Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What: Moment of Silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.

How: Bloggers participating will post the Cohen banner (below) or simply post Cohen’s name in large letters on their blog.

Why: July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance.

Participating bloggers can Link Up on July 1st at Send Love To Cohen. Will you join me and help spread the word?

Y'all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend, we are headed to Georgia to visit my family, you all will hear from me when we return :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Thoughts

It's been so busy lately that I have been seriously slacking on the blog... I honestly don't have much time anymore to sit down and do this.... so I thought I would write out some thoughts that are going through my mind right now... it's a lot so bare with me!

1. Will is begging to start playing football this season, so we signed him up for flag football, he is super upset that he won't have pads and helmet this year, but we think he needs to learn the way to play, have fun and then next year we will start him in full football. (the child eats, sleep and breaths football~just like his Daddy!)

2. Luke's birthday party is just a few weeks away and I think this year we are doing something very low key at the local sprinkler park, I'm just not into having a huge deal this year. He's completely cool with that too, thank God!

3. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon and having Mom's night out with my church ladies, I enjoy both of those things so it's going to be a great day!

4. Friday we are leaving for Georgia to visit my family, I can't wait but have not begun packing one thing, with everything else going on this week I'm wondering why I'm even taking the time to blog right now when I need to be getting this house and our suit cases ready!!!!

5. I am having super baby fever, I think it's time to get serious about trying but it scares the crap out of me and I don't want to talk to the hubs about it.... why do I have to worry about this? My youngest is almost 4 and if we are having another one, it's time to get this baby making phase over with in our life and move on, because the next will be the last!!!

6. This week at work, there is lots of drama going on. It makes my stomach ache just thinking about it right now, tomorrow it's all going's just not going to be good. BUT change is in my future and it is SUPER exciting. I do love the company I work for here in Memphis and we are the #1 lender in the Memphis area, I thank God I work for such a great company!!

7. I haven't been sleeping good lately and neither has Luke, I wonder if it's something between us too, I have been waking up to him looking at my face. I LOVE it and scoop him up in the bed next to me when he wakes up. He's so darn cute!

8. Will has not been wanting to go to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights, but enjoys going on Sunday mornings. Getting out what is wrong with him is like pulling teeth, he says nothing, but once I make him go those nights, he cries and makes me take him home.... it's something that is weighing heavy on my heart, if you felt lead please pray for my son's feelings to be calmed.

9. I am in a serious mood to redo my house, floors and window treatments are the main thing... so I'm praying for that to happen soon!!! I've been bugging the hubs to get this done soon, maybe the floors will be our fall project???

I pray y'all have a wonderful week, we will talk again soon!!!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here's a picture of my sweet nephew Logan, he's 5 weeks old now... isn't he the cutest thing EVER!!! He reminds me so much of Luke when he was that little (see Luke looks just like my hubs and my hubs and Logan's Mom are brother and sister who look just alike)... he is definitely starting to fill out and I call him my "chunky monkey". Gosh holding him, smelling him and just loving on him makes me really look forward to having another one around here one day... hopefully sooner rather than later, I need to talk the hubs into it :0

This week it has been so stinkin hot here in the Mid South.... as soon as I walk outside it seems my makeup is melting off within seconds. I am already looking forward to the fall, this heat is rough being in and out of it all day!

Hope y'all are having a great week!


Monday, June 21, 2010


I promise I have read everyone's blogs, sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't, but I really haven't had a whole lot to blog about.

Our summer is moving right along. It's just super busy!!! I am currently trying to build my new career, things are crazy busy at work and I thank God for that everyday, but I would like for them to be busier... so if any of you know a realtor in the Memphis area, let me know their name and if you know of anyone in Tenn or Miss looking to buy a home or refinance.... I am the girl they need to talk too!!! :) (ok enough of my free advertising)

We have had such an unbelievable time together lately. We are spending more time outside, although with these record breaking temps it has to be late in the evening.. whew it's HOT HOT here!!! I am on a losing weight kick.. I pray to God that my motivation is here to stay, I'm always the type to say I'm starting something and then NEVER finish. This time I have a goal, I'm going to try to lose some serious weight... like 50 lbs would be ideal, but I will take losing 40 lbs... I know I can do it, but it's NOT going to be easy! The good thing is my hubs is on this kick too, so we are trying to keep each other motivated, we both could use to lose some pounds...

Other than that, that's all that we have been up too... we have been spending lots of time with family, I have seen my new nephew a lot lately.... I call him my chunky monkey, from last week to this week he has really woken up and gained weight... goodness I love him!!! :) I have had some female problems recently and have been tested for several different things, so say a quick prayer for me if you remember, I'm sure it's nothing though!

Y'all have a terrific Tuesday!!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Check out what I made of my LOVES!!!

I made my first video of our family... check it out when you can :)
Have a blessed day!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My thoughts lately....

