER left my side. I thank Him for that!

I thank Him for saving my mothers life 12 years ago. He could of taken her from us, that would of been ok if that was His Will, but it wasn't, he saved her life for a reason, oh Lord you are SO loving!

I have always longed for a family of my own, maybe because of my broken family, but God gave me a Christian man at the age of 18, I have been with him ever since. God protected me y'all, I could of been with all kinds of people, I had a heart that needed a man to love and care for me, God gave me that at a young age, he spared me from lots of heart ache and devilish acts!

In God's timing, he gave me children at once again, SUCH a young age. I didn't understand at the time (I did, I mean I know how it happened) and I never complained, I rejoyced, we embraced it and I never looked back. Those two miracles make my body ache because I love them so much. We aren't sure I can grow another life in my womb, God gave me the desires of my heart, at such a young at because He knew my future. He protected, loved and cared for me SO much that He did this for me!

Financial hardships were had when the hubs and I just knew we would always be prepared for anything! God allowed us to go through those times, He taught us a hard lesson in life, we perservered, honored Him and now are back on track, several years ago we didn't know what our future held, He once again protected us, loved on us and cares for us all so much!!!

This whole topic has me fired up lately. I find myself during the day just praising Him for everything, even the bad times, they teach us all a valuable lesson! Lately I have been trying to listen for my Lord to really speak to me, have more time to be quiet and listen!!!

On another note, we are really wanting to move due to well our house and school district. We are having to start updating a lot of things in our home, which is just fine, but it's going to take time and money. We want to move back to one of the town's we grew up in, thankfully they are right next to each other! So, we feel God leading us in the right direction, no we do not expect to be moving fast or soon, but I am thankful to be preparing ourselves now and for the Lord to still be guiding our lives!!!


Have a blessed Friday! It's suppose to rain all weekend here in the MidSouth, so let's hope that I can get lots of house work done :) Next week I need to finish working on the garden (I will do a post all on that next week) I am really getting into that this year!!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Friday

1. My Mom left on Wednesday to go back to Georgia, I miss her already!! She was here for 6 days and I did not leave her sight the whole time. I am already plotting out the next time we will see her.
2. I had a really good OB/GYN doctors appointment this week. I switched to another doctor within the same practice I had been going to. I LOVE this new doctor and he has me on a new regimen to help with this baby thing. So we shall see, but I am also wanting to keep this private between the hubs and I, I will let you ALL know when it happens :)
3. My office is moving this weekend so Monday I will be at a different location. I am so excited about this change, it is so close to the house and the kids school, it will make my life so much easier!!
4. My brother made it home safely from Costa Rica and now he is is Rome, Italy about to go on a cruise with his girlfriend.. I mean seriously, why NOT me???? I think our lives got switched at birth.
5. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and coming home to work in the yard! The hubs and I have a huge project in the back yard.. I can't WAIT til it's done, pictures to follow!!
6. I have a new position at work, I'm pretty proud! The hubs and I are beyond thankful for our jobs right now, things are looking up more now than ever! Thank you Lord!!
I hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend, it's going to be a hot one here in Memphis and I hope to get a sunburn and cook out!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can we say: Reality Check?

This picture makes me happy when I see it, this is my brother Brandon. Yes, single ladies, he is single... If I do say so myself, he is down right adorable and has the BEST personality. He is carefree, adventurous and lives life to the FULLEST!
He just got a ear full from me, he was in Costa Rica, visiting for several weeks (hint:he is carefree, adventurous and lives life the the fullest) and only checked in with me 1 time. For us that is a eternity. We talk almost daily and when he is vacationing anywhere, he always keeps us updated on where he is at that time in his vacation. I got the lovely call from him this morning that all is well, he knew I was hunting him down, I left him voicemails, texts, messages on facebook (personal and on his wall for all to see) and contacted many of his friends. Yes call me crazy but he is my bro and that is just what this little sissy is here to do, to take care of him and make sure he is well. When I hadn't heard from him I got really worried. God answered my prayers but I was kind of looking forward to taking a trip down to Costa Rica to find him myself, it would of be nice, just not under those circumstances!
On a totally different thought, I am SO sick of facebook y'all. I do like facebook, but I just can't stand the "fakeness" of facebook. It would be different if people would tell the truth and be real, not that I'm not saying people don't, but I am guilty of it too. I like to always be positive, say encouraging things on my page, very rarely will I ever put anything negative on facebook of myself or life and that is just so not true! Life is life, it is so hard at times but yet so joyful as well. I don't know, do you think I'm thinking too much into this? I just know some people, and I mean I really know them, and on facebook they are completely different people. It blows my mind, then I see something I want and then I start getting jealous or something crazy like that. People all over the place are having babies, their kids are always perfect, in love with their kids and spouses 100% of the time, have the "perfect" life and that is just not true, that's not "real" life! I find myself being sinful, jealous, over what other people have. Things that I want and don't have right now, when really I should be looking at my own life, loving on the things God has blessed me with right now, even the bad things, because those things will make me who I am years down the road.
With all of this being said, I am limiting my time, resources, comments and friends on facebook. I think it will help me check back into myself and my own life... This is a weakness of mine, just trying to keep it real!
Have y'all ever had the same thoughts?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


