Monday, September 10, 2012


Love is a powerful word and it can mean different things to different people. The word love can be used in many different ways as well. It is a word that I believe people can use lightly. It's something some people just say... without really feeling love. There are many things I love and there are many ways people can show you love. Sometimes all people know how to do is show you love and you have to interpret that as LOVE. I thought I would share a few things that have happened lately to make my heart swell with love, here is a list of how love has been shown to me.

* When Westin searches an unfamiliar room around unfamiliar people to find a familiar face. Once he found Mommy, I could see his body settle and he was at ease. That is LOVE!
* When my husband sends me an email to tell me he has thought about me all morning and he can't wait to see me when he gets home from work, that's LOVE!
* When my Dad comes into town, between business trips, just to spend time with his Grandson's for Grandparent's day celebration at school, that's LOVE!
* When my 6 year old scores his first touchdown at his first ever flag football game, he turns to look at us, his family, for excitement and boy did he get it!!! That's LOVE!
* When I go check on my boys before I head to bed each night and see Will & Luke sleeping together, that's LOVE!
* When my Mom un-selfishly comes to town when she knows I have been stressed, just to relieve me of some daily duties to help ease my stress level, that's LOVE!
* When I'm having my quiet time and I can feel the Lord's presence and His arms around me, that's LOVE!!
* When my children smile and laugh, that is LOVE singing to my heart!
* When my husband gives me that grin, that only a wife would appreciate, that's LOVE!
* When my children make their beds without having Mommy ask them, that's LOVE!
* When I uncontrollably laugh with my Momma about only things we would think were hilarious, that's LOVE!

I thought writing out the small things that have happened to me lately to show me how much I'm loved, but more importantly how much I'm blessed! I heard today was National Suicide Awareness day, so please, show someone you love some LOVE!

I hope everyone is having a blessed Monday!!

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