Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I don't usually talk often about our marriage, only because it is between us and no one really cares, ha. I have found it interesting how lately, maybe the past year or two how much more mature we are with ourselves and our marriage. Things seem to really be clicking and it feels really good. We are "that" couple that argues and often times makes ourselves question our past decisions but lately it hasn't been that way. We usually have one big fight a year when a few months prior to that we get on each others nerves easily, we might be pretty quiet with each other or we just feel like room mates going about life in the best way we know how. I think all couples go through times like this or atleast that is what I tell myself. Lately though, I know without a shadow of doubt that God made J just for me. We are like two peas in a pod. The fierce love between us has sustained us, now our love is even stronger and we have a much appreciation for each other. Respect is pouring out of us to one another and the boys can definitely feel it. Things at our home have been much calmer, for a few years now and I can only attribute that to the Lord's love and us growing up together, we have learned a lot these past 11 years! :)

 This morning on my ride into work I was thinking about the first time we ever spoke on the phone and how he probably heard my heart beating out of my chest. I thought about how 11 years ago when love was so new, all we could think about was each other. Back then we had no worries in the world and now 3 kids later, 1 mortgage payment and many, many, many other stresses of life.... I can honestly say we still get that feeling. We still talk ALL day long. At night we are together and we handle the kids and house work together. We share the same opinions about things that matter and we are on the same page about parenting - which this took years to learn.

I'm not trying to get weepy on you or toot my horn but I thought it was important to say these things. Things aren't always roses in our life. Life gets in the way from time to time and burdens can hurt your marriage, it has happened to us plenty of times but God never fails. God brings people together as a union and it is not meant to be seperated. Times are hard, when buying his truck a few weeks ago times were hard! :) We both can't stand to spend lots of money and when we do, oh boy... lots of patience was going on but that is just life and I'm so blessed to have him on this journey with me. We both know SO many couples who are dreading the day that it is just them (husband and wife) in the house after the kids grow up, J and I can't wait! Not because we love our children any less but because we have that type of friendship and marriage that we enjoy each others company! Anyone that knows my husband knows he is a huge jokester - well that doesn't stop when he's at home. We are constantly laughing and having fun together.

I pray that everyone has a marriage with their best friend. I couldn't imagine him not being my best friend. I pray that our children find the same in their wives one day. I pray that people who are around us will feel the love and God's presence in our lives!

Life is too short to be anything but happy and thank the Lord above for all of my blessings! I don't feel worthy of his Amazing Grace!

Happy Tuesday to all, Friday will be here before we know it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Weekend Recap....

It's been awhile since I've posted and only because we have had so much going on. No different than everyone else but it just seems like these days / weeks are going by so fast.

Last weekend we bought J a new truck. It's not new, like a 2013 but it is new to us. We never buy brand new vehicles and actually this is his first truck in 10 years. He has had the same truck for SO long, it was long past time for him to get something different. Now we all are able to go somewhere in his truck and not always take my Mommy mobile. It is much safer for him and I'm so happy he finally got what he wants. He does a lot for our family, he more than deserves to have nice things.

This weekend it rained a lot so on Sunday after church we went to the April in Arlington festival. It was so much fun and nice to see people we haven't seen in awhile. The boys had a great time which is always nice. We just love doing fun things like that... family time is important.

Here are the silly boys, I tried to get them to wear them to school today but they ran from me and thought I was nuts! :)

Me and my oldest boys, Westin was snoozing in his stroller the whole time. 

J and the older boys, love them so much! 

Enjoying a train ride! I get so happy when Will still gets excited about trains and fun little rides. One day real soon he won't and I was surprised he wanted to ride. He's getting so big and I wish he was a baby forever! 

Me and my sweet hubby!!! Love him so much! I swear he gets more and more handsome the older he gets. :) Lucky for me!!!! 

I hope you all are having a blessed week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

14 years ago today...

April 15, 1999 forever changed our family. I was in high school and when I got home that afternoon my Dad was at our house waiting on me. My parents were divorced at this time and I lived with my Mom and step dad. My parents were still very close, still are the best of friends so when I saw my Dad there I didn't think much of it. Dad said that Mom got sick today while at work and she is at the hospital downtown. He said she has suffered a brain aneurysm and we needed to get to the hospital. My 15 year old brain could not understand the magnitude of her fate, I figured she would be coming home tonight so we would just go pick her up.

