Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Lukie

Luke, our 5 year old, is so hilarious to us. I mean Will was hilarious too and still is hilarious in his own way, but Will is much more serious than Luke. Luke is very random, loud speaker and says whatever is on his mind. Will would never be caught doing such things, he plans everything out, speaks calmly and definitely thinks before he speaks!

I never want to forget this about Luke. He has said some of the silliest things lately and I want to be able to document them, one day he will no longer say these things.

1. He talks about Jesus and our Lord ALL the time! He is always the one to strike up a conversation about Heaven, Hell, Jesus, Jesus' shoes, God or animals in Heaven. I love it about Luke. I LOVE that he does not care who is around or where we are, if he feels the need to talk about Him, he will. This morning he brought me my "Heaven is for Real" book. I read it about a year ago and never realized he had it in his room and was looking at Jesus' picture a lot. This morning he said, while pointing to the picture of Jesus in the book "Mom this is the real picture of Jesus" I said "Yes it is Luke, isn't Jesus so handsome" he said "He looks really nice Mom. I can't wait to go to Heaven, I know Jesus will make me fish stick's". Of course I came back saying yes to all of these things but what I loved the most was that he honestly thinks of Jesus as his friend. He already has a love for Jesus in his heart and as I told Luke this morning, I can't wait to go to Heaven either!!

2. Luke has always been in love with babies. Yes it is a blessing considering he will have a baby brother very soon. Every time and I mean every time I eat, he always says that the baby is sitting in my belly with his mouth open and food is just dropping in his mouth, like a fish! ha!!

3. Luke loves to eat and there is not one thing that I can think of that he will not eat. I think it's hilarious because at dinner when we sit down to eat, he will not talk, he eats all of his food and then is ready to talk. He does not even drink hardly while eating. ha! He takes eating very serious and wants to enjoy it!

4. Will likes to sleep with Luke every night. Luke would prefer him to sleep in his own bed because Luke says he needs his space. Each night it is a battle but we think it is hilarious.

These are just a few things I want to remember about my sweet Lukie! He has part of my heart and he is a amazing, independent child. I love you sweet Luke, you keep us all laughing all the time! I hope that never changes about you!!