Thursday, May 28, 2009



The older I get, the more I realize just how important those good friends are for each one of us. I have a few people that I can count on for anything and I would not change that for the world. The only problem lately is time... I'm very frusterated because I'm so busy with life, that is hard to have time to see anyone but the people I cross paths with daily! I need to just make the time, but I'm also hard headed... Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one at times making time for some people, even if it's just picking up the phone to say hello. Does that mean they don't think of me as I think of them?!?! I know we are all busy and all, but some of them don't work and I wonder... I'm working full time, trying to get the kids together and making fun, quality time each day with each one of them, taking care of a house, being a wife and chef; but I still continue to make time for these people. Not everyday, but I do make time for them... it seems that I think about them more than they think about me. I could just be sensitive or maybe I'm just a good multi tasker...haha! But the older I get, the more I think good friends are important in our lives, but are the good ones I'm picking out the right ones for me??? Life is hard at times and it's always good to have those people that you can turn to no matter what. I don't know why I'm feeling like this lately... am I crazy? I should have a ton of other things to worry about, but in the end; family and friends is all we have! I hope soon I can make more memories with all of my friends and I know since most of them are married and starting to have kids of their own and have kids of their own... they understand the frusterations too! Sometimes I miss the days where I didn't have much to worry about and all I cared about what having a good time with everyone, BUT I would not trade one second without my babies to do that all over again! I'm very thankful for my life and I hope no one ever thinks differently, I just wish it was easier to see more people, that's all! But, if God intends on me to only hang out with my angels that I would not change anything for, my hubby and my sweet, perfect neighborhood buddies (that all have kids within the same age, that's pretty much all I see lately) then I'm a pretty happy girl, I just still will always miss some of the people that have touched my life!
Thanks for letting me vent and everyone have a blessed day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Update..

I normally don't post on the weekends, just because we are so busy and I try to spend 100% of my time will all 3 of my boys. Right now all 3 of my boys are napping, the laundry is done for now and the kitchen is clean... so a perfect opportunity to blog :)
Yesterday my Mom and I had a garage sale at the house. Ya see... I have never been a real believer in garage sales, it seems like we always have been the ones to never make a dime!! I told John that if this one was a bust... then I would never put him through another one. Well, God did another miracle. I prayed Friday night before going to bed that either way God would just show me that I had not been wasting my time for the past few weeks getting this thing together. Well it was a HUGE success and I LOVE garage sales now. Sure I hate getting up at 5am, staying up Friday night to make sure everything is perfect, oh and smelling horrible all day because your sweating your booty off... but it was well worth it~ and I look forward to the next one! It was such a bitter sweet day though. I got rid of a lot of baby things. Luke's baby bedding was the one that really got to me... He's not my baby anymore!!! It's so sad!! It breaks my heart that he will be 3 in a month. I constantly go back and forth about having another little one running around here. People would say that I'm crazy for even thinking that, I honestly feel that I am crazy at times, but that God has always put something in my heart to have children. John knows that I was up front about having many children since we first met. He's definitley on the same page with that as well, but as a man he thinks more about the financial part, HOW WILL WE HANDLE ANOTHER BABY, FINANCIALLY??!!?? That's the biggest question right now, are we ready or are we not?!?! Definitely not right now, but I pray every night that God will allow something to change when it comes to our finances, so we will be back on better grounds! I suspect it to be several more years before we are ready again, but that baby will be prayed for and wanted for SO long! We do only want 1 more though... so whatever God blesses us with we will be thrilled!
Today we have been so busy! The boys went with me to do our weekly grocery shopping and then Grandaddy came over to help Daddy with his truck. He's having some problems and it has to go to the shop this week because they couldn't figure out what's wrong with it. Please keep us in your prayers, it's been one thing after the other with us and it just seems that we can't take a break lately with money. Once we get a single teeny tiny bit in savings, it's gone because something else comes up... SO, that is our frusterations right now! Sometimes I wish so badly things we different, but I do know that we are not in control and God will continue to take care of us like he has for so long! Better days are ahead, they have already started and things are looking a lot better, I guess we are just being impatient, it's all in God's timing!!
Tomorrow we are going to John's brothers house to visit and eat some yummy food. It has been way too long since we have been out there and we are thoroughly looking forward to it! I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial day weekend and God Bless America!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, what a PAIR!!!

These adorable, most precious and absolutely PAIR~FECT frames were made by one of my newest friends Candice ... Isn't she just the most talented girl, she has so many cute ones on her website so go check them out!! I'm going to get her to make me some that I can put around the house(the ones below will go in the boys room) the other ones that I want will say LOVE and FAMILY!! Isn't that a great idea?!?!

Here's a picture of both boys today at their picnic we had at school. It was so much fun!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will & Luke's Program/ Will's Graduation!

