Thursday, September 29, 2011

Midweek Randoms

* I did not know what to call this post other than mid week randoms. It is a bunch of different topics. 

* Am I a bad mother for "grounding" the boys for the smallest little things the past 3 evenings just so we can spend quality family time together without EVERY single neighborhood kid around. We have a ball at night together and I'm enjoying it too much. I secretly think the boys enjoy it as well. It makes for a much peaceful time at the Clements home and don't think that I'm not trying to think of a way to have less play time with friends. Don't get me wrong, friends are important, but not every single day!?!? Right??  

* I need to make a post just on my Lukie. I was so worried about him starting Kindergarten this year, just because he just turned 5 in July. I'm here to tell you that little boy is so smart and I could not be more proud of him! Each night as we go over his homework, he knows it and I was honestly worried about it being difficult to him. What I do notice is he is not as confident in himself to say the answers out loud, I pray we can work with him on that. He is a smart, sweet boy!

* This past weekend the hubs and I shortly discussed putting the house on the market and moving somewhere else. In the same area, just better schools and such. Yes homeschooling has always been on my heart, but it's not possible at this moment. Our city has lost their mind with the school systems and it worries us for their future. We quickly decided at this time we are not ready to sell the house, we will stay put and next year re-evaluate. I think staying involved in your childs life is very important and teaching them at home is something we can still do even while they are in school. Adult decisions are hard most of the time!!

* We had our final garage sale EVER this past weekend. It went horribly, didn't make tons of money and just about gave things away. I told J this was it, no more. He said I said that last year too... :)

* My house is a disaster. I'm starting to get more energy and I hope that helps in this area.

* Our family relationship (J, the boys and I ) is the strongest right now it has ever been. I never want this to end and want to have my family under my wings forever!

* I can't believe I'm in my 10th week of pregnancy. Only 29.5 more to go!! ha.... seems like forever!

I hope y'all are having a great week, back to work I go!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall T.V.

In no particular order, these are my favorite shows this fall. (I forgot to add Picker Sister's, it's my new FAV)

After we get the boys in bed, I am a zombie. (thanks to the extra progesterone I am required to take) So this fall I'm looking more forward to being able to watch all of my shows. It makes me even more excited to know these come on at different times and days so I should not have to miss one single episode!

The Biggest Loser has always been a family favorite, the boys even love to watch it, ha. After watching the Season Premier Tuesday night I think it's going to be a great year!

The Good Wife is my all time favorite show. Hands down everyone knows not to speak to me during this show. It is wonderful! I know I sound silly but it makes me want to be a lawyer and have a high profile job. It it a great show, you should really watch it if you have not already.

Last year was the first season of Gold Rush Alaska and we loved this show as well. Last year they made no money and I'm hoping this year they hit the jack pot big time!! It's a great family, Friday night show.  

Parenthood is my new favorite show. We did not watch it last year because it came on the same time and night as The Good Wife and no one could pry me away from The Good Wife. This year we are LOVING Parenthood, it's another great family show!

Hope y'all are having a great Thursday! I'm really looking forward to the weekend and my doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All over the place post

This post will be kind of all around the place.

I have always (in a way) feared having "older" kids. The baby part and young child stage to me has always been easy. It is when you have to start shaping them to be the young men you / God wants them to be is what makes my hands sweat just thinking about it. It's a huge responsibility.  

To me, Will is at a critical age. He is 7, about to be 8, and he thinks he is 13. He wants to be so much bigger than he is at this time in his life. He is the sweetest child, a worrier and always concerned about others. He likes being friends with everyone. He has all different kind of friends and that is where I begin to worry. He is at the age where I can only control him at home. I am a big controller, I like to have complete control over all 3 of the men in my home. It is a weakness of mine but I'm being honest here. 

I worry for Will because I have noticed different behavior in him lately that I / we do not like. It might be normal, it might be him just trying to find his way in his world. Either way we don't like it and I try to let him know that "we don't act like that". Not to "make" him be the only way we want him to be, but it's just not appropriate for our household.

