Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Randoms...

1. I want to say thank you to all of you that commented on my commenting problem. I put a call into blogger, hopefully they will get back to me soon! I think I might know what the problem might be, but we will see what they say. After trying to comment, it will ask me to log in again to my account, I will log in, then it will take me back to the same page, just goes on over and over again. My user name to get into blogger is not a "google / gmail" email address, so I think I must have to have a gmail account in order to make comments now, do y'all know if that will fix the problem???

2. I am SO looking forward to this weekend. Even though last night we made the decision to stay home, we have so many fun things planned. Normally we are traveling to visit my family, every year we go to Georgia on the 4th, so it is exciting for us to stay home this year, maybe start some of our own traditions. I know for sure the boys are thrilled (Mommy as well) to be going to Oxford, MS Saturday for lunch, shopping and walking around campus.

3. I am meeting a young girl this week to see about her keeping the boys a few days a week. We have NEVER used a baby sitter, I have been blessed with helpful parents on both sides, but you know we all are getting older and I feel comfortable letting a girl I know or trust keep them some too. We will see how this goes, I pray it goes well!

4. I made Luke's kindergarten check up with our pediatrician, it makes me tear up thinking about my baby starting kindergarten. :(

5. I am only week 4 of running each night. I have not gone a few nights in these weeks and broken it up with some bike riding but so far, I'm loving the new active me!

6. I will do a book review in the next few days, I just finish 2 AWESOME books that I want to tell y'all about... Oh my I cried, laughed and got so mad all at the same time in these book.

I hope y'all are having a blessed week! Only 2 more days til the weekend!!! WAHOO!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm beyond frusterated...

I know this is the third time now for me to mention the commenting problems I've been having, but seriously I can NOT comment on ANYONE'S blog's... NO ONE'S!!!

I promise I am reading them all, laughing, crying wanting to comment, but then it won't let me. I might have to really make a call to blogger, do y'all have any suggestions???

Monday, June 27, 2011

Alive and Well!

 Yes I am still alive and well! My sweet boys are still just so handsome but are getting bigger, thinking they are 18! :)

 We have been busy bee's the past few weeks, I have so many pictures to upload!

The swimming pool and eating oranges has been our favorite thing thus far! 

And I seriously don't know what I will do when this child does turn 18, my parents warned me, but WHOA I had no idea it would start at 7!

This weekend is the 4th of July, it is a HUGE family get together for my Dad's side of the family. This is our first year (in many years) to miss, we actually are STILL trying to figure out a nice, short get away with just our sweet family of 4. I think it will be a nice treat and I will keep you posted on what we decide to do!!

I hope you all are having a blessed Monday, I'm so glad it's almost Tuesday! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog Funk... Life Funk??

I have not blogged in forever and it's just because I needed a break from blogging, facebooking, caring about what others where up too. This is me just being straight up honest! :)

Blogging to me has become hard to keep up with... I considered getting rid of it all together, but then decided that I would get back into the blogging world soon. Just after I get over this life funk I'm going through!

It's nothing bad, I'm actually spending more time with my boys, my hubby and reading lots of books. Since my birthday this year, I have almost changed completely. Not purposely but changed in more ways than one. Heck I'm getting closer to 30, that's just so scary to me! lol... I have been running every morning for 3 weeks now, reading TONS of books - it is my new obsession and just trying to be a better person! Life can be hard at times, I'm trying to really figure out exactly what I want to be in life and make sure I accomplish it all... you only live life once right??

This weekend I plan to post many updates on our past adventures, we have been a busy family the past few weeks! I am even trying to get pictures together so I can give my blog a new look.

Hang in there people, my crazy stories will be back soon! Not sure if you care or not, but I know my family members that keep up with us on the blog are about to DIE for updates! :)

Hope you all are having a blessed Friday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday's Nothing's

I could not think of a good title for today, it's just a bunch of rambling!

Thank you all for the kind words with the issues we are facing with Will. I have received lots of great advice and have realized that I must stay true to our values and be strong!!! It's hard, but the end result is so worth it!

My font has changed?? I wonder if y'all will be able to see it, as I'm typing it's different but it might post normal on my page, who knows?

ARE Y'ALL HAVING PROBLEMS COMMENTING ON OTHER BLOGS??? Some blogs are asking to select a profile, when we are about to hit submit on your comment... then it won't let me select an option... UGH it is SO frustrating! Please don't think I'm ignoring y'all, I promise I am reading your blogs, I can't comment on 90% of the blogs I follow. I think I'm going to call blogger about this issue.

