Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. This little dude would NOT keep calm while we were at the "Splash Pad" this week. I was chasing him around like a lion. He was hilarious at his first outing this summer to the Splash Pad. He wouldn't go under the water and would rather not touch the water but did enjoy running in the cool water. I love this little pot belly, waddle boy so much!!!

2. One of my high school (really grade school) friends is now selling It Works Wraps. So last night another one of my "school" friends had a party at her house. Well I did the tummy wrap and I was very skeptical last night. This morning I woke up with my stretch marks almost gone. I kid you not, I was stunned!! So I'm drinking my water the next few days and hoping that I will lose inches as well. Even though I might have already but I didn't measure this morning. I will keep you posted.
3. Sunday in church our Pastor spoke on a very convicting subject. It would not be convicting to normal people but it was all about starting and keeping "good" habits. It is easy to get out of habits and so terribly hard to get back into them. It really had me thinking about the habits we do now and the effect it will have on the boys. I've now made some changes to our lives, things we use to do all the time but fell out of the routine. Here are things I'm adding to our lives to ensure we have "good" habits.
Getting up every morning to go walking for 30 minutes (I've done this 4 mornings in a row now), listening to klove while on my morning walk, eating and cooking better throughout the day, saying a prayer before each meal, everyone saying our prayers together at night & spending quality time in the WORD each and every night!
Doing these small changes has helped my week so far! I've added a few organizational things to that list as well so it is helping me not feel so overwhelmed at home.
I hope you all are having a blessed week! We are under a heat advisory today so I'm looking forward to the cold front coming in this weekend.
Love to all!

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