I do worry about failing the boys. I worry about not giving them enough time, attention or love. I worry about not teaching them enough about the bible and not teaching them all of the proper things. All I can do right now is my best. I do feel very close to the boys, we play every evening and have fun together. Homework is a family affair and we sit down to eat dinner together each night. Daddy does the baths mostly while I fix dinner or clean up after dinner. We both tuck them into bed and usually read stories and pray together.

I sometimes wonder if that's enough. Should I be impacting their lives in a stronger way?

With another baby coming into the family I think it has sturd up all of these feelings. I never want my children to feel like I'm too busy for them or that they can't come to me and with adding another little one I sure don't want them feeling any of these feelings. I never felt this way when I was pregnant with Luke. It was probably because Will was only 2 and he felt nothing but LOVE to us and his new baby brother.

Thanks for listening and I'm sure I'm doing a great job just because I'm doing my best and that is all I can do. It just these crazy hormones.. lol!
Hope y'all are having a blessed Wednesday!
If you have ANY suggestions on good books I can read, let me know!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 9

(This is the best grape picture I could find)
How Far Along:  9 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: None so far!! So very thankful considering I started out this pregnancy not at a good weight.
Maternity Clothes: Heck no, so thankful! It is only the size of a grape.  

Best Moment this week: Nothing new with the pregnancy, everything seems to still be going well! It is starting to seem more real, maybe because more people know.

Gender: Don't know yet, but thinking another boy!!! I just have a feeling or maybe I'm trying to slowly prepare myself for when they tell us it's another boy.
Movement: None of that but during the ultrasound it was a jumping bean

Food Craving: No cravings, just can't stop thinking about food.

Sleep: No problem here, just some crazy dreams!!

What I am looking forward to: our doctor's appointment on Friday.
* No pics til I start showing. I think I started out showing, so it might be awhile*

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Weekends

Our weekends have honestly become boring to the normal person, but to us they are just perfect. After each week day, not getting to bed til atleast 10 and not even settling down from the day til 9:30, I am seriously exhausted each weekend. I know it's part of the pregnancy, usually I constantly go all the time, but I can not do that right now. So Saturday I woke up with a head cold and not feeling well. We decided to not do anything, I really felt like I needed to stay off of my feet that day to see if I would feel better and it really helped. I stayed in my pj's til late, watched some football, took naps and ate some yummy steak last night that the hubs cooked. Right now that is a perfect Saturday to me!

Today I woke up again feeling really bad so the hubs let me be super lazy again. We had some family stop by this afternoon which was a nice surprise. Now I'm cooking my Sunday night ritual, spaghetti! I'm finishing up my laundry and putting clothes away, then will be relaxing all evening, getting ready for another busy week.

Do y'all do garage sales? I mean do you have them? Our neighborhood does a huge garage sale each year, it is a pretty big event and draws in tons of people. I try to participate each year and this year, with the new baby coming I have really been getting rid of things we do not need because we will need all the room we can get. It is SUCH a pain doing a garage sale, especially when you don't make much money, but I pray this turns out well. If it doesn't I will never do another garage sale again!

I pray you all have a blessed week!
Tuesday we will be 9 weeks pregnant, it's just crazy to me!!
Thank you all for the sweet comments and messages on this little blessing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Do y'all care for details??

I'm sure you all could care less... but I would like to keep this for a record for our sweet little family. So here are the details of finding out about #3 - gosh that's scary seeing the #3...WOW!

It was back to school week and in the middle of that crazy week, I remembered I was suppose to have my monthly visitor... and at that point I was 4 days late. Not like me at all! So on my lunch break I went to get a test, took it in the bathroom at work and immediately it said "pregnant". I stuffed it in my purse, FREAKED out for a minute and quietly made it back to my desk to finish the day.

In my head all that day I was thinking about our future. Here we are it's the first week of school. The first time in 7 years to have NO childcare. The night before (I kid you not) the hubs and I were discussing next year. We planned 3 trips with the kids, we had things in the house we wanted to complete and even save for a bigger house and other things we have really wanted.

So when I found out, I could not help to be excited but also so disappointed. It was so unexpected, so unplanned and so shocking to me. The month before the boys and I were out of town, during the "week" of my cycle I could of got pregnant if we tried. Plus months, years before doctors told me I would have to take clomid to get pregnant due to have PCOS, so when it just happened, it was SO shocking.

