Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Random things about ME!

This weeks Top 2 Tuesday topic is 2 random thoughts about me...
#1: I start things that sound great, but rarely fall through with them!
This really bothers me and as I get older it is something that I'm working on! I mean for example it is anything, losing weight (it's a great idea, but I never stick to it), saving money, different ideas I want to do, things I want to complete in the house... it sucks and I guess you can call me lazy, but I start them, but never finish.
#2 I have never slept in my bed alone
I could not think of anything else that y'all didn't already know, but I have NEVER slept in my bed alone, the hubs has only been out of town one time since we've been married and that one time I went to my Mom's and slept. This seems so silly, but it's something that terrifies me and makes my hands feel sweaty just thinking about having to be at home, alone in my bed during the night... Oh God knows I could not handle that!!!
Y'all have a blessed Tuesday!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here's the boys in the car, parked at Sonic in Birmingham, AL headed to Georgia.... I drove with them by myself for the first time and they could NOT of been any better! (thank God for dvd players in cars...it was my babysitter!) I don't know about y'all, but when I'm on a road trip, with my own flesh and blood, by myself I am a Momma bear. I do NOT allow the boys to look or talk to anyone, I do not talk to anyone (unless I have too) and we get it, take our bathroom break, get back to the car and I make us eat at this new, clean Sonic so we don't even have to get out to eat. It is a fear of mine for someone to ever try something with me and my kids, so I just over react a bit but I would much rather be safe than sorry. Will even asked why I was acting so weird... I about wrecked I was laughing so hard, but I did have to explain. When someone is with me though, I do let my guard down more. lol, call me weird! :)

This is the boys with my Mom, we already miss her so much, but are looking forward to seeing her again soon... isn't she beautiful??? The older she gets the more beautiful she gets... I love her so much!!!

Last night Will spent the night at my in laws. He LOVES the hubs parents and they live close in town, so they wanted him to spend the night. (They would of taken Luke too, but I knew Luke would get upset at night before bed if I were not there, so I thought it would be best for him to stay with us) I thought Luke would get upset when he found out he wasn't going, but it was the complete opposite, he was waving them bye in the drive way, just as happy as ever... I felt like he was saying "It's about time Will got out of this house so I could have all of the attention" Sweet thing! He was an angel and slept til 9am this morning... that's a shocker!!!

I have a special announcement this week that I will be sharing with y'all, (no I'm not preggers, unfortunately) but it is something exciting~ I pray y'all have a blessed rest of the weekend, I am doing a lot of spring cleaning... LOVE IT and it's about time for me to get back in this mood!!



Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... what I can't live without!

The Top 2 Tuesday topic this week is ~~~ Things I can NOT live without~~~ So, of course we have the obvious (the hubs, Will, Luke, my family, my blackberry, my computer and so forth) but these are things besides that, that I can NOT live without!

First and for most, I could never live without my Bible. I just don't know what day I would have or what life I could be living if I did not have this wonderful book to guide me daily through my life! It is something so simple, that I wish I took more time with each day, but it is definitely something I could NEVER live without! I feel it's much more important than anything in my life, so this is fo sho my #1 thing I can NOT live without!!!

My #2 thing I can NOT live without would have to be equal... this puppy helps me everyday stay clear of many, many calories in my oh so favorite drink sweet tea! If I get some unsweet tea and add BOTH equal and one packet of sweet n low, my tea taste just like a great glass of sweet tea. I know this sounds corny to some of you, but a Southern girl has to have her some sweet tea, even if it is artificial!

I hope y'all enjoyed my Top 2 Tuesday topics... y'all have a Terrific Tuesday!! Head on over to The Undomestic Momma site to join along for the fun!


were home and as soon as I can figure out how in the world to upload pictures from our new camera, I promise I will post a bunch of pictures. I guess tomorrow I will be making a trip to Best Buy for some 1 on 1 on how to work anything but our dinosaur camera.. :)

Have a blessed night y'all!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Georgia...Oh how I love the feel of home!!