In 2011 y'all know my goal was to redo several rooms and make my house something I enjoy seeing everyday. We have not done much renovations to our house, mainly because we never thought we would still be in the same home. We imagined us only being here 5 years, well now we are creeping up on 7 years and it looks as though we won't be leaving until 8-10 years. So, why NOT fix my house up the way I want it, so we can enjoy the home before leaving. With that said, I am also on a huge budget, therefore I enjoy reading about rooms that have been redone.

Erin over at It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life, recently redid her master bathroom... this room screams FABULOUS to me!!! So fresh, light and I'm LOVING the tile floors that "look" like wood floors!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, today has been the most relaxing day for us, I haven't even cleaned a thing :) Makes me happy but I know tomorrow I will be cleaning like a mad woman, especially since my Mommy will be here this week!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Much More Powerful than Myself!!!

Prayer IS one of the most powerful things I know to do when any situation arises! I have been in constant prayer for 10 hours now, for many different situations. I think there are a lot of families in hurt and need of prayer, including a special family member of mine. I believe in the power of prayer, it is a mighty powerful thing, MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN MYSELF!!!

I am going to try something and I really hope you all take advantage of my offer, I want my blog, my life, my calling to be helping others. I have prayed long and hard about this, God told me this morning "what are you waiting on" So, I want you all to send me, via blog or email, ANY prayer request you might have and I will share, if you want me too, the request and be in prayer for them! We all are on this planet to help and serve others, I want to use my blog as a resource to help others, in anyway that I can!!

Sweet Lucy, this poor child, same age as my Lukie. This is a local family that has been struck by the devil, something that will forever change their lives. Please pray for the Krull family. A week from yesterday, Kate took her daughter to the pediatrician, thinking she had a stomach bug, hours later, at the local Children's hospital, she was told a mother's worst nightmare!!! Please follow their blog and join with us all in praying for this family, you never know when something like this will effect you personally! Please just pray, at this time, that is unfortunately all we can do!!

This precious, strawberry blonde hair beauty, Maddie, went to be with the Lord, unexpectedly 2 weeks ago today! She was at the sitter's home and stopped breathing during her nap time. Oh Lord, the hurt this family is going through, how do you move on past such a tragedy?? Only by God's love and promise!! Please pray for the Staats family, they need all of our prayers now, more than ever and for days/weeks/years to come! This is a long journey ahead of them, I pray God will Bless this family, wrap His arms around them tight to comfort them! Burying your 4 month old baby is not natural and unimaginable, but God knows all the answers! In this situation all we can do is pray as well!!

And this is my sweet cousin Michelle. She and I look similar, we definitely have the "Thompson" blood. We have similar body types, facial features, boobs, everything.... we could be sisters and that is what she has always been to me, similar to a older sister! She took care of our Nanny when she was so sick and that was her job, to make Nanny's last few months/weeks/days/minutes, the best they could be! She did a amazing job at it! She was told yesterday that she has a golf ball size thymus gland on her heart. They are doing surgery on March 14th to remove it (I believe) I will know more when I talk to her this afternoon. Please pray for my sweet Michelle. She has always been there for other people and at this time, she needs us all to come together and pray! Pray for her babies, she has twin boys (Blake and Thompson) the same age as Luke, they need their Mommy and need to be really good for her right now :)

Thank you all for allowing me to do what I have always wanted to do, help others and serve our Lord by one of the most precious things, PRAYER!!!

My email address is
I look forward to us all coming together, as brothers and sisters of Christ, to help others, just by simply praying!!!
"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Suess

I know today or I do believe tomorrow is Dr. Suess' birthday and I just LOVE Dr. Suess. At our home we have so many of his books and not only are they funny, the kids really get into them and they are very educational!
I am tempted to get these A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E lunch boxes I found on today. If you don't already know about Zulily then you need to find out about it, they send me daily emails of sales going on for all kinds of things. Check it out sometime!!!
I got this one for Will, I don't care if he will be in second grade next year or not, Dr. Suess is for any age!

And this one for Lukie... He starts Kindergarten next year, so this one I thought was just PERFECT for him since he is our sweet little small person !!

Check it out if you get a chance and tomorrow wear some bright colors to help celebrate Dr. Suess' Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!!!