Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Thoughts

It's been so busy lately that I have been seriously slacking on the blog... I honestly don't have much time anymore to sit down and do this.... so I thought I would write out some thoughts that are going through my mind right now... it's a lot so bare with me!

1. Will is begging to start playing football this season, so we signed him up for flag football, he is super upset that he won't have pads and helmet this year, but we think he needs to learn the way to play, have fun and then next year we will start him in full football. (the child eats, sleep and breaths football~just like his Daddy!)

2. Luke's birthday party is just a few weeks away and I think this year we are doing something very low key at the local sprinkler park, I'm just not into having a huge deal this year. He's completely cool with that too, thank God!

3. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon and having Mom's night out with my church ladies, I enjoy both of those things so it's going to be a great day!

4. Friday we are leaving for Georgia to visit my family, I can't wait but have not begun packing one thing, with everything else going on this week I'm wondering why I'm even taking the time to blog right now when I need to be getting this house and our suit cases ready!!!!

5. I am having super baby fever, I think it's time to get serious about trying but it scares the crap out of me and I don't want to talk to the hubs about it.... why do I have to worry about this? My youngest is almost 4 and if we are having another one, it's time to get this baby making phase over with in our life and move on, because the next will be the last!!!

6. This week at work, there is lots of drama going on. It makes my stomach ache just thinking about it right now, tomorrow it's all going's just not going to be good. BUT change is in my future and it is SUPER exciting. I do love the company I work for here in Memphis and we are the #1 lender in the Memphis area, I thank God I work for such a great company!!

7. I haven't been sleeping good lately and neither has Luke, I wonder if it's something between us too, I have been waking up to him looking at my face. I LOVE it and scoop him up in the bed next to me when he wakes up. He's so darn cute!

8. Will has not been wanting to go to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights, but enjoys going on Sunday mornings. Getting out what is wrong with him is like pulling teeth, he says nothing, but once I make him go those nights, he cries and makes me take him home.... it's something that is weighing heavy on my heart, if you felt lead please pray for my son's feelings to be calmed.

9. I am in a serious mood to redo my house, floors and window treatments are the main thing... so I'm praying for that to happen soon!!! I've been bugging the hubs to get this done soon, maybe the floors will be our fall project???

I pray y'all have a wonderful week, we will talk again soon!!!


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