Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Because

It's time for some pics and just a quick update on life lately. Here's a recap, I hope y'all had a wonderful Labor day weekend like we did!!!!

Here's Daddy and Will leaving Will's recent football practice, they are in a serious discussion of how wonderfully proud of Will we are because we are shocked at how good he is in football. If only we can get him to start acting right at school, then he'd be a perfect kid.... I'm not sure what the deal is with the bad conduct reports.... UGH!!!

This is Logan my beautiful nephew, he is getting nice a chunky and beautiful, he's such a sweet little addition to our family. I'm so thankful to be his proud Aunt!!!

The boys and I after church.... Will's face is hilarious to me and my hair is a lot darker than this now... I'm really enjoying it being dark!

Will after a long day at school, poor baby tuckered out on my bed one afternoon (don't tell anyone that I slipped in beside him for about an hour, it felt so nice!)

And this is Luke with Ally and Nate, they are our sweet neighbors that just moved this week to Chattanooga! Not only are we jealous, but we miss them like CRAZY!!!! These kids played all the time together and we are still in withdrawl mode. It sucks but we can't wait to visit!!!

Hope y'all are having a blessed week! Please say a special prayer this week about my job, I'm taking a big exam and need many prayers!


Karen said...

Katie.. what cute pictures!!!! you and your family are beautiful..
And since you confessed, i guess i will too.. i was watching my grand daughter the other day and it was nap time.. and i pretended that she wouldnt nap unless i was in there with
it was a great nap, by the way..
Great post..
Have a great weekend..
Talk to ya soon
God Bless

Heather said...

What sweet pictures, I love the one of you and your boys!! Way to go for Will in the football area, that's awesome! He will only get better with each time he plays!