Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another first....

 Our home will be experiencing another round of many firsts... recently we had Westin's first tast of solids. At our 4 month check up, our pediatrician said it was time to start solids whenever we were ready. With Wesin being our last baby, this has been the case so far and the hubs thinks it's hilarious:
1. Will (our oldest) turns 4 months old - I leave the doctor's appointment to go buy him baby food, try it that night. 
2. Luke (our middle child) - I already had some at the house after his 4 month check up, I may or may not admit to starting him early. 
3. Westin is our last, it took me 2 weeks from his 4 month check up to even buy food for him. I want him to stay our baby forever!!! :( 

To say that Westin loves food is a understatment. He has not tried anything he does not like and from his first bite of food he eats each bite up like a champ!! He makes the sweetest noises while he's eating food and I think he thinks he is SOMETHING else eating!!! He looks at his big brother like "I'm a big boy now, what you got to say about that?" 

This is his first bite of food, he's asking me right now why he has deprived all this time! 

He is not eating a ton right now, about 2 oz once a day. When I know he's done is when he starts playing with his bib and fingers. He is such a smart boy and he knows now when it's time to eat, too funny!!

I thought about making his own baby food. The hubs was supportive but then the other night, when we were discussing it again he asked me if I had lost my mind. Y'all honestly Westin is lucky to even eat food each night, our nights and days are beyond crazy. After school we are doing homework, cooking dinner, I'm nursing Westin, I'm trying to get the house in order before Daddy comes home, then we eat, take baths, kids off to bed and then we get ready/prepared to do it all over again the next day. It is literally a roller coaster each night, plus we have football practice now twice a week. I'm not complaining, this is exactly how I planned my life but I refuse to put that pressure on myself to make Westin's baby food. He will be just as healthy with me buying his food, as I did with the two older boys! End of discussion, I'm not thinking about it again! I have worried myself for months over this topic, the mommy guilt again comes into play. Once I realized I have no desire to make his food, I only felt pressured to do so, that's when I felt comfortable with my decision. This whole mommy guilt thing is a whole other post!

I hope y'all are having a blessed week! Westin has his first cold and ear infection, poor bubbies! (maybe it's the store bought food, lol!) So I'm taking in all of the cuddles I can get from this little rolly polly, love bug!!

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