Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa 2012

There is honestly nothing more magical than experiencing Christmas through a child's eye. They really believe in a lot of magic this time of the year and I love helping their little imaginations run wild.

 Here is part of the tree after Santa came. It doesn't look like much but the older the boys get the more expensive items they ask for... This year the got everything they wanted and we spent the most ever but if you look under the tree it doesn't look like much, but I promise our savings account is screaming it was plenty!!! :)

My little monkey's before they are allowed to open gifts. They were patiently waiting and even my sweet Westin was waiting... on his bottle that is!

Westin wasn't sure about Santa this year. He cried a few times but then thought the big guy in the red suit was pretty nice. Santa told Will and Luke to not fight anymore, I'm not sure how he knew they fight so much but it sure has helped the past few days. All I have to say is "remember what Santa said" and they stop immediately. Thanks Santa!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends! We have spent the last few days with my Mom making wonderful Christmas memories. She went home today and now it is just our family enjoying this time together. I hope you enjoy this Season and remember Jesus is the reason!

Have a blessed time with your loved ones and friends. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Westin is 8 months old!

Weight: 19 lbs (even)

Height: 27.5 inches

Our sweet little Westin is SUCH a joy to our family! He continues to be a little lover boy and he is so full of life and himself! His personality is shining and he thinks Daddy is the best thing ever! His big brother's come real close on his funny list and Mommy is still his #1 person. He is a happy boy if he has his eye's on Mommy but if I walk out of the room he starts to panic. I totally melt over that and I think it's completely normal. Sweet boy just had tubes placed in his ears and his adenoids out. He did great through surgery and Mommy and Daddy survived well enough. I will do a whole post for that topic!

Westin, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Each day you teach us so much about being parents. Yes we are veteran's to this parenting gig but when  you came along you completely healed our marriage, family and life! I never knew God could give us a little angel to make life so wonderful! Your big brother's love you so much it hurts (literally sometimes) and they enjoy watching you do all of your funny new tricks. You are learning at a rapid pace. You have become very mobile and you enjoy moving around the room but you still can't crawl perfectly. You like to scoot backwards, which sometimes can get you in a tricky spot.

We all look forward to making your first Christmas very special! Merry Christmas my sweet little 8 month old angel! We love you so much!!!

(santa baby!)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts of Christmas time! I always enjoy getting the mail each day to see who sent us a card and how precious the card will be with their beautiful babies!
The past several years I have done our cards at Shutterfly. It's super easy and takes less than a week to get them back.

The front of our card is a picture of the boys at the beach this year. It is still one of my most favorite pictures of them all! 

The back is a picture of Westin as a newborn. I didn't send out birth announcement because by the time I remembered he was over 2 months old and I thought it was silly to send them then. So I thought I would add something to the back of our cards to show some love to our sweet Westin. 

I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas! This Christmas is very special to my heart for several reasons. Westin is here this year and our family is complete. God Bless you and your family this Christmas Season! Make lots of special memories with the ones you love the most!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Is Spiderman in your laundry?

More than likely if you have a house full of girls then you will not have spiderman in your laundry. I have the pleasure of raising boys and finding spiderman in my clean laundry the other night really made me think. It makes me think about these little souls God is placing in my care.

At first when I saw spiderman I was irritated. It was midnight and I was the only one up finishing my daily tasks and out pops spiderman from one of the boys pants. He went for a nice wash along with the clothes but I first said "well if they would put clothes away like I tell them to I might not find spiderman in our laundry."

Then I quickly changed my thinking and thought about how one day I will miss seeing spiderman in my laundry. I will miss the simple love they have for small figurine toys and all ofther sorts of little boy items. These boys are growing up in front of my very eyes and I immediately panicked. Am I properly training them to be good boys, to one day turn into good men? Sometimes I don't think so but I would like to think most of the time what we are teaching them are important fundamentals for them in the future. Will (my 9 year old) is starting to out grow the small little boy things. He will always be my little boy but he's starting to like big boy things. He and Daddy can now talk about things and he completely understands. At Best Buy last night he was in hog heaven looking at the cell phones. He wants one so bad and it is something we are completely against right now and he will not be getting one for several more years to come, but he and Daddy can talk about new phones and he might even know more than us about it. :) Luke's pants were the ones where spiderman took his bath. That boy has such a sweet soul. He loves spiderman and I hope he always does. I love Luke's innocence. I worry more about Luke especially since Westin has come along. Will him being the middle child effect him in a negative way. He sometimes seems like it has, ha... but I have faith that is just him being a normal 6 year old boy.

