Monday, February 3, 2014

December 2013

I'm trying to finish up my 2013 post so please bare with me. December was a busy month for us but just when I say that, I think back and don't remember doing too much but we did spend a lot of time together, as a family. That is the most perfect thing to me! There are several things we are changing up for our family, all for the better and I honestly couldn't be prouder of J. He's really just blown my socks off with his changes and I will talk all about them another time. Back to December... the rest are pictures so enjoy! Sorry if you follow me on instagram, they are more than likely the same pics!

Such a little ham! This little boy his hilarious & bad all at the same time! Don't let that sweet face fool you!

Our mantle when we woke up on Christmas morning, Santa even left a note! (Will this  year was VERY skeptical about Santa, when he read the note and all that Santa put he immediately yelled out that Santa is real! He said there is no way Santa knew all of that without being real. Whew - another year down!)

Westin with a few of his presents, he's not sure about all of this present opening this year! :)

J and I have an inside joke about having a coffee maker at the house. I don't drink coffee and he LOVES coffee. Well, I got him a few big gifts this year and could not think of something small for him. So, I decided to break down and get him a coffee maker. I got a super cheap one but I swear it is his favorite gift yet. He is allowed to have coffee now, whenever he wants. Plus, I do love the way it makes my kitchen smell. :)

Daddy helping Westin open presents.
At our yearly visit with Santa, Westin not only freaked out about Santa, he didn't want to be anywhere close to anything to do with Christmas. He wasn't happy until we were walking to the car, ha.

He was trying to climb out of Santa's lap here, poor guy!!! I'm not sure why we always do this to our kiddos but I think it's hilarious and I love this Santa!

We came home and made cookies, Westin love to help his big brothers!

At the beginning of December we went to the Collierville tree lighting ceremony.

Merry Christmas from our family! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Holiday Season! Now on to 2014!! :)


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