Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Does anyone know why when I comment on certain blogs, it asked me to "select a profile"... I can pick them all, they don't work. Therefore I can't comment on that person's blog. It just started and it's really on my nerves...


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glorious Weekend

My next post will be full of pictures from our weekend. Honestly, tonight I just needed to update the blog, I have no energy to go get my camera out of my purse and download pictures, that's too much to ask of this Momma tonight!

We have not done too much this weekend. We planned on having special family time and that is exactly what we have done. I've made breakfast the past 2 mornings, the boys were happy to not have their usual cereal but blueberry pancakes instead. We have been outside constantly, we went swimming, I got my hair did and I have not done a bit of housework. That was my goal for this weekend and I'm so happy we actually accomplished it!

Luke has all of the sudden got a rash on his body. It started on his cheeks (noticed it Friday), now has spread to the backs of his arms and legs, as well as his back. I plan to take him into the doctor tomorrow morning. The more I read he could have the "fifth disease" we will see! I took him by Walgreens to have the pharmacist take a look at it, he said it could be meningitis??? My sweet Lukie has NO symptoms at all, but this rash, therefore I think it is not something so serious! I am still worried but know that after the doctor I will feel better!

Tomorrow, after going to the doctor, we have the same thing planned as we have done this weekend, I can't wait to enjoy one more day of pure family time and fun in the sun!!

I hope you all are enjoying this weekend and thank you veterans for all that you have done for our freedom!!

Blessings my friends,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

These moments..

are the ones




the most,

knowing that we




these moments back

breaks my heart into pieces!!!

Time is so precious!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Weekend!

Our weekend has been pretty low key, but yet busy at the same time! Today has been rainy and nasty so besides church we have been home ALL day!! :)

After having to buy another oven - our 17 year old oven finally died, always at the worst time - so after they installed the new oven (the new one is so nice, I'm now glad our old oven died) the hubs made the boys a fort with all kinds of things in it and on it for them. This has been SO much fun for them, for Christmas we told them we would get a bunch of boxes for them. :)

The boys yesterday had a birthday party for Ethan and Eli, boys that live in our neighborhood and are the same ages as the boys! It was at Incredible Pizza, such a fun place for kids. We thought it was a casino for kids... no joke, it was just like it.. lights are dim, you have no idea what time it is or how much money your spending.

Eating some pizza at the party.

This sweet boy and his parents came over last night for dinner. He is just starting to walk, I love this child and I love being a aunt!!!

This is Will's silly face last night, he was SO tired from his busy weekend!! :)

Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

1. I have told y'all before that I was diagnosed with PCOS last August, I was put on metformin to hopefully get my back to ovulating, then it never helped. Our next step is clomid, but it honestly terrifies me to do that. I have read crazy side effects from taking that and who knows what can happen when you take those drugs?? We planned to start it on my last cycle, it came down to the day I was to start it and I just couldn't take it.... hopefully next month I will try it!

2. I have been losing weight for really no aparent reason. I am eating like I normally do, jogging like I normally do and I don't see any changes on my end, but I'm feeling better than I have felt in awhile and losing weight... so I'm not complaining!

3. The boys and I planned on going to Georgia for Memorial Day weekend. School is out next Wednesday and we planned on leaving then, returning the next Monday. Tonight I decided to stay home, honestly the hubs put a guilt trip on me, saying he was really looking forward to doing fun family things??? I couldn't turn that down so now we are looking forward to being home that weekend, I have no doubt we will find something to get into for the weekend.

4. I swear, this past weekend, I would of told you I was going through a mid life crisis - just early. I have been depressed about getting older, everyone seems so young to me now because I feel so old. I use to always be the baby in everything we do, not so much anymore. The years are flying by, I think back to 5 or 7 years ago and I can't believe it has been that long. The hubs told me those are the first signs of feeling old :(

5. I am getting into couponing a whole lot right now, I really need to get more ink for my printer though, so I can print out more coupons but I am a couponing freak when it's check out time at the store, I saved $41 last weekend, before I would of just spent all of the money, not saving a dime and moved along. I'm so thankful that I am becoming obsessed with this!! :)

Hope y'all are having a blessed week! It's almost the weekend!!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Spiritual Book Reviews

I have never, ever been a good reader. I hated reading books in school, I was never taught how important reading is and how much fun it can be. Now as I'm getting older, as if I have so much time on my hands, I really enjoy reading a good book. This might shock you, but this is the first books for me to read the whole thing, thoroughly. I was very proud of myself! I believe so much in reading, that I make my boys have "quiet" time (since they think they are too old to take naps) for atleast a hour and read books. Some days we actually do it, other days we try and it just doesn't work.

