Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My heart, my home...

**warning: picture overload, had to get caught up** 

As I said before, the kids were gone to Georgia to visit my family for a week. Yes Mommies don't be jealous because the hubs and I stayed home, together, pretending we were dating again!! It was beyond fabulous!! BUT we did not feel complete, our babies were gone so I took the first chance I could to head on down there and pick my babies up - while spending some much needed time with my parents and extended family and friends. I felt like a new woman coming home, refreshed, exactly what I needed!!!

One night we went to my Dad's farm, he took the boys on their first ride on a tractor.

 Too cute!!

 My Dad (PopPop) and Lukie

 Will caught his FIRST fish with Mommy around, his first real fish was caught with his royal rangers class from church, but I told him I considered this his first since we were there. :)

 This boy and his handsome face.... he has my whole heart! I thank God everyday for giving me these angels, sometimes I don't feel worthy of being their Mommy!

 My sweet Lukie caught his real, FIRST fish!!!! Such a proud moment!!

 My Dad.. lol, he has a brander (or however you say it) and he branded the steaks with his initials.. WTT = William Turner Thompson... whatever floats your boat Dad!!

 This pretty much sums up that evening... one sleepy little boy who could not make it to dessert!

Here is my beautiful Mommy and my boys before we left Monday morning. It's taken with my phone, so not the best quality but I had to add in a picture of her!!

And last but not least, the boys with my Mommy and Nanny! 

So yes we have been back home for a week now and school started this week. I have a huge post all in itself for back to school. I'm one proud Momma, wife, daughter, grand daughter and sister. Just beyond blessed!!

Hope y'all are having a blessed week!!


Mrs. Jansson said...

What great photos Katie! You have two adorable boys and it looks like they made lots of great memories with your dad. I can't wait for your back to school post!

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Great pictures!

Cait said...

love the pictures Katie :) You should stop by my blog because I'm giving away a Bobbie Brown eye shadow compact :)