One day Westin will be loving these small little boy items just like his big brothers. My heart is full y'all and I could not imagine my life with out my boys or my husband. We are a very close family, doing things together all the time and I'm so blessed for that! We laugh, cry, fight, love, eat and chill together. I know one day soon the older boys will want to do other things most of the time but I'm so happy we have a home that they feel comfortable in and never seem to want to leave!

Have a blessed weekend friends! Only 11 days til Christmas!!! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I thought I would just post today since it is 12.12.12. I didn't think much about until this morning when the hubs called to talk to the boys before we left for school. He told them that this is a special day because we will likely never have another day with all 3 the same digits (in our lifetime at least). So I'm thankful today is 12.12.12. It is another day the Lord has given us and we are blessed beyond words for this day!

I don't have anything planned to celebrate today, ha but I might make a special dinner for my 4 special men!

I hope you all are having a blessed day! Today I leave you with this picture of my 3 boys. I love these little men more than life itself. (you have to turn your head to see this picture, for some reason I can't change it)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tradition Tuesday

It has been awhile ago since I linked up with Kelly's Korner but I thought this topic was fun to share. We don't do a ton of traditions and sometimes it seems that each year is different but we try to do a few things each year to make this time of the year special for us as a family and the kids.

We always bake cookies and some  years we do this with other family, friends and the kiddos. It's so much fun for all involved and for me it's fun to do this with friends that I love. If I had a bigger house I would invite all of my wonderful Mommy friends with their lovely kiddos but that's not the case right now. I hope next year it will be different and I will be able to invite tons of friends to join our fun!

Riding around looking at Christmas lights is also one we do each year. As a kid we did this all the time and my brother and I would even keep note of all of the awesome things we saw. Fun times!

We always put up our decorations the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm not a big shopper so instead of shopping that day I always spend it at home putting up decorations. Thanksgiving also starts the constant Christmas music in my car. Right now I sometimes get sick of hearing Christmas music and the minute I turn it one of the boys will ask for the Christmas music to be turned back on. :) It makes me happy they love it so much!

Going to watch the Christmas parade in our local town is always so much fun for the kids. This year we were out of town during the parade (of course) so we had to miss it but I'm sure it was a ton of fun!

On Christmas Eve we go to church for our Christmas Eve service then come home to watch It's a Wonderful Life. We LOVE that movie and there's nothing else I can say about it!!!! If you haven't seen it, you must go watch it!

I know these traditions are not very extravegant but we are not real exciting people to other's. We enjoy our simple life and the kids have a blast most of the time.

I'm excited to hear what other's do as traditions and maybe get more ideas!

Merry Christmas friends!!

Thank you!

You guys truly rock! I received so many wonderful comments, emails and messages from friends I know personally and internet friends! Both Will and Westin seem to be doing great but you really eased this Momma's mind! 

We took Will to the pediatrician last week and they did lots of blood work, called in some meds for his tummy and referred us to a GI specialist. I'm happy to say that his blood work has all come back normal so for now we will see if the medicine will help with his "tummy pains" and if it does not help and he has more episodes we will head on to the GI doctor. Honestly I want that to be our last resort. I sure hope the doctor has already helped him with the medicine. Will is a special child, God has something very wonderful in store for his future!

Last week we also took Westin to his ENT doctor visit. Dr. N is absolutely wonderful and I trust his opinion very much! Westin had an x-ray which determined his adenoids are enlarged so he will be having his adenoids removed and tubes placed in his ears on December 19. Dr. N actually left the decision for his adenoids to be removed up to us but we feel (along with our pediatrician's advice) that if they are having to put him to sleep then go ahead and remove the adenoids. They were enlarged and I would hate to put him through the same surgery again in a few months. It's best to get it done now.

Right now Westin is very sick. He had a bad weekend, so yesterday we were back at the doctor. He has a chest cold with another ear infection. My only hope is after his surgery he will be a much healthier little guy. He is the sickest of my children and I nursed him the longest. Is that just crazy or what? I still have faith that my milk helped him in some way, I do still believe it was the best for him and myself! :)

I'm happy to report my Christmas shopping is DONE! Well, besides my husband of course. He is super easy though so I will have him done in a few days. This makes me so happy. I'm waiting on our Christmas cards to come in the mail so I can get them out. I'm glad to be done with most of the stressful things about Christmas.

Here's to a happy Season! Merry Christmas to you all!!! Have a terrific Tuesday!!