Thursday, July 28, 2011

My monkies

The boys have been in Georgia, visiting my family all week. It has been a wonderful week with J but I realized that if we did not have children I would spend my time 1. working 10 hour days and 2. coming home to a clean house. I worked late every night this week (next time I won't plan this week at the end of the month) and when coming home, there were NO messes. The house was exactly how I left it when we left in the morning.

Regardless, I would take my rowdy, messy kiddos that allow me to work part time hours any day of the week over this different kind of busy, hectic week. I miss my babies SO much. The first few days were so nice but I'm ready to have them back under my roof, loving on their Momma!

Tomorrow I'm leaving to head down to Georgia for the weekend. I can't WAIT to see my babies and my family! The boys both started swimming this week while they were gone. This is a huge deal, I am so happy for them. They have been slightly terrified to swim, now they have let go of their fear.

Please pray for safe travels this weekend while we are on the road!

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