Hubs and I got into a disagreement (don't you just hate those) tonight about a upcoming trip we have planned.
Hubs: "I really just don't want to go anymore"
Me: "what do you mean?" (my response to everything)
Hubs: "I would rather be at home that weekend, enjoying being outside here"
Me: "We already have this planned, with friends, without kids, being here is NO fun to me, I'd much rather be there!"
Hubs: "you never enjoy just being home"
Me: "I know, please let's just go! I'm leaving for my run now, before I end up strangling you"

During my run I got a text message, yes I keep my phone with me while running, you never know what you will creep up on. The message said he thinks we should go.... that's a good thing because on my run I was in full force sprint thinking of ways to strangle him. Married life and compromising can be hard! Thankfully our trip is back on, I was panicking because I have looked forward to this kid free weekend for weeks!

I have decided to stop trying for another baby, for the time being. There are several reasons, one being that my kids are at a great age right now. They are so independent and I'm being selfish. I am being selfish for another reason because I am working out daily, losing weight and it really bums me out thinking about gaining another 40 lbs right now. I have decided a year from now, I will seriously start trying again. We both don't want this to go on forever, but if we could wait another year, we are closer to trying to sell this house, I will be a smaller person, my body by then might be in better shape and it will give us a year of no car payments and no child care! Can I get a AMEN!!! So we know if it happens before then, we will be beyond thrilled because we have been wanting another one for so long, but I'm also looking forward to not having to chart, worry and take meds to get pregnant. It hasn't worked so far, so I just need time to not worry so much.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! This weekend my goal is to get some sun!!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Oldest

People constantly get our boys names mixed up... it doesn't bother me a bit, I actually thinks it's hilarious. My oldest (as I normally say) Will, he is something else these days. He is seven, going on 17, and I know he and I are SO much alike. We have been having problems with him lately.

He is seven and wants to be outside constantly, playing with older children in the neighborhood. I want him to have some freedom, but not too much, he is still SO young. I am afraid he will hear things his ears should not hear at this age.

He has begun to lie. Lie about silly things, I don't know if it's his way of trying to be "big" or if he thinks it's cool. God know's, I don't want my children lying - on purpose, he will lie about if he ate that cookie or not, if he brushed his teeth or combed his hair. Things that really he has no need to lie about???

He does not like where he has to go this summer, while we are working. He has become SO hard to please, we try to make their summer fun for them, do things constantly. Some of the time he is having a ball, but other times, he is miserable, pouting because he hasn't got his way.

It has really put a damper on things lately, I try to look past his actions, still have a good time regardless of how he is acting. We do discipline them by taking toys or things he enjoys away from him when we have caught him in a lie or when he misbehaves. Which is normally rare, but lately seems to happen more often!

It is such a helpless, horrifying feeling to me. I had him when I was young and people would ask me if I was scared about having a baby. I always said having a baby, that's the BEST part, the part I was nervous about was this exact age. Them acting out, having to discipline, teach them right from wrong but still have fun. I want to be a fun, happy, joyful Mom, I want them to enjoy being around us. Heck I was such a baby having them, we are all learning and growing up together. I LOVE that about being a young Mom, BUT it's times like this, that maybe if I were older having my kids, I might know more about dealing with these situations.

Please pray for our sweet Will, whatever it might be that's bothering him or maybe things that people are teaching him that are not the correct ways to act. I want nothing more than my kids to be carefree, loving, joyful, happy, wild, having fun and enjoying life! That is my prayer for my kids, please join us!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer has begun!!!

Summer has surely begun here in the Mid South. Last week is was chilly, windy and bad storms, now we all the sudden hit summer with 90 plus degrees and muggy! That's just how we roll in the South!

Last week and this past weekend was so busy but so much fun!

Here is Will and I waiting for Luke's preschool graduation to start.

(Yes I finally got my hair done this pas weekend... it looked horrible last week!)

My sweet angels at Luke's school picnic!

Hanging out by the pool... love this sweet boy!

My nephew Logan trying out some apples from underneath the apple tree! :)

Can y'all believe he's 1, he's my lover boy!

And I thought I would leave you with this adorable picture, before long he won't be wearing his shoes this way anymore :(

Makes my heart sad!!

I pray y'all are having a blessed week!