Monday, January 31, 2011


Since my 7 year wedding anniversary is coming up, the hubs and I REALLY look forward to weddings... it's so funny, when we first got married, most of his friends were getting married and now it's most of my friends. It is because he is a few years older than me so it makes sense. We never get out anymore without the kids, so weddings are a great excuse to catch up with friends, have a good time and maybe even cut a rug on the dance floor :)

Katherine, her husband and I all grew up with the same group of friends, but we really got to know each other when I started dated my hubs and he just so happened to work for Katherine's husband's family business... talk about a small world!!! She and her hubs Adam have been through all of our ups and downs with us, we LOVE them, they are one of our favorite couples to hang with.. we are looking forward to a get together again soon!

Here is me and my Julie... she was one of my BEST high school friends. She's such a genuine girl, she's beautiful, smart, TALL and is the sweetest! Can y'all believe how long my hair has gotten.. oh Lordy, I want to get it chopped off, it's too long and so dark underneath, UGH!!!

This is our high school group with the bride and groom

Kim is the beautiful bride, she and I have been friends since middle school. Amazing girl, wish we had more time to spend together!!!

Another picture with the high school girls... we had a fabulous time with everyone and dancing!!!!

I hope y'all are having a blessed week!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random thoughts...

So they are calling for snow AGAIN tonight, I honestly pray it stays AWAY!!! I love snow but having to get out and drive in it makes me a nervous wreck, I really want just one week to be normal.. no snow days, no sick days, normal routine please!!!
Funny thought: Will got some handcuffs yeterday from his MiMi, he played with those silly things all night, handcuffing Luke, Mommy and Daddy, it was fun and something so simple but yet so entertaining. I should of taken a picture of him with them, at one point during the eveing he had the handcuffs in his pocket, ball cap on his head (Ole Miss that is) and a flash light in his hand.. no clue what he was but he thought he was something else. Well by the end of the night, I was ready for those things to go in the toy box, he insisted that he sleep with them, for no reason but to make sure Luke doesn't get them :) I always check on them before going to bed, when I went to check on the boys, Will had the handcuffs on his wrist, locked and was sleeping with his hands on his chest, they couldn't go many places. I was laughing so hard I was afraid we would wake the boys, the hubs came in there to check out what was making me laugh so hard, then we both almost fell on the floor laughing so hard.. it was hilarious!!! Yes once we got our act together we gently took them off of his wrist and he rolled on over back asleep. Oh my.... kids are so funny!!!
I hope you all are having a great week, I am ready for this winter weather to clear the Mid South and give us back our normal temperatures!!! Have a Blessed Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In 2011, I did not set goals for myself, but I did set expectations, my main expectation was to do more things for myself and not EVERYTHING for EVERYONE. It's definitely hard to do, as that is my DNA, but in order to be happy and stay happy, I just have to do my thing...
The biggest thing that will make me happy is to get my house back in order. This weekend kicked it off, the boys closets were cleaned out, my laundry room was cleaned out and now has tupperware boxes labeled with what all is in them. Yesterday I also started on my bathroom, I painted half of it, hopefully today I can finish the rest. There is so many different things I want to do in my house and I have just neglected them, so this year, my main project is my house, we have bought lots of upgrades for our home but just haven't had the time to replace them... so this year is the year!!! Everything is getting in order, because honestly, we want to sell this house as soon as the market comes around, if it ever does, and we need to be ready!!!
I will post pics just as soon as I'm completed.. :) I didn't take any before pictures though of the projects I finished by now or that I'm working on, but I will from here on out :)
I hope you all are having a blessed week! I can't wait to go get my monkies from school/pre school and spend some time with them... I can't stand being away from them!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday my loves!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We woke up to 4 inches of snow this morning, it was so beautiful and super fun!!!

Immediately we went out back and made a snowman... the boys only wanted a helmet on him, I had to beg them to put arms on him :) Them and their little minds....

Plenty of snow angels were made by my sweet angels!!

Many smiles were made

This was last night when it started to snow... you can tell by the excitement on their face we were SO excited!!

My sweet little snow bunnies!!!

Welcome to winter folks... Hope y'all had a blessed Monday!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pray for our Health!!!

The past 3 weeks is by far the sickest my family has ever been, it's almost embarrassing to discuss it, but I am asking for prayers.

