Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

I WISH... I was 6 years old again and going trick or treating, I would be "Dorothy:From the Wizards of Oz"....

First off this little girl is the cutest and I hope one day I will have a dorothy of my own :) (no pressure honey) But besides that, the Wizard of Oz is by far my favorite movie of all time!! It's just wonderful and this year I wanted to make the boys like the lion and tin man, but then we wouldn't have a dorothy so it wouldn't look right... SO, hopefully one year we will have a dorothy and it will all look so darn adorable!!!
Y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

our little superman...

My little superman can be many things...
He's my youngest believer and even tells me "Jesus loves me Mommy"
"Oh yes son, He sure does and it's hard to believe He loves you more than Mommy could ever love you and he made you, He knows how many hairs are on your head and He gave me the honor to be your Mommy!!" Oh how thankful I am for that blessing!

My little superman knocked out on my shoulder last Friday. This is so special to me, he is my only baby right now and he thinks he is a big boy now. These moments never come anymore so I made Daddy take a picture of him on me.... oh so sweet!!!

Oh how I LOVE my little brown eyed, brown haired boy that got that from his Daddy... I'm so thankful for you!!
These chubby arms are starting to get thinner, he is starting to lose that baby fat :(

My little man wearing his superman shirt... this shirt was Will's shirt when he was little and now Luke is almost outgrown this shirt too... Oh how I will miss these days, but feel so grateful to be making memories with my little family that I love so dearly!!!

I hope y'all are having a good week!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun!

Well we had a very good weekend over here at Clementsville!!
Friday night we had "family fun night", we decided to stay home that night, due to us just being exhausted from our busy week. The boys got to stay up late and we watched a movie, it was fun! We had "DeeDee" (my Mom) over for dinner and I got to go to Target by myself with no kids or hubby.... it was the highlight of my night :)
I got a few fall decor out, I'm not done with the outside yet, so I have not taken pics, but here's our mantle, I love the wheat things that I put a cute fall bow on them to give them the fallish look.

my kitchen table that I plan on refinishing soon!

Okay, so today we took the boys to a cotton field. They are everywhere around here, and I think they make such cute adorable fallish pictures!!! Here's Lukie cheesin it up for me :)

I just love this picture, they were running in the fields and what a great picture that shows just how much of a wonderful life they have ahead of them... We are so blessed!

Me and my boys~

I hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sixty Seven months ago...

Sixty Seven month ago... I was so young, I was so scared and we both knew all we had was love. Sixty seven months ago we had NO idea what lies ahead, what road God would lead us down, we just knew we were in this together and oh how nieve we were :) Life has thrown us curves, but it seems we grow and love each other through ever single challenge that comes our way. I married the man God made just for me... Sixty Seven months ago!!!

