Monday, June 21, 2010


I promise I have read everyone's blogs, sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't, but I really haven't had a whole lot to blog about.

Our summer is moving right along. It's just super busy!!! I am currently trying to build my new career, things are crazy busy at work and I thank God for that everyday, but I would like for them to be busier... so if any of you know a realtor in the Memphis area, let me know their name and if you know of anyone in Tenn or Miss looking to buy a home or refinance.... I am the girl they need to talk too!!! :) (ok enough of my free advertising)

We have had such an unbelievable time together lately. We are spending more time outside, although with these record breaking temps it has to be late in the evening.. whew it's HOT HOT here!!! I am on a losing weight kick.. I pray to God that my motivation is here to stay, I'm always the type to say I'm starting something and then NEVER finish. This time I have a goal, I'm going to try to lose some serious weight... like 50 lbs would be ideal, but I will take losing 40 lbs... I know I can do it, but it's NOT going to be easy! The good thing is my hubs is on this kick too, so we are trying to keep each other motivated, we both could use to lose some pounds...

Other than that, that's all that we have been up too... we have been spending lots of time with family, I have seen my new nephew a lot lately.... I call him my chunky monkey, from last week to this week he has really woken up and gained weight... goodness I love him!!! :) I have had some female problems recently and have been tested for several different things, so say a quick prayer for me if you remember, I'm sure it's nothing though!

Y'all have a terrific Tuesday!!!


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Liz Beyer said...

Praying for you!!!