The hubs and I were discussing tonight that we (I) keep our home very clean, our laundry is always clean, I am a freak about washing hands before eating or doing anything, we take our vitamins, we just don't understand.... this is what all has happened... (along with having car problems since Thanksgiving, been in the shop 6 times now, it's still not fixed but drivable, so we are taking a break and hoping to take it back to the dealership this week, once this sickness goes away... UGH)

First, Luke got sick with the 24 hour stomach bug (week before Christmas), he was fine for a few days then got sick again with upper respiratory problems, his symptoms were never too bad so he did not go to the doctor.

Then hubs came down with the EXACT symptoms, 24 hour bug, was fine for a few days after then came down with the upper respiratory stuff... he had that for 10 days, no joke, he couldn't kick it!! (it must be part of getting older)

Then Mom while she was here for Christmas got sick, stomach bug, poor thing!!!

Hubs family, my in-laws, got either the upper respiratory thing or the stomach bug, not one person got both, but everyone, his Mom, Dad, sisters and their families all got this sickness... we now know it was the FLU!!!!

Last week I got the stomach problems, not too bad though....

Now, Luke ran a fever with cold symptoms this Wednesday and Thursday, he is much better now. Today Will woke up with a very high fever, I took him to the doctor this morning, he has strep. (total shocker, he still says his throat doesn't hurt and he has been the only well one here)

Through all of this I am still blessed, BUT I'm tired, I'm ready to have a normal week....

SNOW is on it's way to the MidSouth tomorrow, we are super excited!! Praying for schools to be out and for us to feel better and be able to get out and play!!! ALSO praying that this bitter cold weather we are expected to have all week does not cause more sickness to creep into this house!

Hope your having a blessed weekend, if you think about it, shoot up a simple prayer for our family!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my baby face

No not the singer (or is there even that babyface singer around anymore?) but this sweet baby face I just can NOT get enough of... I love both of my boys the same, they tug at my heart in so many different ways, each of them in their special ways, BUT this sweet baby boy (actually this sweet back talking, teenage wanna be boy) completely has my heart in TEARS when I see old pictures of him... I mean come ON... He's about 1 here and just started to walk, he thought he was something else!!

This picture below he was SO happy to be a big brother, this was Luke's first day home and Will wanted to hold him ALL day long, I am thankful we had them close together because all Will knew to feel towards Luke was L-O-V-E!! His sweet baby face, buck tooth self was elated!!!

And here's my little stud muffin now, such a big boy and thinks he is too cool to smile real big!!!

This family picture was taken a while back, probably the last picture I have with the most adorable baby face, on all 3 of my boys!!!!

I'm in tears now so I've got to head to bed, where oh where does the time go??? I think I should lock to doors and never leave the house again, just savor all of these moments up with these boys because before long he will be graduating from college.. Oh my I can not be getting this old!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Out with the old, in with the NEW!!

I always enjoy a New Year! There is something about a fresh start feeling and just knowing that well time is moving right along, it's hard to believe it's 2011, sounds so weird. 2010 was pretty good to us, lots of ups and downs but 2011 already seems to be a great year! 2010 ended with most everyone in the family and everyone we knew close to us sick, I have never seen a outbreak of so many people we love sick BUT everyone seems to be on the mends now, Praise the Lord!!!
We didn't do anything for New Year's, never have, it's something about getting around crowds of people and everyone is drinking that just gets on my nerves. I am getting closer and closer to 30, which is NOT old but it's too old to pretend we are still in high school and college! This year we rang in the New Year with our sweet boys sound asleep and with a kiss, then went straight to bed because we haven't been up that late in awhile... I bought this grape juice sparkling drink, I pour it into wine glasses and Will thought he was something else with that wine glass... ha! He kept asking (because he's my cautious one) "Mom, are you sure it's ok for kids to drink this"... ha, "um, no Will, are you starting to feel different? Of course it is, trust sweet child, just trust me!" He's so funny, he has to make sure for himself in whatever situation that everything is ok and he's doing the right thing, he's definitely my cautious one... (he gets it from me) :)
My prayer for you and your family this year is that all of your hopes and dreams will come true! I have a feeling my biggest and most important dream will come true this year, I'm really praying for baby #3 to grace our presence... I mean if it's going to happen, this MUST be the year!!!!
Happy Monday y'all!!!