Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July plans.... EERRR

Our plans for the 4th this year was to go to Georgia to visit my family. My Dad's side of the family has a family reunion every year on the fourth, at our family lake house. Usually it is typically a come if you can type thing. Most of my family live in Georgia so everyone is always able to make it. Well, since we don't live in GA it is always a chore to get down there. When we do get there it is always so much fun!
Last Monday, we noticed the horrible weather forecast for this past weekend in Georgia. The closer it got to Wednesday (which was the day we planned to leave) the sooner we realized it was not a good weekend to go. I was afraid it would make my family upset if we didn't come because of rain but everything we had planned was outside. It would be no fun watching fireworks inside or better yet the firework show getting cancelled. (which it did get cancelled) Plus with my Mom's side of the family we planned a pool party and it just would not of worked out. Needless to say, looking back we are so thankful we decided to stay home. I sure miss my family every single day but we are planning another trip in a few weekends to go see everyone! It still has not stopped raining and rivers are flooding, it is a huge mess and I'm so glad we didn't bring our big clan down there to be right in the middle of it!
Since we did decide to stay home it was planning in full force for our weekend. I sure wasn't going to sit back and do nothing! Wednesday night we went to see some fireworks with friends.
Will and Luke with their buddies Jackson and Juliana. These kiddos have become great friends to our family. I'm not sure what I would do without their parents, sweet family!

Me and their beautiful Momma, Tiffany. Love this girl, we are sisters from another mother!
This was Westin all afternoon on Wednesday. Daddy decided to stay home with him and let us go watch the fireworks. (thank you babe!) Westin would of been miserable, he is getting his teeth all at one time and he is a miserable little soul. Poor fella!!! :(
Wednesday night one of the only things that made Westin happy was being outside with his Daddy. Daddy was cutting the grass and he followed him around the entire yard. This was him for 30 minutes straight. Daddy stopped sometimes to pick him up and love on him, then they would keep on going... talk about melting my heart!! This boy loves his Daddy more than anyone else on this earth and that my friends, melts my heart!!!

On July 4th we went to my brother and sister in law's to cook out for lunch. It was SO much fun and I always enjoy getting together with J's family. They are all just like my family and there are a lot of them so it's always loud and fun! :)

I just love my little boys so much! They are always my little firecrackers!
And for our Pop Pop (my Dad) we had to get some fireworks for that night to shoot off at the house. So glad Daddy is around to deal with that, fireworks terrify me.... especially my off springs wanting to light them.... My heart is never fully prepared to be a Mom of all boys!
I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend!! Now on to the real world.... ugh!

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Emily said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend despite not getting to got to Georgia to visit family!

We are getting so much rain too! A local high school (about 30-35 mins from my house)had a roof collapse in from all of the rain. Thank goodness school was not in session or there would have been so many poor kids hurt or possibly killed by this! It's sunny today, but we are supposed to get more rain again soon! We were on vacation two weeks ago and our backyard has not been mowed in almost 3 weeks due to being on vacation, rain and my husbands work schedule. It's a mess!