Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

I hope all of you lovely ladies had a fabulous weekend, in the sun with the ones you love the most. I wish I could say that is how we spent our weekend. It was a very eventful weekend but just in a completely different way we had planned.
Friday night Luke suddenly said "Mom, I'm not feeling very good" so I said "Luke, what do you feel like?" Luke replied "I feel like I could throw up".
And so it began... the stomach flu of 2013 for Luke. So far no one else had got the horrible illness so we spent Saturday & Sunday in the house and we got out a few times for certain things. I tried to lay out when I could but poor Luke needed his Mommy at all times! :)
Saturday evening I just got out of the shower and suddenly heard Westin fall into the corner of the wall. It hit him just right and his poor forehead was split right open. They wanted to do stitches in the ER but I told them I'd rather do the glue strips before the stitches... I just could not bare to have my baby boy in stitches!! He was SUCH a big boy and let them clean it out and do what needed to be done without even crying, he was just VERY curious.
After the ER visit Westin and I headed back to the house to help heal Luke. Sunday we chilled at home because poor Luke was still recovering from being sick. I pick these beautiful flowers from my garden, are they not just gorgeous? I'm so proud of my rose bushes this year!!

Yesterday we all felt like getting out of the house so we headed to Herb Parson lake which isn't too far from our house. We love it there and the boys rode their bikes while I tried to get some sun and chase Westin around.
Daddy threw the football to Will and Luke and I sat in the sun.

This little dude was all over the place. With his boo-boo and all he was one determined boy!

I hope you all had a blessed weekend. My house is spotless so that makes me happy and all of my kids are healthy! Have an awesome week!

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