Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

To all of my bloggy friends

For blessing me in ways you could never imagine!!

Today is a day that we all are so very thankful for... I'm abundantly blessed in my life and I am just thankful for everything, even the bad things in my life. They all have taught me good and bad things, I'm more thankful for a merciful and gracious Lord who forgives when I mess up! (which is a lot) And He still continues to love and protect me, He continues to bless me when times I feel I am not worthy of His love!!!

Today is the one day of the year that we all celebrate, no matter what you come from or who you are, we all celebrate Thanksgiving!!! That is a blessing and I hope you all can count how blessed you are today!

I've got to get to my cooking, everyone hug and love on your family!!! You never know when they will not be around!

God Bless you all and have a wonderful day!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

thank you and thankfulness....

Thank you all for giving me a little advice about the whole Thanksgiving decision. I know I'm such a baby to not be able to make decisions on my own, but I did decide to stay home with my family. I could not even fathom the thought of being away from my hubby and making him be away from his wife and boys on Thanksgiving. It just did not settle right with me, so we are staying in the Bluff City and will enjoy every minute of it!!
I will be doing lots of cooking for his family and we will be out at his parents for most of the day on Thursday. They have lots of land and there will be plenty of people around, so it will be lots of fun! Then the remainder of the weekend, we will enjoy being together and not having much to do but do some shopping and get ALL of our Christmas decorations out. It has taken all I have this weekend to not go ahead and break it out, but I know it is a full day ordeal just to do the inside, so I will save that for next weekend when we will have time on our hands!
I pray you all had a blessed weekend. I know we did! I helped this morning in Luke's class at church, they are such fun to be around! I finished some of my shopping and I am almost done! I can not believe it, but I only have a little bit to do then it's DONE!
This week I have thought about all of you! I thank you so much for blessing my life and I'm so very thankful for you all! I'm thankful for you all to be along on our journey!
Enjoy your Monday my friends, remember only 3 more days til Turkey Day!!! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I need your advice...

Ok, Thanksgiving is 1 week away, I'm already so stressed and I am in a prediciment! (not sure if I spelled that correctly or not)
So, we always stay here for Thanksgiving. Since my Mom lives here, my brother lives in Denver and my Dad lives in Florida. We just mainly stay here and spend it with my hubs family and my Momma. This year, my brother is going to Georgia to spend it with my extended family and so my Mom (naturally) said she would meet him there as well. So, I don't know what to do?!?! My hubs is saying that the boys and I should go be with my family this year (since we never do it) and leave him here. BUT, I honestly think we should not be apart on Thanksgiving and I will just chill here and it's not that big of a deal. My brother on the other hand is flipping out that we would not make the effort to come. It is causing so much stress on me!!!!!!
My question for you is... would you pack you and your kids up and head to spend Thanksgiving with your family and leave your husband home?? Or would you stay here with your husband and his family because I know I will have just as much fun here as I would there!
What do you feel I should do?
Oh and let me remind you that we just went to Georgia in October to see my family, my brother was not there... do not know what to do! Either way, I will upset somebody!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is it possible???

to love "too much" the children I gave life too
to think that Luke calling a penny a "minny" is just too precious
to be completely, 100% honest on this blog
to think that marriage at times is the hardest thing I have EVER accomplished and still accomplishing
to say whatever I'm thinking on this blog, because you know it is my blog and I can say whatever I want and if you don't like, well then don't read :)
to have too much trust in some people
to think that the Lord and His words make me feel so comforting
to already be stressed about the upcoming holiday season
to think that my oldest son waving and blowing me kisses the whole way into school, makes me think he is by far the COOLEST kid I've EVER met, he makes my day
to think that my hubby bringing me home some cookies makes me pretty darn happy right now
to think that life has been hard lately, but I know with God and my family on my side, it's gonna be OK!

Monday, November 16, 2009

weekend recap

As most of you know and kindly left a sweet comment, saying Happy Birthday to my birthday boy, Will, it was Will's bday weekend!!

We choose to not do a big birthday party for him this year. He really said he didn't want one, so we decided to invite his bestie over Friday night for pizza and cake, then he spent the night with Will. They both enjoyed it so much and actually Will got to spend the night (for the first time away) with him last week, so they enjoyed seeing each other!

It was cute seeing Luke interact with them. I had to explain to Will that Luke is little and doesn't understand about not being able to play, so they just need to be the nice "big kids" and play with him as well! It all worked out and every played happily!

Saturday we enjoyed the Ole Miss victory over UT. It was such a wonderful game and I was so happy for my hubby! He is a big "talker" he talks a lot of crap to everyone about football, so I was a little worried for him to get payback about the game if Ole Miss lost, but we won, so I feel sorry for all of his coworkers, I know he is probably talking some more crap today :) But is was a great win and it all fun times!!!

