Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's late y'all...'s real late and we have church early in the morning and for hours now I've been reading, commenting and trying to catch up on facebook and my blog. I do love nights like these though, I'm thankful they are far and few between, but they are fun and make me feel great being caught up.

If only my laundry was now caught up like my cyber duties, I have been on laundry strike this week. Actually, I'm waiting to see how long I will go until the hubs realizes I haven't done laundry and my clean clothes are starting to run out. Since I only wear 5 of the 100 panties I have, my strike is dreadfully coming to a end, but I do like to do things like this just to see if he will ever say anything... I kid you not y'all, I could go a month without doing anything and he would not breath a word. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen, it drives me NUTS if I don't do laundry every day, he on the other hand, as long as he has clean clothes, he is cool beans. He can CONVENIENTLY over look the fact that our laundry is piling up or our dishes need to be washed. I wish I had that same mind set, but if I did, nothing in this house would get done...ha. So, I guess that's a blessing!

Today Will's team had their 2nd game, they WON!!! He was beyond, super excited! Everyone did such a great job and yes on September 18th, I got a sunburn. Thanks to the almost 100 temps here in the Midsouth.... it's nice to have a little color though :)

The past few days I'm also trying to use nicer tones with the boys. Sometimes if I'm busy or got lots of things on my mind, I will be kind of short with them and maybe not have much patience.... (patience is a virtue, I do believe that strongly, it's so darn hard at times) but it's working y'all. I read this book, it has helped me in situations to just be more calm. My goal is to make my home more peaceful, as long as Momma is peaceful and calm, the rest of the families attitudes follow!

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend! Sorry for the random topics in this post, just got many different things on my mind!


Liz@ 4 GUYS & A DOLL said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog...You are so adorable, and your boys so sweet!

I am very lucky that my husband actually HELPS me with the laundry! He learned how to use the washer and dryer right after #5 was born and has been helping me ever since....he probably figures it will keep me sane ;)

Emily said...

I need to work on my patience and attitude towards my babies. I get so stressed sometimes and I feel so awful for being snappy with them. I think my almost 2 year old is going through the terrible two's early and its SO hard.

My husband, however, will just do something himself if he sees it piling up. I am grateful he does that... I would be lost without him!

Stephanie M. Page said...

I can totally relate to this post!!!! =) I am always needing to be caught up on laundry.

Karen said...

Katie.. i know how you feel.. when I started blogging i was so excited to have new people coming to visit my blog ,,and I still get excited, but I am a person who struggles with feeling OBLIGATED... so when I have all these wonderful woman that visit and follow,, i feel like im not being a good blogging friend if i dont visit them as often as well.. but it is hard to visit 80+ womans blogs everyday on top of daily life of wife mom and worker..
so I said all that to say this.. I understand what you are saying.. and I apologize in advance if i dont visit as often as I should