Friday, May 24, 2013

Memphis in May 2013

Each year Memphis has a month long "Memphis in May" celebration. There are all sorts of fun activities to attend like a music festival, BBQ festival and this weekend is the sunset symphony playing on the river at sunset. In high school we attended the music festival, at this time in my life you could not pay me money to go to the music festival. I know it is a fabulous time by all but it is not for me anymore. The BBQ fest is more of our style and as we would like to go to the BBQ fest on a Thursday or Friday night we have no sitters to keep our monkey's so Saturday was more of a family friendly day. So off we went, packing up our crazy kids and attending the BBQ fest with them.
I'm honestly SO glad we took them, Will and Luke had a ball at the river. The Mississippi River is huge and to them it was amazing seeing it in person, ha! (my poor boys need to get our more) It was super hot but we all survived and I'm so glad we made these memories with them. They took a football and the tent we attended was river front so they just threw the ball back and forth the whole time.
Luke is my child that will try and eat anything. He is a huge BBQ fan so he was in heaven. He munched out on some ribs and below you can see the BBQ sauce all over his cheeks. :)

Here I am with my sweet Will. He is my complainer about being hot so he was not happy the whole time but he did survive. :)

I thought this was a really cool picture I got of the boys with J and the bridge behind them. Love these boys so much!

This little stinker was such a champ and walked all over the place the whole time, after he had enough of his stroller. He is so hilarious!!!

The Sunset Symphony would be so much fun to attend but we don't feel like heading downtown again. If you are local though check it out. It is going to be a beautiful weekend to enjoy it.
I hope you all are having a fabulous May! I can't believe May is almost over!
We are having a ball making fun memories with these crazy boys!
Have a blessed Friday!! 

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