Sunday, December 4, 2011

The past few weeks, picture updates...

Here is Mom and I at Thanksgiving lunch, we were very thankful for the wonderful meal we just ate in record time! It was marvelous!!!  

 Here's the boys at the "kids table". Don't just you love Will's gang signs he representing, just lovely!! (he thinks he's so cool, hahaha) Lukie is being my sweet Lukie, finishing his whole plate of food before messing around, Luke is serious about his food, he gets it from his Mommy! :)

Me and my sweet hubby on Thanksgiving!! Pregnancy does not do well for my face, with all 3 pregnancies it's just the worst acne ever, so you can definately tell by this picture. 

18 weeks 4 days preggo with baby boy #3!! 
We are now 20 weeks and I'm sure much bigger!!  

Luke's face at Will's first basketball game Saturday morning. I love this kid!!  

Our basketball star!! He scored 8 of the 12 points for the whole game. This is his first year to play basketball and I think we have found his sport. He LOVES basketball and he takes it so serious, he is VERY good! I know he is our son but we even had the other coach (from the other team we played) come up to him to say great game buddy. Ahh.... just seeing your child happy, doing something he enjoys and getting recognition for it.. it made me a proud Mommy! Thanks to the hormones I even cried when I got in the car!!

I hope you all have a blessed week!! All of my Christmas decor is up and all of my shopping is almost done!!
This is the best time of the year!!

P.S. I MUST get my Christmas cards ordered this week!!! 


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I love your take on eating it in record time!!

emily said...

I've always heard it's good to be a gangster! ha!!

Your boys are cute and you look wonderful!