Monday, February 28, 2011

I L.O.V.E.


I am starting to get ADDICTED to this couponing thing... I got ALL of this food for only $46.87.... I seriously came home almost in tears, I was so stinkin proud of myself. This is hard work, it takes time to get all of this right and takes time at the store with lots of concentration. The hubs knows that when I go on my big trips to the store now, the boys can not be with me. I should of been using that excuse before now, we are probably saving money now because the boys aren't throwing things in the buggy but I am way too busy now adding what I have, making sure I only get certain things!

The biggest thing I've learned about saving money, is the wrong way to shop (which is the way I have ALWAYS gone grocery shopping) is to make a list of what you need and go to store to buy it. That is how the stores make their money. My new way to buy groceries is I ONLY buy groceries if they are on sale AND I have a coupon to go along with the sale. Now there are exceptions, but the past several weekends I have cut my grocery bill in half just by sticking to this plan. Also, our pantry is the fullest it's ever been, it's a GREAT feeling! The hubs has always said that he feels good when we have a full pantry, silly thing! By doing these simple changes, it will allow our money to go further, I feel since I only work part time, it is my job to save our family the most money in any area I can!!


And I love this picture of my Daddy and the boys from dinner last week. The night we had dinner was the night the weather got really bad, when I took this picture, the tornado sirens started to go off. (This is Will's new favorite jacket I got at a consignment shop, Lord help me now, he knows I can't stand that jacket!!) We made it home just in time but I will admit it was scary for a few minutes, even for Mommy :)

I hope you all are having a blessed week!!! I'm SO ready for the weekend :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Daddy and other stuff

Recently my Dad moved from Tampa, FL back to his home town of Peachtree City, GA (before Tampa, he was here, in Memphis)... Peachtree City is where he grew up, met my Mom, got married, had children... that is where he thought he would raise his family. Until the day Northwest Airlines had other plans to move our family (when I was just 3) to Memphis, TN. Fortunately, with him working for the airlines, we were ALWAYS flying back and forth to Georgia to visit our family and loved ones. I call home in Tennessee, it is where I grew up, got married, had children and it's where my life is today. It's a sad situation in my opinion, yes I would love to be the perfect girl who has her whole family around her and sees them all the time, in a perfect world, I would live on the same street as my family, my WHOLE family because I just love them all that much. God would have other plans for my life though and I have learned, especially lately, that you love what you have and deal with the rest!
So today, as my Dad is in town on business, it's times like these that I feel like a little girl again, SO excited to see my Daddy today and spend some MUCH needed time with him and see my boys playing with their "Pop Pop"

Also, today we are under severe weather threats... This afternoon should be interesting, I pray nothing major happens, nice loud storms is about all I'm asking for today. Even though a part of me gets excited about BAD weather, I know I must be sick in the head or something, but we shall see... Jim Cantore from the weather channel is here, in Memphis, so you know he always goes to the bad parts of the weather :)
I pray y'all are having a blessed week and everyone stays safe!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Will..

About a week ago I asked Will a serious question "Name 6 things that you LOVE about yourself"

Here are his responses... word for word :)

1. I can run really fast Mom, faster than Jacob (his friend in school, my poor son is very competitive!)

2. I can punt a ball really high

3. I has gotten all "e's" on my conduct report this whole year (2011)

4. My eyes are green so I can see in the dark ????

5. My hands are getting bigger :)

6. I am proud I can do my arms around and around, kind of rolling really fast (not sure what he's meaning by this, but it was funny)

I have learned lately that it is SO important to ask your children questions, allow them to tell you more about their day, their life and what's on their mind. At our house, these boys don't shut their mouths until their heads hit the bed at night, but they are usually talking about stuff that I tend to tune out sometimes, because life does get busy... BUT taking time, simple time for my boys has made a difference.

I have a story about a recent visit to the dentist, will share about that soon!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

a day of LOVE

Today is a day of LOVE... I really do enjoy Valentine's day, it is in my top 3 holiday's. Yesterday was my birthday, thank you all for your well wishes!! I enjoyed the day with my family and got lots of goodies... will share about those later!
This is a picture of the hubs and I, probably 8 months into dating, we headed over to Gatlinburg for a week of fun... see back then it was pre kiddos days- we could up and go anywhere whenever we wanted... ahhh...

We were SO in love, planning out futures together, we knew by then that we were getting married, just didn't know when, how, what... we just knew we were in LOVE!!! Today I love this man more than I ever thought was possible before!!!

I am blessed to have two other little Valentine's to love and care for... I will always be their first Valentine's and that melts my heart!!! Tonight the hubs and I are treating our other Valentines to a dinner date out with Mommy and Daddy.. I can't wait!!!!

Also, I'm missing my Mommy a whole lot today, prayers would be appreciated, we always did fun, silly things on Valentine's together... she needs to move back ASAP!!! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

hopefully the FINAL snow of 2011

So we did get another snow storm here in the MidSouth, this is #4 or 5 now for 2011. Crazy for the South, I'm a Southern girl and just not use to this kind of weather! I hope it is the last for another year!

Below are the boys making "train tracks" they said :)

I thought this was super cute... besides Luke's face... silly boy!!

Me and my sweet boys!!

Will said he wanted to dunk his face in the snow because he was so happy.... so he did so! :)

This is Will after church on Sunday, he looked so big and I just had to take a picture, but in this picture he looks the same, ha, but he IS getting SO big!!

On another note, keep prayers coming for my PCOS stuff it's for the birds, who knew that 8 and 5 years ago I got pregnant with NO problem at all and now we would like to have another one and my body is not cooperating... I don't know how many more times I can see another ovulation stick that says I'm not ovulating... or maybe I'm doing them wrong?? Either way, VERY frusterating, but still trusting in Him that His timing will be perfect and He knows the desires of my heart!!!

Hope y'all have a beautiful Friday!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Prayers

I typically have my quiet time at night after the kids are in bed and in the mornings I listen to my praise music, there is NOTHING that makes me feel closer to Him than listening to some awesome worship music and praying.
Last night, my prayers were all over the place and really took me over. I LOVE nights and moments like that.... my prayers were mainly for my family, for my boys... oh my prayers for my sweet boys, I pray for them, their minds, their hearts I pray for God to always have His hand on their hearts, for them to always love everyone unconditionally, for others to treat them kind, for their futures, them to become beautiful men that LOVE the Lord, for their wives, where ever they might be that they are being raised to Love our Lord! I pray that they learn a lot about life, that life can be hard at times and that's ok, we don't have to figure it all out because our Lord has it all taken care of for us!!
I prayed about more children in our future, for my womb to be healed and God to give us another child if that be His will. I prayed for my marriage and thanked God for allowing us to go through the struggles of life together and now He has given us a marriage that is so strong, thank you Lord for all of these blessings!
I prayed for the hubs and I's careers, that God will continue to teach us, allow us to grow and learn, ultimately succeed!
I am most of all thankful to have such a forgiving, loving, nurturing, teaching, compassionate Lord to always listen to my prayers. Always answer prayers that are His will!
I pray for you and your family, for God to continue to Bless us all!!! I love it when I am in constant prayer, thank you Lord!!