Today I am writing about a family, that I do not know very well, but a young couple having their first child. A couple that just recently moved to the Memphis area and just recently joined our church. A couple that was to welcome their first born any day now into this crazy, sinful, cruel world.... having FAITH that Jesus Christ himself would watch over this child her entire life.
Her name is baby Leah... She was born, but was not living. Something terrible and unimaginable happened in the womb, that honestly only God knows what happened. This story has captivated my mind and thoughts lately... I often asked "why", "why Lord would you take this child from them, why would you not allow them to know her well?" Oh but what I do know, is she got a free ride to the BEST place, Heaven! Our Lord is holding her in his arms right now, loving on her and show her all around that mighty kingdom. Oh what day it will be, what a day it will be for us all to be together, in a unimaginable place. I can't wait, honestly I can not wait to see such a beautiful site. Please pray for the Sawyer family, it is a horrific situation, I can not imagine the pain they are going through, but only God can comfort them and their faith is being shown, they are amazing people!!!
Recently the boys have questioned Heaven, just last week while in the car, Luke said, randomly "Mommy, I'm going to go give Jesus a hug, all the way up in Heaven" I said " Oh yes, I can't wait til the day comes, that we all get to meet Him, Oh what a lovely day it will be!" Will on the other hand, he's older, he had to think about it for a minute... I could see the concerned look on his face, he said "but Mom, you always say if we obey God and are good people, we will go to Heaven, what happens to all of the people who are bad" Well Will, it's simple " they go to a really bad place called hell, it's where the devil lives, it's full of fires, mean people and just hell in itself, you never ever want to do anything to go to hell" They have heard me talk about the devil from time to time, if something bad happens, it could be little or big, I simply say "this is the devil attacking us" So, I honestly had to think about all that I was telling them, I'm a pretty straight forward kind of girl, I will tell you how it is, black and white.. there is NO gray, especially when you are talking about this. It also gave me another wonderful opportunity to explain to the boys, the reason we love and worship Jesus, what Jesus did for us and how if we are just good, we obey Him and we share the gospel to others who do not know Him, we will all be together in Heaven one day!
I think after this, they understood, I of course could not stop thinking about that conversation in the car and about how bad things do happen to good people. I kept wondering if I had explained it ok, the conversation quickly ended to something else, probably something silly (because silly is their middle names right now... being silly is all they know to do) These are moments, that being a parent TERRIFIES me... I have always told people, I can handle 10,000 babies all day long, but when they start getting bigger, knowing about how to be good and bad and it is all of our responsibility to teach them, it scares me to death. Gosh, what if I mess up, what if I told tell them correctly, or I don't pound this in their head enough so when they are older, they are just beyond bad, that thought right there makes my hands sweat just thinking about it, it TERRIFIES me!!! Being a parent is tough, but these moments also teach me a lot about myself and my confidence in being a good parent, no not just a good parent, but a GREAT parent...
So, lately this is what my mind has been wrapped around... any comments, all would be welcome :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daddy's Truck

Who knew that Daddy's truck would be such a great source of entertainment at our house, it is a nightly routine! I think it's pretty cute, because before long they will be involved in other things, so for the time being.... we will continue this nightly thing and hang around with the neighbors enjoying this beautiful weather and nights!
(I have NO idea why before this is underlined but now it's not...UGH I can not figure out)

Above is Luke straddling the truck, like a horse he says....

Will and Luke are fishing here... Luke is applying the "worms" (of course this is all pretend) and Will is waiting on the fish to bit... looks like Will has the easy job here :)

Will is rounding up the bulls and it pretty good in my opinion.

And lastly Officer Will is locking up Luke for who knows what.....

I love their imaginations, but no more than I love these two little beings!!!

Y'all have a blessed Wednesday!!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

So many new things...

Sorry I don't have any pictures for this post, but it has been FOREVER since I've posted so I wanted to update y'all of some new things going on in our lives....
First off last week, my Mom had the boys ALL week in Georgia. The hubs and I stayed home to work and reconnect as a couple. It was such a blessed week, it seriously could not of gone any better. I was able to do what ever I wanted to do, so was he and mostly everything we did was together!!!! Y'all it seriously was so much fun, in the 6 years we have been married, it was the first time EVER for our kids to be gone more than one night, and we got five free nights together, I swear I thought we were dating again! (I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I was not in heaven... it was blissful!) When the boys got back home on Saturday, I really realized just how much I missed them! They are our life and we would NOT want to even be alive if they were not in it with us, I told hubs last night, I said "Our life before the boys was probably the most boring life ever... it seems they have always been in our life and I don't want it any other way!!!!" So, last week was much needed for myself and our relationship, but gosh I'm so glad to see my angels in their bed at night sound asleep... nothing else in this world matters more!!!!!
Today is the first day of summer camp for the boys at our church. Typically Will is my super shy child and Luke is my wild monkey! The whole way to church Will kept saying he was really nervous because he didn't know who would be in his class and he asked me "Mom is it ok for me to be shy" I tried to reassure him everything would be fine, I said in the car " Luke has nothing to worry about because he does not stop running his mouth for anything so he will meet new friends real quick" We all laughed about that and were having a great morning. I get there and drop them off, Will walks right in and starts hanging out with these boys at this table (I am so proud of him, this is seriously a big step for him because if he does not know anyone, he won't speak, poor child got that from me) but Luke on the other hand, walked right in his classroom, but when I was walking out, I saw him balling his eyes out, I stayed a extra 20 minutes with him trying to get him feeling better. Finally I just had to leave... this part about being a parent sucks so bad! Y'all it has been 2 hours since I dropped him off and I'm still so upset about him being upset. He's not my child that gets upset like that, so I'm a basket case today :( The whole way into work I just prayed that God would comfort his heart and I will be there at 3 to pick them up... just please God protect them until then!
I called and they both are doing great so I do feel better, but Lordy, the things we go through as parents!!! Not all of our church families go to this camp, so not all of their church friends are there and there is a lot of new kids in the community that go here during the summer time, so that is why it's a little bit different! I'm sure they are having a blast, I sure pray they are!!!
I hope all of you are doing great, we are getting ready for summer, doing yard work, getting my house in order and just trying to stay organized lately! Hope y'all have a marvelous Monday!