Here's Sixty Seven reasons why I know Sixty Seven months ago I made one of the best decisions of my life:
1. He's tall, has dark hair & handsome... this is what (for some reason) I have always been attracted too
2. He said he was going to marry me before I ever met him
3. He's a family man with wonderful values
4. He loves me for me
5. He gave me the most beautiful babies in the world
6. He's so proud of his boys
7. He wants to try for baby #3 in hopes that it's my girl that I have always wanted, I thank him for this!
8. He dances with me in the living room when a song I like comes on!
9. He LOVES music and I think he has a great voice
10. He's a praying man who was raised to LOVE the Lord with all your might
11. He will sit and talk about God to whoever will listen
12. He's a dedicated Ole Miss fan
13. He looks and acts just like his father (this is a good thing)
14. He helps with homework
15. He takes Will to school each morning and says that is his favorite part of each day
16. He talks to his Momma everyday
17. He listens to my dreams as I listen to his, we pray over them
18. He understands our life right now is just a "season" and he has bigger plans for our family
19. He's thoughtful, trustworthy & respectful
20. He LOVES to laugh
21. He can laugh at himself (along with me)
22. He's a son, brother & friend
23. He calls me "mommy" and I call him my 1st baby
24. He's not embarrassed to tell me he's proud of the faithful mother and wife I am becoming
25. He loves that I am a southern girl from Georgia
26. He likes it when I cut his hair
27. He always lets me win
28. He's not afraid to cry
29. He doesn't give up
30. He loves my family as if they were his own
31. He can be stressed, but always is concerned about how my day was
32. He enjoys the simple things in life
33. He reads my blog
34. He is always home with the boys and I (I call him a home body)
35. He's not afraid to tell me his faults and allows me to pray for him, what an honor!
36. did I mention he's hot
37. He's a social butterfly when you get him out
38. He knows I can be shy and always makes me feel more at ease
39. He can be romantic
40. Not a day goes by when he tells me I'm beautiful
41. He enjoys date nights
42. He LOVES our new church
43. He loves italian food
44. He has OCD about cleanliness in the kitchen, thank God!
45. He has never, ever said a word about any housework that I might of neglected
46. He loves eating good food around the Holidays
47. He loves the mountains and nature
48. Bart the bear use to be something he talked a lot about (and I bet if you brought him up, he would talk for hours about him :) )
49. He is my weather man
50. He's so smart financially
51. He's so supportive of me and believes in me more than I do myself
52. He allows me to share my heart with him
53. He drives a paid off "clunker" and never complains, while the boys and I are driving around in a safe, nicer vehicle
54. He is serious about protecting his family
55. He plays with his boys and it melts my heart
56. We ALL laugh at home all the time thanks to his humor
57. He still gives me butterflies
58. He allows me to get upset and be moody, he just tells me it will pass :)
59.He has shown me a love I never dreamed was possible
60. He is my shoulder to cry on
61. He's mine & so darn adorable
62. He uses really big words a lot & I call him my nerd
63. He has always said it's better to have a few good friends than a lot of friends
64. He comes from some amazing roots!
65. I admire his work ethics
66. He love the country and we dream about having lots of land one day of our own
67. He is someone I could NOT imagine my life without... God has been so good to me!
** 68. He so could not do this in 30 minutes like I did :)
*** 69. and to show how humbling he is, he read this tonight and said he did not deserve for me to say these wonderful things about him!
Cary, oh yes you do baby! I love you more now, than I did this morning and it amazes me that our love has grown into something so amazing!
Ladies, do this for your man... I got this off a girl's page that I went to high school with and it got me thinking that I better start this now before the # of months got much higher hahahaha, the more I sat down and thought about these, the more these just started coming to me! This helped me connect back to my hubby where I needed to be!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wishful Wednesday...

I wish I could go on vacation tomorrow to a place that would bring back SO many childhood memories and it might bring me to my knees.....
The Cayman Islands...
This was my families yearly vacation spot each summer growing up... we went for I know atleast 9 years in a row, before my parents got divorced. It is a hoot to look at old pictures of me on the beach, brown as a gingerbread girl with cotton top hair! I want my boys to experience this like I did... Now, we went way before it ever got really big, now it seems people go all the time. So, from what I remember as a child, it is paradise to me!!! Anywhere down in the Carribean is just stunningly beautiful! I am actually trying to plan a "secret" trip to take my hubby here one day, it would be so romantic and such a dream of mine to share so many wonderful memories with him there as well as my own children!!!
I mean what person would not want to be laying out on this sand right here just enjoying this earth that God created for us.... He is so amazing!!!

And this picture is what I did just about every afternoon underneath the beaming Carribean sun... soaking in God's creations!!!

My dreams for my family of my own sure are high, but I just pray that I can give my own kids just a percentage of the adventures that my parents gave me growing up. Yes, my Dad has worked for Northwest Airlines for almost 40 years now, so our adventures happened all the time, I was a very fortunate little girl! I LOVE to travel, traveling is in my blood, and now having kids of my own, I look forward to showing them adventures of this earth and seeing their faces enjoying every minute of it!!! Such great family memories that remind me of my roots!!!
Y'all have a great Wednesday night!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Y'all.. please forgive me! I just have been in a blogging fog, I have read most of your pages, some I've commented, some I have not, but I am keeping up with others, just not keeping up with my page very well!

