Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beach Trip 2012

 A few weeks ago we headed off to the beach for several days. We have not had a family vacation in years and this year we felt like it was the year we felt confident in taking several trips with the boys. My Mom met us at the beach so she could join in on the fun! I never knew how much getting out of town with your children and husband could be so important for your family, until this trip. Things lately have been hard: our marriage has been tested, my emotional state has not been the best and life goes so fast all the time, we needed to be gone for 5 days and enjoy each other again. We did not even watch T.V. while gone, nor did we miss it!

This post is major picture overload. The whole time I could not stop praising the Lord. I was in constant prayer. It was a perfect trip, we will never forget these memories we made with each other! It was definitley a memory making trip, not necessarily a relaxing kind of trip with all the kids being there, but we were there to make memories with our boys. We want them growing up with fun memories and this was a huge success!

Our first morning, a little storm rolling in.  

 Our first day at the beach, it was cloudy but perfect for us all!

 Luke buried Will's legs. :)

 A perfect nap on the beach!

 Getting ready to hit the town for dinner.

 Me and my beautiful Momma, she is my best friend!!

 Daddy and his sweet, smiley Westin!

Luke buried with his thumbs up. I love this picture because it is so Luke's personality. With everything in life he handles it with the "thumb's up" mentality. No worries... I pray he keeps this wonderful characteristic!

 My wittle beach bum! The cutest one I've ever seen!

 Mommy and her 3 boys!

Our 3 perfect boys! God's greatest blessings!

My sweet little love bug, he is our angel!

A beach trip would not be complete without catching crabs. This was Will's first time and he was estatic! Luke feel asleep in the condo before we went "crabbing" so we went on with out Luke. We did try to wake him up but he was not getting up. It ended up being a wonderful memory for Daddy, Mommy and Will! 

Like I have said a million times, this trip was amazing. We are already planning our next trip. We love our boys more than life and want them to have a fun childhood. Life is about memories and we are making plenty of them!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. We will talk soon!