The picture below is of most of the school...minus Luke's class, the toddler room (they came in last to sing). Both boys did such a wonderful job and we are so proud of them! I'm especially proud of my little graduate! It did get testy at home before we left, Will had a wreck on his bike... it was very dramatic and for a split second I was worried we would have to go to the hospital and miss it all. Looks like he's fine, just a bruise on his hip and on his head behind his ear!?!? ( I told you it got bad, I told Will I bet he couldn't get hurt in those places again from falling off his bike, even if he tried too) "Boys will be boys!!" We got ourselves together though and made it a great night! I'm so proud of my LOVES and my little heroes!!!

This is Will and his teacher Ms. Dana!

Will holding his diploma!!! :) (I know it's blurry, excuse our camera, it's a dinosaur compared to all of the newer digital camera's, we have had ours since Will was born... since he's already headed to Kindergarten, I say it's time to get a new one...ASAP!!! We definitely got our $$ worth out of it!!)

This was sweet Luke's face most of the program, towards the end he started loosening up... so sweet!!! MY GOODNESS!!

I know this one is dark, but you can thank our camera for that again!!!

I just love this picture, this is Daddy and his boys!! So good of all of them!!!

Me & Lukie, this is the only one I was brave enough to put up on here of me...ugh!!!

Oh and this picture is of Luke on Saturday, this shows how lazy we were all weekend. After he already napped for 2.5 hours, he got up and was watching Calliou on sprout, waiting on his bubba to get up, and he just knocked right out again. I had to snap this shot of him... so precious!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Goodness... so many things to talk about!!

Hey Ladies! Sorry it's been so long since I have blogged, life has just been so busy lately!
Well this weekend was very nice and low key. Friday night we just went to dinner with the kiddos, our fam favorite restuarant...EL PORTON!!! The boys always eat their whole plate when we go! Saturday we went to sweet Charlie's 1st Birthday party! Charlie is the son of one of my sweetest and favorite childhood friends Hayley. Her and Keith have the cutest little angel and I can't believe he's already 1. After the party the boys and I went to Wal~Mart to catch up on some grocery shopping. I always have this huge problem, I constantly go back and forth on which store saves me more money...Wal~Mart or Kroger?!?! Over the weekend it was Wal~Mart, but now I'm back on the Kroger kick that they might save us more money because Kroger double the coupons. Anyways, while we were checking out, I was putting the bottled water back into the bottom of the buggy.. and my back went out!!! Seriously, this has been happening lately, just randomly, Will is full aware of my face when this happens and he knew immediately what was going on. I was trying to make sure no one noticed, so I just quietly and calmly grabbed the ticket and barely, slowly walked back to the car. When I got to the back of my car, I called John and was extremely upset. I did not know what to do (Poor John, it was one of my moments I'm not too proud of b/c at that moment it was all his fault, even though I really knew it wasn't) But, I was in the middle of a parking lot, with both boys, by myself and I could not lift the groceries into the car. Will, Luke and I all managed to get it done, but it wasn't pretty! Have I ever told you that I LOVE MY BOYS!?!?!?! At that moment, I thanked God AGAIN for giving me two boys, they saved Mommy and I let them know they would ALWAYS be my heros!
Well Saturday night and Sunday we just chilled at the house, cooked out both at home and with some great friends! I cleaned a whole lot and got everything ready for this week. This is the boys last week of preschool for this year. Now Will is GRADUATING from preschool and will be entering KINDERGARTEN in August! It's been so emotional for me this week. All day when I thought about it, it literally brought tears to my eyes. My little angel, first born baby boy is going to KINDERGARTEN in August. Ya'll, this day I thought would never come and I bet at some point during these past 5.5 years I probably looked forward to it, but now that we are coming upon these days, I'm dreading them with every part of my being. I wish to GOD I could just put my family and my little angels into a bubble for no one to ever hurt them or say anything negative to them. I continue to PRAY for my boys (and I always will) but I just PRAY that we raise them with knowledge of our Lord and they know how important it is to always do the right thing. I'm terrified, terrified & terrified for my children in this horrible, unGodly world! They only know OUR world and OUR world includes our Lord & Savior, I never want them to know anything else and I PRAY that I can continue to build strong roots for them!
Thank you so much for allowing me to always poor out my feelings, I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow of Will's BIG day... Everyone have a great evening!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Story

Well I got this great idea from MemphisMaMa and Emily had a little lamb so I thought I must do the same thing! Enjoy the LOVE train :)

I met Cary/John (whatever you call him) on March 13, 2002. So let's back up a few weeks... The girl that has always done my hair, knew that I just broke up with my highschool sweetheart. I was about to start college and she knew her brother~in~law was looking for someone so she just mentioned, if you want to go out on a date let me know. Well, back to March 13, 2002.... I was going by her house (my hair dresser, Amanda) and he just so happened to be there. I knew he was there b/c he had a red mustang and it was in front of their house. Well, I got a little nervous so I drove on bye. I had NO idea he was outside when I did so and saw the whole thing. Now he says it was like "Well there's Katie" and then "maybe it wasn't her because she just drove by" A few minutes later I got the urge to go back and go in. (So immature I know!!!) He was still outside when I pulled up and so we introduced ourselves and that was about it! I left there that night thinking....hmm, how weird would it be if we started dating, because I must say he's a attractive guy :)