When my Dad, brother and I all arrived at the hospital I remember talking with her, she seemed very positive and didn't speak of what was happening. She wanted to hear about our day and what we had going on in our life. Looking back and being a Mom now, I can't imagine how terrified she must of been but she held it together for us. I do remember her asking to speak to just my Dad for awhile so my brother and I stepped outside the room for what seemed like forever. Later I found out she was giving him instructions on our lives if she didn't make it through this horrific ordeal.

See for her to even be talking to us at that time was a miracle. They called my Mom's family in town and everyone arrived that night, Mom then went into emergency surgery. During surgery we had about 15 people all there with us and it made it seem like none of this was happening. My Dad was with us, mother's family (siblings and her mother), my step Dad at that time and his family, even co workers with with us! The out pouring of support is what helped us all get through those long 8 hours of surgery.

The doctor's came in every couple of hours to brief us on her progress, during one time he came to speak to my brother and I, he said she would not remember us after surgery, she couldn't walk, talk or function for awhile. She would be in the hospital for weeks or months to recover. Still at that time, I never fully understood the severity of what was happening to our family.

Mom suffered another aneruysm during surgery and thankfully survived again. She came out of surgery asking for my brother and I. She wanted to see us first and from that point on she has been a fighter. She only stayed in the hospital for one week and totally shocked all of the doctors. They honestly didn't know what to do with her. It took her many years to fully recover from this surgery. She still might suffer from time to time but the past 7 or 8 years I can say that I finally have my Mom back. She was in a terrible relationship which never allowed her to fully recover. Once she was out of such a negative enviroment she has now been forever changed.

We will forever be grateful to the people who loved on us the most during those years. My grandmother came and literally took care of us all for months, not only did my brother and I need her but my Mom needed her most! It was so hard for so long but now looking back, I would not trade those years for anything. I am the person I am today because of those times, I am the mother I'm meant to be because of it and my Mom and I have an incredible relationship that blossomed from day 1 after this happened. 

Thank you Lord, from the bottom of my heart for saving my mother's life. My heart hurts just thinking about her not being here today and it hurt's even more for other friends I know who don't have their Mom here to see their children grow up. I will never understand why you saved my Mom but I will forever praise You for the miracle you worked in our lives! May all the Glory be to You!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Special Day!

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for Westin. I initially wanted to have a really big party for him, after all this is the last first birthday party we would be celebrating. J was not real comfortable with doing that only because our home is so small. I decided to agree with J and just do a family party. It turned out perfect and I don't think it would of been comfortable in our home if one more person came. Thankfully it was a gorgeous day so the kids stayed outside the whole time!!! :)

Here is his little highchair with the set up behind it...

The theme for his party was Peter Rabbit. I have always loved Peter Rabbit and wanted to do his nursery in Peter Rabbit but since that didn't happen and he was born around Easter I thought the bunny theme would go great! The cupcakes were simple with just green, orange and blue icing.

Our table full of food and Daddy cooked hot dogs on the gril for the kiddos.

Bubbles with notes that say "thank you for hopping by" and a newborn picture of him with his Peter Rabbit book.

Peter Rabbit banner...

Mantle with newborn pictures and Peter Rabbit books all around.

Goldfish carrots... funny story: The night before the party I'm making these carrots, J walked in and said oh babe, these look like carrots. Well yes hunny, you are so smart!!! :) I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was precious!

Mom, Will and Luke

Mom, Will and Westin

This was his only bite of the cupcake. He didn't want to dig in, which is what all of my boys did on the first birthday. Such funny little things!!

These boys make my heart skip a beat!! They are my life!

Our little family, love them all with every ounce of my being!

Mommy and the birthday boy after the party... he was one tired boy and slept over 3 hours after eveyone left!

It was so much fun seeing a few people we haven't seen in awhile and more importantly it was so much fun seeing Westin having fun. He loved all of his gifts and hasn't stopped playing with them yet.

Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing our family with this miracle! He is one special boy to a lot of people!! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Weekend

I'm just now getting to my Easter post that I've been working on for over a week. Lots of things going on in our household but it seems to be finally slowing down. We are looking forward to warm weather and outside fun!!
Easter weekend was rainy here in the Mid South so we had to do indoor activities. Our church cancelled the egg hunt but that's ok because we dyed our own eggs and had fun inside.

