Tuesday, March 20, 2012

35 Weeks and other randoms...

  • Today we are 35 weeks preggo with Weston. (I should say I, not we). We are doing great besides my swelling. It is really bad and I'm trying to drink as much water as possible to help it out. It's actually disgusting and grosses me out! I go tomorrow to get another ultrasound, as long as he is not too big, we are scheduled to deliver him on April 18, 4 weeks from tomorrow. Crazy, I can't believe we are almost to the end!
  • I will post pics of his room when we are finished which hopefully will be before he arrives. All I really need to do it get curtains in and some more parts for the bedding.
  • Will and Luke are getting SUPER excited! It is so nice and fun to see them helping already and even really excited about Weston. I could not love my boys more than I do right now, they make me burst with excitement.
  • We have about 10 outside projects going right now. Seriously like big projects. Thankful that J is handling most of it, but I can't lie, I love getting out in the yard and working on my flower beds, so he has been trying to get me to stop, I just can't.
  • No matter if I'm pregnant or not, I still have my normal routine. I'm not a girl that sits back and let's people do things for her, it actually gets on my nerves when I hear of woman doing that. I would rather do all things myself than have or ask anyone to help. I think that is J's biggest complaint about me right now, he wants to help and do things and only if it's heavy lifting do I let him do so. Life goes on, I am blessed with normal pregnancies and no major complications and I get my stuff done. He keeps to most of the outside work (besides my flower beds that look hideous right now) and I stick to the inside. I'm seriously thinking about repainting our trim before Weston arrives, J thinks I'm crazy for even trying.
  • This pregnancy has been the exact same as the others... It really amazes me! Weston is so funny to us and he has not even come out yet. He has such a personality already and I can only imagine how this little boy will be once he arrives.
  • We are getting so excited and will keep you all posted. I hope he cooperates tomorrow and let's us get a good picture of him... I think he might be fed up with the pictures, last 2 times he has kept his hands and feet over his face. He is already our little protestor!

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