About two weeks later I was over at Chris & Amanda's house (his brother and sister~in~law) and I told them that he was such a cutie and they said he had joked around saying he's going to ask me out. So, I just called him up (yes ladies, I made a mistake by calling him first) ... We talked for a little while and then he ended up calling me... We met up a few times with his brother and sister~in~law and then it was over from there. We had our first official date at Bennihana's and now I find out he hates that place...ha! He never told me that but I was so nervous, I'm younger than him (5 years) and so here I am starting college and he's in a totally different time in his life. Luckily, if you've known me for awhile, I was never the typical "college girl" because I was ready to get serious. Everyone calls me a "old soul" We moved in together after over a year of dating and found out two months later we were pregnant with Will. It was definitely a scary time for us both, but we made it through together and after Will was born we got married!
John is my best friend! I could not imagine my life without him! He always makes me laugh and is always there for me! He is honestly the man God made just for me. We compliment each other so well. Now we both have careers, two beautiful babies and a lifetime of love to give to each other! We look forward to many more family vacations, maybe one more baby (God Willing), our kids graduations, Grandbabies one day, growing old together. I could not imagine my life any different! God is Good!!!
I hope you enjoyed "our story" and please, oh please tell us all yours!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Loves!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!!

This picture has always touched my heart! It was only a few days after Luke was home from the hospital and Will was down on the floor with him. I snapped this and I have it in black & white around the house, but it brings tears to my eyes. You can ask anyone who has known me since childhood, all I have ever wanted was babies of my own! I was put on this earth and born to be a Mother! These are mine, my boys, my loves! No one can ever take that away from me! Being a Mother is the most rewarding job I have ever done. It is the most challenging as well, but the love is astonishing that you feel as a Mother! Such miracles and blessings sent straight from above! I pray my loves will always know how much I love them and I am so proud to be their Mommy!

This is us today on Mother's Day. It was so sunny outside, as you can see :) But even though now it seems that we are always screaming "Will stop trying to make Luke upset", "Luke stop touching your brother", "Would you both just please keep your hands off each other?!?!" No matter what we go through with them, they are my loves and I enjoy every moment with them! (I don't know about every moment) but I would not trade these moments and memories we are making together for anything else in this world! I love my life and could not imagine it being different!

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day, I know mine was a great one!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pete & Repeat

Luke in his towel just like Daddy!! So precious!

Will & Luke in their towels after bath tonight. So stinkin cute!!! We call them "pete & repeat" sometimes because whatever Will does, sure enough a few minutes later Luke has to do the same thing... they are hilarious and this picture is so adorable! My loves wanted to be like Daddy, precious!!

Not Me Monday!!!

Can you believe I have never, ever done a "Not me Monday" I got this idea from MckMama and from the looks of it I was not the only one who really, really enjoyed this! It's a fun, hilarious way to call yourself out and have so much fun with it! This is my first "Not Me Monday" so don't laugh... too much :)
I have NOT completely, 100% over~extended myself lately, no NOT ME, why in the world would I do such a thing?!?!
I DID NOT let Luke, Saturday at the movies, run around with no underwear on and wet pants because he had an accident and I completely forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes. Oh, NOT ME, I'm much smarter than that!!
I DO NOT have to go on my first out of town trip for work this week, with my manager! I AM NOT excited and terrified and nervous at the same time! Nope NOT ME, I DON'T want to be a big girl!!!
I DID NOT sit in the inspection line for an hour and a half for my sweet hubby (who drives a brand NEW truck) to find out when I got up there it did not pass inspection!!!! I WAS NOT the woman in the blonde hair driving off crying my eyes out, trying to figure out a way to get my amazing husband a brand new truck!!! I am NOT that crazy, oh NOT ME!!!
HAHAHAHA... this was fun and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did!!! Just so you know (my husband never has complained about his truck) almost like he likes it! He is just that amazing because materialistic things never, ever bother him! Gosh I need to learn from him! Y'all have a great week, I am super busy and will be out of town later on this week! I will try to check in one more time before I leave! I will miss you girls :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Millie Update!!!

I wanted to share the wonderful news about Baby Millie to everyone who has been praying for my cousin Tracy and her husband Stuart! The birth mother went to court yesterday to finally sign Baby Millie over to Tracy and Stuart. They are in Oklahoma right now picking their baby girl up and will hopefully be home this weekend with her! What a miracle God has shown us all! He knew what He was doing all along... I am amazed on a daily basis of the miracle God works!!

Everyone have a blessed weekend!!