I just love how serious Will and Luke are while dying eggs. We had so much fun and it sort of brought out the kid in Mommy and Daddy too... we got into the fun a little too much! :)


Mommy had no make up on and was super tired BUT when the boys ask to take a silly picture with me, I can only say yes to that!!

Our finished product... a few got broken.

So, at our house we really don't do much with the Easter bunny and in the previous years I have gotten away with not even mentioning the bunny. My children have also been neglected and never had their picture taken with the Easter bunny, til this year when we were at Sam's and there he was. A few days before Easter I found the boys mentioning the Easter bunny coming. Luke said "Mommy do you think that the Easter bunny with leave jelly beans on the floor like he usually does". In the previous year I have dropped some jelly beans just to have fun with them, never in my life thinking they would remember or expect it. So at that point I had to be the bad guy and when they asked me if the bunny was real and if he would come again, I had to just tell them that no, do you really think this big bunny comes hopping through the house? We all cracked up laughing about it and then explained to them AGAIN what Easter is really all about. Easter is my favorite holiday and I didn't want their Easter bunny rituals to ruin it. Easter is SO MUCH MORE than Easter baskets, egg hunts & dying eggs.... although they are fun it's something I want my kids to enjoy doing but not expect it or even think they will get a lot.

Each year in their Easter baskets I give them books and a little candy. I got them a new football and Westin got sippy cups and a new shirt. I went out of my comfort zone but not too much, I still kept it simple.

Easter Sunday is my favorite day. This year it was a little nasty so we didn't get good pictures but we all went to church then to my sister in law's to have some family fun!

Sweet cousins.. I love how Westin is pulling Luke's eye out... Luke messes with Westin so much that one day Westin will really pull his eye out.

My sweet family on Easter Sunday, 2013.

My sweet baby boys! I'm so blessed to be their Momma. All of my children make me proud and keep me laughing... I don't think I could ever ask for more!!!

I pray that you all were blessed with a wonderful Easter filled with laughs, family and fellowship! Many blessings from our family to yours!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Year old!!!

I could not tell you where the past year has gone, but I do know it has gone way too fast. James Westin Clements turned 1 years old, this morning at 7:52am.

On this day, one year ago, my water broke in the middle of the night, around 2am. Contractions quickly began around 3am and we had a c-section around 7:30, which they finally pulled this peanut out at 7:52. I will never forget lying in the hospital bed, waiting a few hours for my surgery. J was able to fall back to sleep at the hospital before the surgery, I wasn't able to so I just layed there... sometimes crying because I was scared, other times my mind raced thinking of everything I should of done before he came and I worried about Will and Luke, oh how I worried about this transition. We were a family of 4 for so long, have we done something that could harm our family? Oh how wrong I was, it was the complete opposite.
 Once my fabulous doctor came it all went pretty fast. Before we knew it he was here and we were instantly in love. He was just so tiny but oh so perfect!

This child is nothing short of a miracle, sent straight from Heaven. All children are but we were told we couldn't have more children. We thought if it happened, it would take lots of medication which is something I didn't want to do. When we found myself pregnant we were told at 7 weeks it was only a sack. No baby... we were devestated but my awesome doctor said to go through the weekend, then we will do another ultrasound before scheduling my DNC. On Monday, at my ultrasound we found a heartbeat. It was a miracle. Before the ultrasound a nurse asked me if I had started to bleed yet, like they all had expected this to not be a child but I kept faith. I kept very positive and never thought it would be anything but a heartbeat on that screen.

This little boy has stolen the hearts of us all, he is a perfect, beautiful, peaceful and funny. He has a special thing for his Daddy. They have a bond that will never be broken. This child has completed our family.

I give all the glory to the Lord above. He is the only one that can mend a family so perfectly. I never imagined I could love Will and Luke any more than I did before. But each time they play with Westin or each time they all are laughing together, my heart jumps out of my chest and I love them all so much more! The love between J and I has grown. Again, it is a strange feeling but we are complete. We are a family that can't be broken and we all love each other so much!

Thank you sweet James Westin Clements for bringing us all so much joy! We look forward to watching you grow up many more years ahead!!! Be the child God made you to be!

Mommy and Daddy