Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Randoms

* Today is the 2nd to last day of June, seriously where is this year going??? We are only a few months away from fall and that totally excites me, giving the fact we are under a major heat wave!!

* Westin will be 3 months on Tuesday, my newborn is becoming a infant and that makes my womb ache...seriously I just felt it ache for more babies!

* We did tie my tubes during the c-section with Westin, I think that is why my womb has been aching lately for another baby, something about knowing it will never happen again makes me totally sad!

* I can always do invitro if we get the urge, yes I have researched that. It can happen very easily, just expensive!

* I just heard Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing. There is something about celebrity romance that irritates me. They always have these fairytale beautiful weddings that end in a divorce. Do these people not realize that life is hard and marriage is not easy?? Geez...

* Adele is pregnant, I heard that today, and that makes me so happy for her. I talk about her like I know her personally but seriously, could not be happier.

* Tonight we have a 8 year olds birthday party to attend, I would honestly much rather be with my girl friends seeing Mickey Mike. Shh.. don't tell the hubs, he thinks I'm weird for wanting to see that movie, if he only knew I wish he had some of those moves!!!

* Monday I start back to work, part time! So blessed to have a flexible job and company to work with my Mommy loving kids crazy hormones. I just can't pry myself from these 3 boys. We are having too much fun this summer together, making memories and becoming so much closer!!

* We are only 19 days away from being at the beach... we have NEVER had a family vacation together, as a family so this totally excites us all. The boys are going to have a blast!!

* I still have not found a cute outfit for Westin for the 4th. I ordered a cute outfit for him but the chick that was making it could not get it to me in time so I just cancelled it... super bummed!! :(

* Westin slept 12 hours last night, his first time ever to sleep that long. I'm so proud of him, but now today he must think he's too good for naps for doing so good last night. This Momma has some house work to finish before Daddy gets home.
* Westin's room is still not finished, is that not just horrible since he is almost 3 months old?? I need to get Daddy to hang a few things, then will post pictures.
* Right now Luke is listening to the ipod and is jamming out... it is cracking me up. He is singing call me maybe, too funny!
* I hope you all have a blessed weekend. I will post pictures soon and I REALLY need a new layout.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have to say after this pregnancy (#3) my emotions have been much different this time around. I am not one to be emotional (even though the hubs might disagree) and I sure don't where my emotions on my sleeves very often so these feelings left me feeling off and maybe odd too. Since I was having another boy and another c-section there would be nothing different.

See after having both Will and Luke I never had baby blues, I was immediately in love and was nothing but happy, very laid back and dealt with my life as best as I could. I would never say I had the baby blues after Westin but I just felt different, not myself, alone, everyone else's life goes on, very lonely, my life is over, my life had changed, what have I done, I want another one, I'm so skinny, I'm so fat, why did we get my tubes tied, I want to go back to work, I want to stay home with my babies forever, I want a night out, I have no friends, I love my friends, why has my husband not called me today from work, he doesn't love me, I don't love him, oh my gosh I could not love him more than I do now, Will hates me, Luke hates me, I have ruined their lives having Westin, gosh they love me so much, I don't deserve this perfect life.... Yall seriously the emotions have been all over the place! These are all thoughts I have had over the past several months.

Having a baby changes you. Some good, some bad. The past few weeks I have felt much better, getting the hang of having another little lovie to love on. The one thing that I never could get enough of was Westin. It has been he and I through this journey together and seeing him give me that gummy smile, it makes my heart skip a beat, no lie. That child has still brought more joy to my life and this family than I could ever imagine. I'm trying to find the happiness in my life now. The hubs and I have made so many plans for our future, there are so many things we want for our children and we are making it happen. That is something I could not be more proud of, I am so blessed! 

The feeling I'm feeling most lately, is not to miss one good moment with my children. They will only be children for such a short time. I want them to look back and have happy memories of their childhood. I want them to grow up to be successful, strong, happy, smart young men. I also want any of you to know that having these feelings are not all bad. It is good to be humbled to feel this way to realize what you really do have. Yes most of my feelings I descriped are irrational, I get that now but just know that this too shall pass. It passed thankfully and I'm looking forward to raising these boys with my perfect for me, adorable husband!

I hope you all are doing well and are blessed! I need a page makeover in a BAD way, anyone know how to get rid of your personalized page to just get a normal page? Or should I find someone else to personalize it for me? Either way it needs an update in a bad way!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 2 months James Westin!!

Westin is now 2 months old (and 1 week). I can't believe it has been 2 months since he has blessed our family. We went for his 2 month check up last week, he weighed 11 lbs 2 oz. He has more than doubled his weight from birth which proves my theory that he was much healthier outside my womb than inside my womb. He needed to come out and I love we have that confirmation. Also, he was 22 inches long.

The boys are still so in love. I have to get onto them for always kissing him and being in his face. He is such a sweet boy!!  

We had a great weekend. We did not do too much and got things done in the house. I still have so much to do and I have no idea when I will find time to get everything done. Time is hard to find these days but I am trying to enjoy each moment with these boys. They all are growing so fast. Only 5 more weeks til we are beach bound!! We can't wait to take them to the beach and just relax.

I hope you all are having a blessed day! Today it is storming and we are enjoying time inside, as well as VBS each morning. Blessings to all!!