Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back Yard Burger

Today for lunch, I decided to go to Back Yard Burger. I found a coupon and remembered it had been awhile since I ate Back Yard Burger. As I pulled through the drive thru, got my lunch and was on my way I posted this on facebook: "so enjoying this fall, rainy weather. Be blessed my friends."
At that moment, I said to myself that I was happy to be in a good mood, this morning I didn't wake up in the best of moods. When I was headed back to work from Back Yard Burger, I quickly remembered the last time I had Back Yard Burger was a month ago when both of my parents were in town. See my parents are divorced, have been for 16 years. They still care about each other as friends and since their divorce they have always had a great relationship (to my knowledge) and always been there for both my brother and I. I have to say, now that I'm an adult they did a incredible job making sure we felt nothing but love from them, sometimes I wonder if I can do the same.
Ok, back to the Back Yard Burger story. So I'm pulling up at work and I remember them bringing me lunch that day, one month ago. I remember they were doing things at the kids school and had my car so they decided to bring me lunch at work. We sat in my car and I ate, while all just chatted. Dad was driving, Mom was in the passenger seat, I was in the back.. it was very similar to when I was a kid. I have not even thought about that moment until today, a month later when I went to get Back Yard Burger again. Then I quickly remember the feeling I had at that moment. The feeling of security, that type of feeling is only a feeling you can have with both of your parents around. A sense that everything will be ok. Even though I feel tons of security with my husband and our own family, this is a feeling you can't replace. Even today, I just now realized just how much I missed that feeling. It has been 16 years since I've felt that feeling of security. No matter how wonderful my parents did at making sure their divorce went flawless for my brother and I, there is still something always missing. The sense of security in your family. I'm so thankful for Back Yard Burger today. It gave me that feeling back and made me remember how awesome it felt, one month ago when I had that sense of security back and at that time today, I prayed my children would never feel that sense of security being ripped out from under their two precious feet. Not that my life has been bad, it has been nothing but a blessing, but imagining my children ever having that feeling and actually forgetting that feeling for so many years, as I did.. just breaks my heart for them!
I'm so thankful for my parents. They have always put their feelings towards each other to the side and made my brother and I's life wonderful. I pray for all children or adults missing that sense of security, losing a parent at a young age can trigger you to lose this sense of security. I'm very happy I'm able to still have that feeling from time to time with both of my parents together for special events.

Be blessed my friends! I know we all are so blessed!!!

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