90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper:

(I don't know why this is foggy and really small.. UGH)

90 minutes in Heaven was such a awesome book. It gave GREAT detail. I really liked how it jumped right to the story really fast. Towards the end, he went through so much recovery, that I thought it was actually depressing. I mean he was so depressed and the story ended with him getting better, but it sure took awhile for that to happen. Over all though, it was very inspirational and I enjoyed reading it.

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real is such a great book as well, just in it's own way. It was not as descriptive as I thought it would be, that was disappointing to me. It was amazing who he saw and how he told his parents, over several years what all he experienced.

Honestly, I was equally disappointed in these books, but REALLY enjoyed reading them. These are just my personal opinions:

I was told to read 90 minutes in Heaven before Heaven is for Real just because Heaven is for Real is much more descriptive and I thought the complete opposite. That might be why I was slightly disappointed in Heaven is for Real, just because I was told it was so much better than 90 minutes in Heaven, but my opinion is the complete opposite. They both are great books with great amazing stories. Stories that make me CRAVE Heaven! Stories that remind me just how Real Heaven is and our Heavenly Father!

Once again, I just think that what I heard before, effected my opinion, which that seems to happen a lot in life, ya know?

I would recommend these books, especially if you have lost someone close to you. It makes your heart happy knowing where they are now and where we all will be one day!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Our house lately seems to of been turned upside down, just from all of the thing that have gone wrong. You (or myself) tend to really question life and wonder what the heck we all are doing here. My car seems to be fixed for now, but our oven recently went out, like last week. So we have been searching on craigslist to find a good deal and then we just decided we are going to go buy a new one and be done with the stupid thing! So that is what we will be doing tonight, to hopefully, finally get rid of the "bad luck" that seems to be following us lately!

Brighter things are on the horizon, we see our lives finally calming down and getting back to normal. This past weekend, as you read in my previous post, was just the beginning.

I have never been away from the boys, over night, NEVER! Only from Will, when I was in the hospital having Luke. Therefore, this weekend when I knew I'd be away from the boys for 2 nights, what would happen? To me and them??

Who would read them their stories?

Who would pray with them?

Who would get up early with them?

Who would feed them breakfast?

Who would feed them lunch & dinner?

Who would comfort them for missing their Mommy?

DADDY did ALL of these things and SO much more!!! I think, because I have always done SO much for the kids, that it is easy at times for the hubs to sit back and let me do my thing. That is how I prefer it too, but he completely stepped up to the plate. Every time I talked to them, they were off doing this or that. The boys had a ball with Daddy all weekend and it was really good for their father / son bond!

I came home, refreshed with a new respect for the man I chose to marry. He was so thrilled to have the weekend with his boys and I was so thrilled to be able to have gone to see my own Mommy and help her with her Mom.

It's times like this, where I praise and thank God for giving this man to me and these boys to me! I have been one happy woman and in constant prayer since coming home!

I pray y'all are having a blessed day!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This year my Mother's Day was so different than the previous years. As you all know, my whole family is from Georgia and most of them live in Georgia (with the except to my brother who lives in Denver and myself who lives in Tennessee).

My Nanny fell a week ago, got hurt very badly, had to have surgery last Tuesday to fix the things she broke. So, My Mom has been SO overwhelmed taking care of her. There's been some really stressful moments lately and all I wanted to do was to help as much as I could, BUT I was in Tennessee, NOT Georgia.

So I decided to catch a plane out Friday night to surprise my Mommy for the weekend. It worked, she was COMPLETELY surprised and was in tears just seeing my face! :)

Saturday I spent the whole day taking care of my Nanny. Poor thing, both of her arms were operated on so she is in a cast on both arms, therefore she can't do a THING for herself. NOTHING and it is VERY painful still and VERY humbling for her to have to rely on other peoples help just to do the simple things in life.

No one can ever take the moments we shared together that day away from me, it was the best experience I've had with her thus far in my life and I'm beyond thrilled I was honored to be able to help her so much that day. There were a lot of laughs and moments of us just talking, I love that woman so much and I am so blessed to have her as my Nanny (Grandmother)!

Saturday night I was relieved by my Aunt, she had night duty, so my Mom and I took advantage of the free night off and went out to dinner. Again, just wonderful bonding time for us that we normally don't get to share. Since I've had kids, I'm on the "back burner" so to speak with my kids being my Mom's #1 focus while she's around (those darn kids), so re-connecting with her was just perfect!

