Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's been going on

 Let me tell you something here, I swear it is easier being a working mom than a stay at home mom. I am off work for awhile and my days just run together and we are constantly busy. This is my excuse for completely forgetting about the blog. My days mainly consist of everything for Westin. I am still nursing, planning to do that for awhile but it is hard to nurse each time and still be a good Mom to 2 older boys that need your attention. It is another thing I feel guilty about, but it is all working out. Here is Westin below at his big brother Luke's kindergarten graduation. (kindergarten?? Seriously how did he grow so fast?? )

This is my Luke on his last day of school. We are SO thankful school is finally out. I am so excited about having all 3 of my boys at home with me this summer! We have many fun things planned and it is going to be a fun time!

 The boys and I (Daddy had to stay home and work) went to Georgia last week to visit family. Yes I was brave enough to travel by myself with them. It was not bad at all. Every 3 hours we stopped to eat, feed Westin, change his diaper and rest so the trip was much longer than usually, but it made for happy kiddos!

I have a whole post about our trip coming soon, we had a blast and here is a picture from our visit to the Georgia Aquarium. GREAT place to visit!!! The boys were amazed the whole time!!

I hope you all are enjoying this Memorial Day weekend!

I LOVE our country and the men and woman who sacrifice themselves for our freedom.
I LOVE my life!
I LOVE Jesus, His promises are always in perfect timing!

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a precious grin from your BIG boy!