Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 On the 4th of July, my father's family does a family reunion each year. My Grandparents (who are no longer alive, but we still use the home) raised their 5 children on a lake in a small town in Georgia. Today, that town is pretty big, the house has been completely redone AND they have a wonderful home that we all are able to come enjoy when we would like too. We use the home especially for the 4th of July weekend. Everyone, all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and the children get together for this special occasion. Their property is absolutely beautiful and just so happens to be only about 200 yards from the towns firework show. You can just imagine how special that time is for me and now having my own children to lay down on our quilts, eat good food and watch fireworks. To me it's pretty magical and amazing that I have a husband and boys to share memories.

This year though, we decided we would stay home with the hubs family, enjoy time with them and I was 100% totally fine with it, UNTIL the weekend came along and I could not help but be depressed that we were not there spending time with ALL of my family. :) So the hubs promised me he would make that weekend special for me and make memories for our family, so I perked up and have a fantastic weekend with my #1, most speical family of my own!

So we went to Cracker Barrell.. it's seriously my favorite restaurant. There's just nothing better than pulling up to Cracker Barrell, buying a few things out of the gift shop, letting the boys pick some toys out, eat some good southern food and wabble out to the car, full as a tick!

Luke and Mommy eating yummy lunch at the Cracker Barrell.

 And I might add that it was a special memory with our boys, they really enjoyed that day together!

Daddy and Will at the Cracker Barrell.
We topped that day off with spending time with the hubs parents and going to spend way too much money on our own fireworks.

Another day we went to the hubs brothers house and let all of the cousins play together all day! 

(I don't know why this picture is to the left?)  Here is the cousins having fun playing in som water!

And poor Lukie was DONE from the busy, hectic weekend.
Poor Luke is done, had enough fun for the night.

Somewhere in this post I lost a picture of J and I, I will post that another time. Me and this new blogger is just not working out well. I pray y'all are having a great week thus far, I can not wait til the weekend!

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