Sunday we enjoyed brunch together with My Mom's family and then off to the airport I went to get home to see my sweet hubby and babies!

For those of you that know my hubs knows that, I take care of EVERYTHING in my household, I am very much a control freak like that. While I was away, the hubs took control and did a AMAZING job with the boys, they were exhausted last night from doing so much with Daddy and it made me a proud woman! Just knowing that he allowed me to go take my time with my family who needed my help and everything was just fine while I was away!

I am so blessed, being gone for the first time sure made me miss what I had waiting on my at home and made me realize just how lucky I am to be in the life God's blessed me with!

I pray each and every one of you had a wonderful Mother's Day! God is so good, ALL the time!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Night time

I believe that parents put a lot of pressure on themselves for "acting" like the perfect parents. There is no perfect parent, I will be the first to tell you, there probably has not been a day that's gone by that I haven't yelled (at the kids) since having them. It's just my nature, it's who I am, when I need to get something out and no one is listening, I yell. Sorry hunny, I hate that I do this! I do try to have peaceful nights, but let's be honest here, my kids DRIVE me crazy sometimes in the evenings. It's like someone flipped the switch and they are jumping off of the walls. It's PURE 100% craziness at our house during the busiest part of the night... dinner, bath and bed time.

You see these little terds climbing these little trees, well that is what they do to my nerves, while acting like wild boys!

And then, about 9pm each night, I walk into their room to check on them and I see these beautiful things, dreaming about footballs, basketballs, Scarlett (Will's FIRST crush), silly things that little boys think of...

(Will has a hoodie only on his head for some reason, yes I took it off before I left)

and I secretly say a prayer, thanking the Lord above for them and thanking Him for bed time, because it is the most peaceful part of my night!

* I honestly struggle with these feelings, telling the hubs sometimes that maybe I'm too hard on them before bed, but it's like they know that's the time each day to act like wild horses. I tell myself tonight is going to be the night, that I make sure it's a peaceful night, not just after the kids go to bed, but before too. Then Luke spills his stinky drink after I mopped the floor... I mean seriously, could you not of waited atleast a day?
(That irritated me, I mean come on, who wouldn't get irritated by that, but I didn't yell at Luke, I bit my tongue)

We sometimes are our worst enemy, I beat myself up over having these feelings. The good news is that as I'm feeling overwhelmed while they are acting like maniacs, I tell myself to enjoy these crazy moments, because before long I will be begging for them to be this young again, acting like my crazy, wild boys... making me want to pull my hair out! *

I enjoy my sweet little ones and thank God for them daily!!

Hope y'all are having a blessed week! My Nanny made it through surgery, she is hopefully coming home tomorrow from the hospital, God is SO good!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

1. My Grandmother (my Nanny) fell last Thursday while over at her son's house (my uncles) helping them clean their house because my Aunt has been sick lately. My Nanny is just too sweet like that. Unfortunately she fell backwards on their steps inside and is hurt, very badly! Both of her arms are broken in different places and her upper body is bruised badly from the fall, tomorrow she will be having surgery. Please say a special prayer for my Nanny that she recovers quickly, as you can imagine, having both of your arms broken, she can't do ANYTHING for herself, she is learning to ask for things and much of our family is waiting to help her in anyway that we can. I will keep you all posted on this long recovery of my Nanny!

2. Despite my Nanny's situation, we had such a great weekend. Friday night we went to dinner together, just us and it was just too much fun! Saturday we cleaned and did some yard work. Sunday was a lazy day, besides church we didn't do anything! It's nice having weekend like that sometimes!

3. Mother's Day is coming up this weekend... I always enjoy Mother's Day. It's a special day for me and every other Mother in the world. My own Mother is going through a lot now with my Nanny being so sick, I hope to do a big surprise for Mom to make her time there in Georgia extra special!! I will share details after it's done :)

4. The storms that hit across Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee is just horrible! I am praying for all of the victims involved, it has be beyond a nightmare! Here in the Mid South we are experiencing flooding, please pray for the storm victims and us involved in the flooding.

5. Usama Bin Laden is Dead... I'm sure all of you know by now!!! It makes me proud to be an American and it's such a happy time. I am human and I do realize that they might retaliate, that is scary to me. Just because he is gone does not mean at all that terriosm is gone, it just makes me feel a little more peaceful! God Bless the USA and thank you to all of the service men and woman that work daily so we can have freedom!

Happy Monday and Blessings!