Monday, April 7, 2014


I'm not real sure where the days went the past two years. I mean they really do fly by when your having fun. My sweet little bundle of joy just turned two on Thursday, April 3. Westin is such a joy. My word for him has always been joy and he continues to be nothing but a joy in our family. He is the funniest & smartest little boy I've ever been around.
How does this little smiley baby grow up so fast???


On Saturday afternoon we had a family birthday get together for him at my in laws house. They have lots of land so the kids had fun running around in yard.
Westin loves to play (dusty) Mimi's piano.

You can see he is thrilled about his Thomas the train and Tonka mini trucks. Disclaimer: he was in a weird mood all weekend. Not his usual smiley self. I think he had a tummy ache all weekend. Poor guy!

He is definitely a Clements child, he loves his cheese dip and chips. :)  
On the left he looks so big blowing out his candles and to the right this was no more than 10 seconds after leaving. Being the birthday boy can be exhausting!

Now, Westin turning two does make me sad in many ways. I can't believe I will never have a newborn to nurse and love again BUT I'm so happy to finally be in a spot in my life to be happy to see the future. I'm glad in many ways that the baby making days are over and we can embrace our three boys. Nourish them and watch them grow into three gentlemen.
I hope you all are having a blessed Monday. It's rainy and gloomy here so I can't wait to get my booty home and finish up my laundry. A big update is coming up for you all! I've missed blogging and I hope to get better at this.
Love you all! 


Jennifer Goodwin said...

I saw you had updated on my blog roll and got a huge grin...yay for you! I hope you pick this back up again. I love reading about your precious family! Love you, girly! Enjoy your time at home with them tonight!

Jennifer Goodwin said...
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