Monday, November 29, 2010

Real Quick

We had a fan-tabulous trip to Georgia to visit family, it was a ordeal getting there and getting home, but that is a whole other post! I don't have much time to talk tonight, but here are a few pictures of our trip!!!

Here's Uncle Brandon (my brother) with his favorite little guys! It's great birth control for him!

We had great eating on Thanksgiving, then the next day we hit up the Varsity in Atlanta for some more yummy, greasy, slap yo Momma good eating! Here's DeeDee with her favorite grand boys!

We could not go to Atlanta and not stop by to see the Pink Pig... great times and 4 generations, I have the best Grandmother and Mother, wonderful role models!

AND a trip to see Santa, Luke said he wants "a hot wheels criss cross track and a train track with no train, because he has tons of trains at home, just a new track" those where his words to Santa. Will wants a "nintendo DS"... my thoughts: here come the electronic days, but I'm debating on NOT getting him into that kind of stuff, I mean he would be all obsessed and into something that is so un necessary! More on that later.....

Me and my bestest friend since birth, Brittany! She is my big sister (not really, but we say so) our parents are best friends (always have been and still are) so we were blessed to be raised together!

Hope y'all had a marvelous Thanksgiving weekend with your family and loved ones! I will update you all soon, whenever my life calms down! :)