I did get out yesterday with one of my girlfriends to get some Christmas shopping done. John's family is almost done and he is almost done, all I have to do is finish the boys, our parents and him, then we will be done!!! This is my first year to start early on the shopping and I'm so happy we are doing it early! It feels so much better to not rush around, but I can promise you that I will still forget things and wait til the last minute :) that's usually what happens!

I have been down lately about some of my health issues. Nothing major is going on, just some set backs on the baby making machine. I knew some symptoms would start and they sure have. I'm in lots of pain lately and things just don't seem so promising for another little one to be roaming our house again. All of you know that if it were up to me, I would have as many children as God would allow (and I seriously mean that) but I'm showing signs of that not being possible, plus I'm sure my hubby would not want that either. I just really, really want just ONE more, I know I should be grateful for the 2 that have already blessed our lives, but I really want 1 more and pray that God will Bless us with that in His time! He knows when the right time will be and He is the only person at this point to allow a miracle to happy and my problems to go away! Miracles do happen and I pray every night for one to happen! So much going on in my life right now and I feel like not much time, but I need to learn patience, right?? Patience is the key here!

Y'all have a Happy Monday!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Will

You were my first born, such a surprise to us and even a surprise at birth!!! My life would be miserable without you in it Will! You are the sweetest child, so kind and caring! You LOVE the Lord and I'm so proud of you! You are so smart, we can talk now about everything and you get me! (you even saved me a seat at lunch today, I mean what 6 year old thinks about that?!?!) We are so much alike and I love how you always call me out when I'm talking to myself. :)
You are the BEST big brother anyone could ask for, you are so strong WILLed, you know what you want when you want it and I believe that will get you far in life!
I love you more than life itself, you are my angel eyes and I love you more and more each day!
6 years ago today... I was given the best blessing God could of ever given me!!!

My little santa :)

Such a happy big brother!

And such my little man now!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So sorry it's been a few days since y'all last heard from me, I know you all were having withdrawls, right!?!?

I just got back tonight from a wonderful business trip to Nashville. I was dreading this trip, but it ended up being so much FUN!!! When I got there, my husband's best friend, J and I meet up. He is seriously like my brother and I know I was bossing him around all night just like I do John... poor thing, it's just habit now and he and John are SO much alike :) I told his wife, Ashley, (who is also my best friend) that he was probably praying for our night to hurry up and end.

Anywho, we hooked up with some friends, had dinner, then headed to Broadway St. right accross from the Summet Center, where the CMA Awards were convientely being held. It was just something to see for sure, black limos lined up the street for miles! (I just have never experienced something like this)... so we waiting until everyone came out. I got to talk with James Otto and his wife, she and I really hit it off and talked for awhile! I will have to post our picture when I download it) They were super sweet, we also saw Darius Rucker just walk right past us! It was just crazy to me! We had MORE than enough fun and then headed back home to call it a night!

Today I had a FULL day of appointments, had a WONDERFUL lunch with LA and even got a little bit of shopping done. (BUT that's a little bit of a secret, so don't tell,K?) It was just so much fun, I really enjoyed being in the car alone for 3 hours yesterday and today! It was so thearpeutic, I came home tonight a little on edge just from driving but so, so thrilled to see all 3 of my babies!!!

OK, now ladies, I DID get a chance to go by my favorite cupcake place and a OH so wonderful idea!! GiGi's Cupcake's is unbelieveable!!!! AND I just found out that they are coming to town, yes to Memphis, the beginning of next year! I can not wait!!!!! It's such a great idea and so adorable and also fantastically deliscious!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

copy cat...

I'm going to completely be a copy cat and do exactly what my friend LA did over on her blog and let y'all know what I would like to have this Christmas. We have decided this year to really just get things we need for Christmas and for the boys get what they are wanting. But these are things in my head that I think I really need.
This is a vera bradley bible cover. It covers your bible and also gives you room for papers and pens. My bible looks so silly with all of the paper poking out and my pen and highlighter hanging on in the front. So, this would be greatly needed and just too cute!!! (I don't think I would pick out that particular pattern, but one similar is cute!)

I would also like to have these in the 3 windows in my kitchen. Like I told y'all before, I got some curtains made for my living room and these would be the finishing touch. I need my hubby to paint my living room, foyer and hallways, hang my curtains, put these up for me and then my house will almost be complete, exactly how I want it to look!!! All I will have to do then is get new bedding for my bedroom, but that has been put on the back burner!

There's so many more things that I want, but if I got these two then I will be a happy camper :) I also have a wish list of the bedding that I want, it's such a hard decision for me, but I think my Momma is going to get us that :)
I hope y'all have a Terrific Tuesday!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Praying hard

for baby Stellan who has not been doing good the past 24 hours! From what MckMama is saying, they are going in now for surgery to do the ablation. Please pray hard for this family! If you have not heard about this family, head over here to check out their blog...
Praying hard for you baby Stellan, there's lots of people all over the world praying for you! Stay strong!!!

lovely weekend...