There's just nothing I love more than to be able to come visit my family and loved ones! My family is my life, after my Lord and Savior, and we just have such a great time together. Right now the boys are napping and it gives me a chance to give y'all an update.
The first night we were here (Wednesday) Luke woke up with a HIGH fever, I thought oh Lord we have brought the flu to Nanny's house. When we woke up Thursday morning, I called our pediatrician in Memphis and they called us in a prescription. Yesterday was a laid back day and he started to feel much better! Today he woke up fever free and feeling and looking like his normal sweet self. So today starts the crazy schedule of fitting everyone in to visit with!
My Nanny lives on lots of land, therefore the boys just love to roam and play. I haven't seen too much of them today and they have been such angels! They LOVE being here and getting catered too more so than they do at home :)
Today I went to get my hair done by my best friend (God Sister)! Brittany is someone who we use to play together in our diapers. She was my first best friend and it has stayed that way our whole life. I love her so much and I was honored to be her matron of honor when she got married (and if I were to have had a normal wedding, she would of been mine too)! But we enjoyed catching up, having lunch and taking some much needed pictures that I will share with y'all when I get home.
Gotta go now, I hear the boys stirring around trying to get up, their cousin Peyton just came over to spend the night and play tonight, so they are excited!
Y'all have a blessed weekend and night!
Love y'all!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday... Winning the Lottery!

I WISH... I could win the lottery REAL soon and I would hope to QUIT MY JOB!!!

I do like my job and I feel very blessed to have a job, but it is not a job that makes me feel good at the end of the day... it's not something I'm passionate about, therefore, if I won enough money to quit, I would do so in a heart beat... I'm a mother and my role is to solely be a mother and wife. I honestly believe that... my husband works very hard for our family and he wishes my only priorities were at home, but at this time that is not the case and so if I were given the opportunity for our family to be better off financially and I could still stay home I would!!!

The hubs and I talk about this topic all the time, we have always said "depending on the amount" he would keep working for our insurance, I would stay home with the boys, we would have more babies, get a bigger house (nothing too extravagent) pay off our debt, get hubs a newer truck... and just SAVE the rest... we are asking for a whole heck of a lot of money... just enough to make us still be us and allow us to live comfortabley! We LOVE to dream though and drive through the country side close to our house and just imagine one day us living in a home that big and owning that much land... it's a great feeling and I feel a great thing as a couple to dream about. I truly believe your dreams can NEVER be too big!!!

Y'all have a blessed Wednesday, I was so excited about this topic and I did not want to miss it so I did this yesterday and timed it to post this morning, so head on over to Seattle Smith's blog to play along with this fun! Right now we are somewhere on Interstate 78 headed to Georgia :) Pray for safe travels please!

Love y'all.. talk to you when we return!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Were off...

to the boys DeeDee's (my mother) house we go... (and my Nanny's too!)
So the bags are packed, the car is loaded, snacks and drinks are packed and the gas tank is full, early in the morning the boys and I will be headed off to Georgia for a wonderful visit with my family and my MOMMA!!! It's been 4 weeks exactly tomorrow since I've seen my Mom and that is the longest ever! I can't wait to leave things behind for some days and see everyone. It will be such a great trip. I am going by myself with both boys for the first time. I think they are to the age that it will be fine to do this by myself, I am brave so we are doing this by ourselves. The hubs did plan on going and actually says he wanted to go, but it's much easier for me to have a nice girlie time with my Mom and Grandmother without him along. (no punt intended, I would have loved to have him here either way, but we plan on sewing outfits and going shopping, which I know he would have felt awkward)

Y'all have a blessed week and weekend! Say a quick little prayer for safe travels and I will be in touch as soon as I return!!!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday.... Favorite Celebs

My Top 2 Tuesday's FAVORITE CELEBS are....

1. Reese Witherspoon... for no other reason that I think she's the cutest thing and she is so classy, real and someone who would be my best friend!