I honestly believe God sent this child to us for a reason. Of course He did, I mean He made this child and already knows everything about this child's life. It is God's timing and the more we talk and discuss it, it could not be more perfect timing for our family! Of course me being selfish and thinking of the "wants" in our lives would be hindered is just plain silly. We are still planning most of the things we discussed, we will just have a baby along with ride with us!

How I told the hubs: That afternoon at my desk, I was telling myself, I'm just not going to tell him for awhile. He is going to be just as shocked and it's going to be a little awkward I'm sure.. ha! But the more I thought about it, the more I thought well I sure don't want to sit her and think about it on my own for weeks. So I went home that night, we were discussing next year (seriously, about our trips) and I just said it, in the middle of him talking. He was SHOCKED, cried a little, hugged me and said well this is not what I was expecting, but it's going to be just fine! I left him alone for awhile, like I said it was very shocking. After a little while later he was joking around about it, which meant to me he was, in his head, ok about it.

How can you be anything but excited about it? I mean it's a new life, a blessing and something we could not be more thankful for!! It's something we both always wanted, but I think it was hard to make that decision each time to really "try" for another one. God fixed that problem for us and just allowed it to happen and be a complete surprise.

So far this pregnancy is EXACTLY like the boys. I'm very convinced it is a boy. I am fine with that, I think having 3 boys will be fun, but if you know me in real life, you know I'm praying for a healthy baby, but telling God a baby girl would be epic. It would complete my life.. ha!

That's were we are so far... the boys are excited, but then again they are boys. Most of the time they could care less. It will be more real to them when I start showing or when the child comes.

Thanks for listening. Please know we are beyond excited now and last week when it was very concerning for us as to if the baby was alive or would make it, we were both terrified and devestated. When we heard and saw that little baby and heart just a beating, it made it so much more exciting for us.
I hope y'all have a great weekend!!

HOTTY TODDY my friends!

P.S. I'm not sure if I'm going to start the weekly pregnancy updates. It's hard for me to make commitments so that scares me... ha! Plus y'all really don't care to know how much I weigh or how I'm looking because it is not going to be pretty! If I do start them, it will be a few weeks from now, maybe around 12 weeks.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This sweet, tiny miracle

will be joining our family in April 2012!

This is a bad picture of a picture, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about!
Last Friday we saw this little heart just a beating away and it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. With the boys I never saw a heart beat this early.. I just heard it on the dopplar at around 10 weeks.

I am 8 weeks tomorrow. Feeling great, just tired at night. My doctor said it perfectly "you really don't have time to think about having other symptoms" He's SO right! I don't sit down til about 9:30 at night and I crash at that time. This was a huge shock, we all know we have always wanted one, but thought it would take time and planning. God had other plans and we are thrilled!

This is life's greatest blessing! We are feeling SO blessed with this miracle!!!

Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated, we are praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy!!

Have a blessed week!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Midweek Randoms

 There are so many things going on at the Clements household and I'm not sure where to begin. First, I promise I will either get rid of my blog all together or start blogging more often, I can't decide what I want to do. I love reading others blogs, but I just don't have the energy to blog.

I really want to re do my blog... the pictures are several years old... I just need to get more pictures together and get the colors changed.. I'm so over pink and green! (maybe that will give me more modivation to blog)

My Mom has been in town this week since last Saturday. She is planning on going back home Saturday, having her here has eased my mind and it is beyond a blessing. She is my best friend and I love having her to laugh with and scratch my back each night. I'm definitely a Momma's girl!!

College football started tonight, it is our favorite time of the year. Not only do we love SEC football, but it kicks off fall, the holidays and all of the fun things that come along with that.... it's the best!!!

I'm trying to reorganize the house... like make lots of plans to have rooms painted, room rearranged, carpets cleaned, closets cleaned out and whatever we do not use, we are getting rid of... IMMEDIATELY!!!

We are looking forward to a long weekend. We have plans to go to a cookout but other than that we will be watching football, might head down to Oxford to watch the Rebels play and get more organizing done!!

I hope you all are having a blessed week!!