Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday...

1. Sunday afternoon we decided to go visit my inlaws. They live out in the "county" which we call Eads here in TN. My husband grew up there a majority of his life and we just love the land and life style of that area. It is what we want for our children, it is what our boys need. So we went looking at homes. We found several we loved, within our price range which really made us excited. So, we came home made a list of things that need to be done to our current home to sell so we can get out to that area, hopefully within the next year. Like I told the hubs, I'm willing to stay where we are until we are 100% sure we have found our final home.

2. I'm trying to start back on my blog, I really want to keep up with it more often. These boys just keep me busy so much but I want to document our lives in some way.

3. The boys are so excited about Halloween next week. I do like Halloween just for the fall fun, BUT I can't stand people celebrating Halloween in a "scary" way. It should all be for fun and the boys want to be something "scary" this year... it literally turns my stomach when they talk about it.

4. The boys painted pumpkins this past weekend and we made halloween cupcakes. They had such a great time and I love making these memories with them.

5. We are going to early vote this Saturday. The hubs wanted us to do it together, which I thought was super cute, so I'm excited about that. All I will say about it is that we need a real change right now and I leave it all in the Lord's hands. He knows what will happen and I trust in Him!

I hope you all are having a blessed week! Enjoy this wonderful fall weather! 

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Dina said...

We always talk about moving to the country too! I would love it, but i would miss my family too much.

And I can't stand all the scary halloween stuff either. Katie has gotten so freaked out at the scary things at stores and in people's yards. I just want to see cute halloween decorations!

Your boys are adorable!