2. Julia Roberts... she has ALWAYS been my FAVORITE actress and celeb. There's not particular about her that I love, I just think she's cool, has a great smile, LOVE all of her movies and oh yes, she's a GEORGIA girl! (born and raised!) So I'm a little partial!

Head on over to The Undomestic Momma's site to join in on this fun!!!

Will is feeling much better and thank you all for his prayers! Obviously it was a very mild case of the H1N1 because once his fever went down Saturday morning, he has felt great! Praise God for that, so now our plans are back on and Wednesday morning we will be heading to Georgia to visit our family :) Gotta love spring breaks!

Y'all have a blessed Tuesday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Update on Will and our weekend!

Will is still pretty sick, thank you all so much for praying for him! We have had a hard time getting his fever to come down so this morning when his fever had been up for over 12 hours, I finally called the doc and he said come on in :) So off to the doctor we went and we were there FOREVER! They did a strep test, pricked his finger (which by the way he has a fear of needles, so that was interesting), they ordered a chest x-ray and a flu test.... well the H1N1 flu test came back to be the ONLY thing POSITIVE :( I could not believe my ears, but it's true, Will has the swine flu! The good thing is that the doctor did not see or hear anything in his lungs and the only symtom he has is a running nose and high fever. He said it is a "mild case" if you want to call it that, so I am thankful! We were prescribed tamiflu, lots of liquids and TLC... so I PRAY by the end of the weekend he will be feeling much better!

Speaking of weekend... tomorrow is the hubs and I's 6th wedding anniversary! We had somethings planned but we did reschedule them due to Will being so sick. So I look forward to us all being together this weekend and I also PRAY no one else gets this sickness! We are due to head to Georgia for their Spring Break on Tuesday and I think that trip might be rescheduled as well, but we shall see!

Y'all have a blessed weekend and keep us in your prayers!


p.s. we chose as a family to NOT get the H1N1 vaccine this year, that has me really upset today, wondering if that would of helped him not get this sick??? At the time we were scared to give them something that had only been out for a few months and we heard so many negative side effects from it, so I just don't know what the right thing was to do????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am home today with my babies... Will woke up this morning with a random high fever and he just feels horrible, so I'm home trying to make him feel better :( I HATE it when my babies are sick and I've missed so much work lately from my kids being sick, it makes me nervous about work... Oh well, there's nothing I can do about that!!

Today I am so thankful for many things though, I am SO thankful because I went to bed super early last night, I was so busy yesterday and I just crashed at 9pm. So I did not get a chance to clean my kitchen like I do every night before bed, I woke up this morning and hubs did it for me last night... it's the little things in life I tell him that make me oh so happy!!!!!

I'm also so very thankful for "generally speaking" healthy children... they do not have any medical conditions and that is such a blessing from above! My marriage is such a blessing, my family, my life... lately things are so busy, but such a blessing! I keep saying that there are changes coming and they are coming, but I just can't talk about them yet. I am SO THANKFUL for God speaking to me so clearly lately, I love Him showing me exactly what I need to be doing, and He is doing that for sure!!!

I pray y'all have a wonderful Thursday, I'm enjoying another day home with my angels (even if Will is sick, I'm thankful to be here with him!)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Wedding GOWN


If we were to have had a normal wedding... these would be my favorite choices!!

Head on over to Seattle Smith's to play along!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Baby Names!!!!

This is my FIRST time to join along for Top 2 Tuesday. I find lots of my friends doing it every week, so the peer pressure got to me and now I'm joining along for the ride! This week's topic is your Top 2 favorite baby names... Oh this is a good one, considering we are praying for another miracle to join our family soon!!! SO, we often talk about this topic at home :) So here it goes:

Girl names are the only names we are really talking about, we pray the next one will be our daughter that we (I) have longed for and prayed about every night! Now, I'm not sure if y'all know that when I was pregnant with Will, my whole pregnancy he was suppose to be a girl, well to our surprise he popped out a boy, his girl name was Abigail Madison. Today we both are not in love with that name as we were before. My Grandfather died shortly before Will was born, so everyone in the family knows I was naming my girl's middle name "Madison" after my Grandfather's middle name. Well he came out a boy and so we did John (after my hubs) William (after my Dad) It's ok, we only had 3 days people to figure out a name and that is what we came up with! He's definately a Will, so I would NEVER change that about his name :) Anyways, for a girl, I LOVE Georgia, I'm from Georgia and the hubs HATES Georgia, I said if we did Georgia Grace or Georgia Kate~ oh my how precious!!!! Then if we did that, I would name her Georgia after all of my family :) So who knows... the hubs likes Katherine Madison, Kathleen Madison~ we would call her Kate, but I do like Madison Kate and call her Madie Kate... Who knows what it will be when this angel graces our lives!!!! :0

Well y'all know what Will's name is, John William "Will" and my other's name is Steven Luke( Steven after the hubs Dad)~ we call both boys their middle name :) If we were to have another boy, we both said it would NOT be a original name, something different.... Somewhere in the name would be James, a. because both of our kids already have biblical names and b. that is my Mom's father's name. So we like Grayson James, James Baylor "Baylor", James Gavin"Gavin", I just don't know, if we were to have another boy I would have to do some serious thinking... the only one out of this I like is Grayson James (call him Grayson) but we are keeping our thoughts on only girls at this time :) When the time comes for another boy name, then I will have to really pull out some different names!

I enjoyed doing this and I look forward to going back and looking at all of the other names everyone else has... I love me some good names!!! Join in on the fun over at The Undomestic Mommy's page!

Y'all have a blessed Terrific Tuesday!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Today my friends is what you would call a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!! Here in the Mid South it is sunny, blue skys and around 58. It's beautiful, warm, sunny and it even smells good outside :) It smells like Spring has Sprung and that is a great thing!!!

Only 10 more days til I'm in Georgia seeing my family. This week has been hectic and I have missed Momma more now than ever, so I'm ready to see her! Even though we talk every hour, it's not the same... I need to see and talk to her in person!

Oh, have y'all seen Marriage Refs? IT IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I was watching it last night in bed (cause Luke lately is clingy and has to fall asleep next to me and then I take him to his bed) so I about fell out of bed laughing so hard last night! It's the funniest show I've seen in awhile. I can't wait for the hubs to watch it too, he's going to love it!! (last night he had to watch Ole Miss basketball and it was way too important to watch Marriage Refs with me, but I understood :)) BUT for all of you married people, it's funny and maybe I was the only one who thought it was hilarious because I am married and can relate, but it's funny! Jerry Seinfeld has done a wonderful job with this show!!!

Y'all have a blessed day and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend!! I hope it's beautiful where ever you are!!!



Monday, March 1, 2010

A bunch of randomness

I'm home today with Will, he is still not feeling well and running a fever. So there was NO way he was in any shape to go to school. Luke on the other hand, is a wild man today, I think he's a little excited about us being home and he's just been bouncing off the walls (literally I think while I was in the shower) I am thankful Luke has not caught the stomach bug and is still his normal happy self!

Now as y'all know Momma just moved back to Georgia. I am happy to report she is settled in very nicely, she is enjoying her relationships with our family and with her dear friends! BUT she misses us SO much! We have a count down and it is 16 days now until we will be in her loving arms again, so we CAN NOT wait!!! BUT with Mom moving, comes changes and decisions for my family. I LOVE my family that John and I have created. I want to be here for my boys, they need me more now than ever... so there are changes that I'm praying about. Nothing that can be definant right now, but things that are in the works and things I believe God is placing on my heart. You know it is God working when I really haven't had to do much and things are falling into place... so when these plans are final! I WILL SHARE, until then, please pray that we are doing the right thing. We might not do anything at all, but right now we are weighing our options!

I did get a new camera last week, I am IN LOVE with it and so happy I don't have to carry around the dinosaur anymore. I have no figured out how to download all of the pictures yet, so that is why my post lately have been pictureless :)

I pray y'all are having a blessed Monday!

Love y'all and thanks for all of the prayers, I can fill them!!