Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!!

  • Can you believe it is already March 1? I can't and it means I have only 1 full month until it's the month I give birth. Oh Lawdy, still so much to do!
  • I know you guys forgot about me, it's been forever and I have so much updating to do.
  • Not only is today March 1, it feels like Spring here in Memphis. It is so beautiful and I can't wait to get the boys from school so we can be outside enjoying it.
  • I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I knew it could of been a possiblity with me having PCOS before I got pregnant, BUT it was so upsetting at first. Since being diagnosed, I have met with the high risk doctor and they have cleared me due to since keeping records of my sugars I have had NO high sugars. It has not been bad at all and I can still eat what I want. Just really watching my drinks.
  • We are a full 32 weeks along now and Weston (as of yesterday) weighs 4 lbs 2 oz. They say that is right on track and has him weighing about 7.5 to 8lbs by birth. Just like his big brothers.
  •  We are working on the nursery. That should be done soon!
  • And just because he is so darn cute, here are some recent pictures of Weston, yes in the first one he is sticking his tongue out. I guess he was saying enough is enough Mom!! It is hard to see his full face, he had the cord moved to right in front of his face, it moved away at one point and we saw him pull it back towards his face. Simply amazing is all I could think, such a miracle!!!

I will update you all on what our life has been up too lately and some pictures. Have a wonderful first day of March!!

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There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Awesome pics! That stinks about the diabetes. Laura Vaughn had it too with Avery.