Things around here are busy. Many things on my mind, ALL of them good though! While we were in Georgia visiting friends and family. Momma, the boys and I went to visit my Mom's really, really good friend, M. M is a interior designer in Atlanta and her home, OH MY, is AMAZING!!! I got SO many great ideas and it has inspired me to make some changes in my home. Recently I painted my kitchen (months ago), well M just got new curtains for her dining room and her old ones were just laying over a chair... in my head I was thinking "they would go perfectly in my living room b/c the colors are similar to my kitchen colors and it would bring everything together" (plus my house is very open and it would make things flow better, if you know what I mean) Well thankfully my Mom said that for me, SO M is going to give me those curtains that she got custom made and I could NOT be more thrilled!!!! They haven't come in yet, but that's ok because we are going to repaint our living room and hallways. The color in my living room right now is a light yellow and my hallways are a few shades darker, but more like a yellow-gold color. The new color we are painting our living room is Benjamin Moores "rattan" and I need to go figure out what in the world to do in my hallways and entry way. I planned on doing the next shade darker, b/c the rattan color is a light tannish color... so I don't know. But I'm super excited in re~doing our colors because the yellow has been great, but I'm SO sick of it!!! I also ordered some bamboo (darker wood color) shades for my kitchen, instead of blinds. I can't wait for them to come in as well, I don't think I'm going to do any curtains in my kitchen since the shades will be so pretty....

SO ladies, that has been on my mind, as well as wanting to do things in my bedroom and painting my kitchen table (this will be a big project and I'm not sure I'm ready), Will's school has kept me so busy lately (I try to volunteer and they are wearing me out with asking me to volunteer, I need to learn to say NO), my job has (thank God) gotten busier, my house work, staying close to my friends, being there for my hubby and staying in Faith with my Lord!!!

I've been a busy girl and don't think that I am complaining! My life is richly blessed!! I could not ask anything to be any different. I have just had to put the blog off for a minute to focus on other things, but life is amazing! I appreciate all of you and I'm so happy to have you in my life!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Y'all please forgive me for just now getting back to my blog! The boys and I along with our "DeeDee" in tow, drove on down to Georgia for the long weekend. The boys were out of school for fall break on Monday and Tuesday, so we left Saturday morning and came back Tuesday night. It was beyond fun!! Georgia is were my home will always be, I'm a Georgia girl in and out and I would NOT want it any other way!!!
We enjoyed seeing most of my Mom's family, stayed at my Nanny's house (my Mom's Mom) and enjoyed making memories that my boys will never forget!! I got to see my best friend in the whole wide world, Brittany and her wonderful parent that will always be like my own parents! (our parents grew up together too) It is just so much fun, I always go through a mild depression when we come home, but I'm all good now :)
I only took a few pictures, I will post them soon. We were just so busy seeing people and catching up that I completely forgot to take more pictures. God is so amazing though, a wonderful miracle happened while we were gone and I'm still just praising and thanking HIM for never turning HIS back on us and HE love us SO much!!!!
Tonight we are having some sweet friends come over for dinner, I'm busy getting the house ready for that. We plan on being home this weekend and MAYBE taking the boys to a local corn maze and pumpkin patch. It's suppose to be super cold this weekend, so we will see :) Y'all have a blessed day and remember to always turn your worries to the Lord, He wants us to be carefree and give it all to HIM!!! He is AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wishful Wednesday Trait

I WISH.... I could change one physical trait about myself and that would be my HAIR.

I just could not think of anything else beside my weight of course and my hair. My weight is something that I can work on really hard if I tried... yes, I would LOVE to be 30 pounds lighter, but I have yet to find the modivation to do so... but my hair is something I can't change. I would love to have thicker hair... I go through phases where I grow my hair out, then I get so sick of it being long so I cut it short, and I'm never, ever content with my hair. Sometimes it's so stringy and just frankly trashy looking!!
So, if I was able to switch to maybe some Carrie Underwood hair or something "fake" like that... then I would LOVE my hair! Until then, I will strive to make it look decent :)
I hope y'all are having a blessed Wednesday!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


is upon us my friends...
I can't believe it is already October the 5th!
Today was a great day for me! I had a counseling session at church today with a fellow lady. (I'm not one to pretend like I've got my whole life together) So I left with such a clearer head and feel much, much better about new decisions that we are making for our family and I KNOW someone up above is looking down on us and sending so many blessings our way! How amazing is He???
Anywho, this past weekend was really, really good. Saturday we took the boys to the October fest at church, they had a blast! I forgot my camera, so I have no pics. Of course I forget it when I really need it.. Sunday we went to church then came home to jump into some sweat pants because it was rainy all day and so cold!! I can not believe how cold these temps are getting.
I am looking forward to a great week, Saturday we are leaving for Georgia for a few days to visit my family. We can't wait to get there and see everyone! I will be busy doing laundry and packing for our trip! Y"all have a terrific Tuesday!!