We had such a great weekend! We didn't do too much, but what we did do was spend some much needed family time together and enjoyed each other's company!
Friday night, we went to the little place about 30 minutes from our house called Wolf River Cafe. It is so much fun, it's so good and John mentioned us going on Friday and I thought he was kidding. The last time we went was when Will was a baby (and he's about to turn 6). So, we got all in from work, loaded up and went to pick up my Momma! I had the one fish filet dinner which was to die for!!! I'm not a big catfish person, but this was just so yummy! I also got a piece of strawberry cake... OMG it is my FAVORITE!!! It was the best thing I have put in my mouth in a long time!!!
More importantly, we just had so much fun together. Momma was with us and we just laughed the whole way there and on the way back. We talked and got caught up on things we just aren't always able to talk about! It was a perfect night!!!
Saturday we just chilled around the house that morning and I got caught up on some cleaning. We then had to go run some errands so we went to El Porton for lunch then went to Home Depot to pick up somethings we needed for the house. The kids wanted to walk around Home Depot, so that is exactly what we did, we looked at all of their Christmas decorations and just had fun!
Yesterday Luke and I woke up just not feeling well. So I went to Kroger to get a roast and I did pot roast in the crock pot all day! It was my first time and it was so good!! I was SO proud of myself!!!
I know our weekend sounds boring, but it was so much fun to us! Just hanging around the house and getting out is exactly how we like spending our weekends! We needed to settle down and just do things as a family, the boys had fun and Mommy and Daddy had fun too!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well and Happy Monday!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

decisions, decisions, decisions....

Ok.. ladies, y'all need to know that this is one of my favorite things to do and it takes up so much of my time. Each year I always try to pick out the best card and picture for my Christmas cards.

Yes I know, my husband thinks I'm crazy too :)

This year there are SO many cute ones... I found these on the same girls page that I bought my cards from last year Beth Hart's Design. She did such a wonderful job last year and I feel like I need to order from her again because it went so smoothly... which one do y'all like best??? (of course these are not my families pictures, but it will be of my family)
I love this one and especially that chubster right there... but I thought this one was cute, but just cute... I'm not crazy about that!
This one is cute to me too, I'm not crazy about the colors, I'm more into green or red for Christmas, so I'm not sure about this one...
And this one I think is ADORABLE!! I really like how the family is laying on the ground too... I think that's adorable! I will have to be creative to get all 3 of my boys to act that good :)

So, tell me what you think, which one do you like???

And go check out her website, there's super cute cards, it was so hard to make a decision between just one :)

Hope y'all are having a terrrific Thursday!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wish I could re-live....

I WISH I could re~live the birth of my boys! (surprise, surprise)
My labor with Will's was good, I just never dialated, so after 12 hours of labor they did a c~section. Y'all, I thought I was going to DIE!!! I did not recover well at all and for 2 weeks I was so sick! When Will was delivered, we thought he was a girl the whole time I was preggo, so when he came out and it was a boy; that is probably one of the craziest, wildest moments I have ever experienced!
With Luke, it was totally different, it was a repeat c~section, I was NOT in labor so I had a mini panic attack because I just could not have a 2 year old at home and be in bed for 2 weeks. So during my c~section, due to my nerves, it was scary, but it all worked out perfectly and I had NO pain after having him, I never took one pain pill so my recovery was as perfect as you could imagine! God sure took care of us!!
Here's me being wheeled back for Luke's c~section, scared out of my mind, livid that John kept taking pictures of me!!!

Here's my little Luke right after he was born, such a beautiful angel! And you completely forget everything you ever went through!!

Sleeping so peacefully!!!

There's just something about having a newborn. They are so small, so sweet, so perfect!!! I just love everything about it, even all of the horrible, nasty stuff that us Mom's have to go through that people just some how "forget" to tell you about until you get in the hospital. It's all so worth it! I also LOVE breastfeeding, it came so naturally for me and both boys. Those days and moments are memories I will cherish the rest of my life!

Ahhh.....thank's for letting me share!!

Head on over to Seattle Smith's to play along!!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

bye bye October, hello November!

October was a joyful, busy and hectic month. Therefore, I look forward to the joys November will bring our way! Holidays, traveling, spending time with family and most importantly; my first born, Will, his birthday is coming up this month! He will be the big 6 and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! I remember 6 years ago, thinking when would I EVER get this angel out of my belly... the minute my baby boy was placed in my arms, I've never felt my heart melt as much as it did at that moment! So, I will be celebrating such a wonderful day on the 13th!
Below is Luke in his transformer outfit... I think he was "mega tron" or something like that, he didn't even know the name....ha!

Here's my Will... he was "bumblebee" transformer...

We had a blast (despite the Ole Miss loss)... we had friends and family over and it was such a wonderful time! I LOVE to entertain, so I was right in my happy place!
Y'all have a happy Monday, I'm sitting here at my desk listening to David Crowder Band's "all that I can say" oh my ladies, it is a must get c.d... I PROMISE you will love it!!! It's my favorite song right now!!!!