Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Some of you know that today is "getting real" day on Amy's site, she wants anyone to share their story of encouragement, whatever the situation might be and how God showed himself through it all!

Most of you do NOT know our exact story, because our story does not deal with not finding each other early in our lives or infertility, what I love about our story, is that so many people are not willing to talk about what I'm going to talk about. For whatever reasons I don't know but maybe for embarrassment or insecurities in themselves, I don't care what the reasoning is as to why people don't talk more about financial problems... I think SO many people are in financial burdens for that simple reason, it's not something that people talk about. I'm an open book and if my story can encourage ANYONE who has slight struggles within themselves or financial burdens, then please keep reading!

Let's back up to when I first met Hubs, he was still living at home, he had been at a job full time for several years and I was still in college. He has always been financially smart and saved for our future, years before we had ever met. When we first met, it was the one thing I didn't really like about him, he was so TIGHT about everything, my Mom did assure me that one day I would be so thankful for those characteristics that his parents instilled in him and boy was she right!

Several years later, we got pregnant unexpectedly, got married, bought a house that we were blessed to put some money down on and here I was, SO young, with a pretty healthy life and bank account too!

At that time, I was in the mortgage industry (have been for 7 years now) he was a operations manager, on his way to moving up in a small company in Collierville. After our second son was born, we were still, debt free, money in the bank, great 401k's and never EVER imagined our lives ever having a financial problem. Our first problem here was being nieve, not trusting the Lord and really not testing our faith. At this time we really felt a urge to change something in our lives and better our family, so we thought....

When Luke was 6 weeks old, the hubs and I made a decision that we would both go into business together, team up and do what I've been doing for years on our own. We had the tools, the support and money on back up for awhile if anything crazy was to happen... just 6 months later, the mortgage industry crashed and it took another 6 months to a year for my husband to find another job that would help us from what we had been under. Both people being without jobs for awhile makes that money go fast, so within a year it was gone, dried up and we were completely hopeless! We didn't even have the will to care anymore, we thought we had lost everything. A huge mentor in our life, the hubs father, he would say to us " We all are healthy, you have two beautiful children, you have each other, you still have your house and cars (which by the way we were never late on during these times, that is something I am proud of) we all so blessed" We knew that, but we also knew that before we were able to think, we felt we are on the verge of losing everything, everything we had worked so hard to keep and gain. All because we thought we were doing what God had called us to do, we were helping people get into homes, we were helping people with the American dream, but it wasn't good enough. The company we worked for went out of business, they just could not handle the economy and in return we could not either. We trusted, prayed and knew God would make what we did better because we thought we were obeying Him.

We both found jobs, the hubs has been blessed with a wonderful job (he's been there 2.5 years now) and just recently I have found a job that I know I will call my job for awhile. I am blessed to only be working part time hours so I can be home with the boys more, the past 3 years have been us trying to correct the mistakes we have made and moving on from the past. It has been a difficult road, it's been a hard learning lesson, but I know now what God has taught us and I am SO blessed he has shown us what He really meant. If it was not for the past struggles, who knows what immature, errogant people we would be today. Raising children to have whatever they want and not raising our children to love the Lord for how we know Him today. I see Him as a completely different God, I thank Him for my struggles everyday, a year ago, I was not where I am today, I was very bitter, angry, wondering why all of our friends it seemed had such a perfect life, why weren't they struggling in any area. My friends, I'm here to tell you, there is no perfect soul but the Lord Jesus Christ, He is perfect, He knew EXACTLY what He was doing while we made that decision when Luke was 6 weeks old, He knew of the struggles that would come over the next 3 years, BUT He also knew where our minds, hearts and souls would be today and OH what a special, amazing place we are at today!

I thank Him now for our savings account, it's not nearly what it was 4 years ago, but it's getting there, it is exactly where God wants it to be. I would not be thankful for that money if it were not what we had gone through, He opened my eyes to so many different things in life, oh what a amazing God we have y'all!!!

So, I was blessed to have met a man that loves me, I was blessed to carry two healthy sons in my womb and I was even blessed to go through the worst financial problems I could ever imagine, but I do know I'm also blessed to be the woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister and employee today than I was years ago!

People whatever it might be your going through, know that there is always HOPE! We now have HOPE in our future, we know our life is on the mends to such a better life! Sure we still have struggles in other areas, I was recently told it would be a miracle for me to be able to carry another child in my womb.... but I still have HOPE and I know that no matter what, God is a miracle working God and by Him, all things are possible!!!!

"The will of God will never take you where grace of God can not protect you"
(this is my quote for what we have been through, it's so perfect!)

(I pray there is no bad comments on this post, it is something that I'm not ashamed of, but before anyone judges, please look at your own struggles...)


Emily said...

That was a great post Katie!

We are in our own money struggle right now too. I was laid off in January 2009... got to draw unemployment until this year (I know it was God's doing so I could be home with my babies).. and now my unemployment has been cut off.. so now were living on one income and we can't afford our bills on one income... I keep praying something works out for us so I can continue staying home but if its meant for me to work, I will go back. As for now, theres no jobs for me to take with the right hours or who is even hiring for it to be worth taking to afford child care. I know God is in control and he has a plan... I am looking forward to doing his will.

Thanks for sharing... very encouraging.

Candice Pair said...

Thats awesome that you shared that. I know that it will encourage a lot of people....there are so many people going through those exact struggles as we speak. I'm so proud of y'all, and I'm glad you've remained faithful and trusted in the Lord along the way. Y'all have definitely come a long way, and you should be proud of that! And the most important thing, you've learned a valuable lesson that so many people never get to learn...and are usually too naive about.

Thanks for opening my eyes that things are not promised to us, and we have to be faithul to God and trust in Him.

amy (metz) walker said...

How great that you were willing to share that. My husband and I, several years back, embarked on a journey to be debt free and to save so that we could withstand a rainy day if/when it comes. While I know it's probably devastating to watch what you had saved decrease, what an amazing story of why you should make good decisions early. How awesome is it that you can say you were never late on a payment, even in the driest spell! I admire you both!

Thanks for sharing!

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...

Wow...that is really encouraging!

Liz at 4 GUYS and A DOLL said...

Thanks for sharing your story....very encouraging for others

Jessica said...

This was very encouraging! My husbands job is very uncertain right now, we have two young girls and I have knots in my stomach everyday... I know god has a plan for us and we just have to be patient. Hearing your story gives me hope that even though things may get bad, there is a purpose for all we go through!!!

Karen said...

Katie... I resonate with your post.. when the job market started laying off people.. my husband was one of them.. he was layed off for almost 2 years..and we lived on unemployment..since then he has had two or three jobs, but not kept any of them. for 25 years of marriage he has always been the bread winner of our family, while i worked part time for the little extras, but now he has been unemployed now for 3 months ,,no unemployment avail.. and my part time work wont cut it..
so please say a prayer for us.. God has been faithful to take care of us.. but I fear that my marriage will be harmed by this if it continues.. I love my husband, and divorce is not an option,,but at this age of our lives,, this is a very big keep us in your prayers..

Sabrina said...

I love this post. And it is very timely and encouraging for me. My husband and I just had a long discussion about our finances and lack of budget this weekend. Ouch. God put your post in my path for a reason. Thank you for your openness and honesty. It is encouraging to see what God can do.
Oh, I saw Collierville (sp?) mentioned somewhere on your blog. I grew up in Germantown. Funny.