Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My boys

* This post was written last week and I never published it. After yesterday's tragedy in Oklahoma I feel it is so important to talk about my sweet boys! The boys who all have a special piece of my heart. May God Bless those sweet families in Oklahoma!*

Everyone who knows me knows that my uterus still urns for a baby girl to bless us one day. Last year during my c-section we made that final decision that we were done bringing beautiful babies into this world, so my tubes were tied. I secretly still pray to God that there was a mistake and we get just 1 more surprise!!! :) 

I can't help it, I just love my babies but now that I have a 9 year old, they can sure be buggers once they get this age. They have their own opinions (which we try to embrace but geez), they back talk, they complain about things going on if they don't like it AND they cost lots of money! I still love my boys the same even when they get to acting like they are so cool BUT they were so much more pleasant when they were babies and this Momma made all of their decisions for them! Babies aren't babies forever and that is what makes me sad, even though I do really enjoy Will being 9 years old and knowing so much more than his brothers. Will and I can have a logical conversation and I love that about my smart little boy!!!

I say all of this to say that I would not change one thing about having all boys. Boys are so much fun, they are "most of the time" laid back and don't cause too much of a fuss. Boys are all that I know so I know having a little girl is equally awesome but my boys keep me on my toes for these many reasons.

  • they will jump in every water puddle they find
  • they will play in the dirt and play with worms
  • they will giggle at just the thought or sound of someone tooting
  • the loudest burp is the best (we are trying to work on our manners)
  • they will ride their bikes with both feet OFF of the peddles (we do try to stop it, I promise)
  • when they call me on the phone they have this soft, angel like voice
  • they would rather sit in my small chair with me at night while we watch TV, rather than sit next to Daddy on the big sofa.
  • they tell me I'm pretty at least once each day
  • they LURVE it when Mommy plays HORSE with them on our basketball goal but they just expect it from Daddy
  • they still love going to Collierville to watch trains, I hope this never ends!
  • they smell like wet puppy dogs when they come inside from sweating
  •  they always have a tune or music in their head and are humming
  • they always only have 3 pair of shoes that fit at one time (tennis shoes, flip flops & church shoes)
  • they usually don't care what they wear and will still wear whatever I pick out
  • they (mostly Luke) will make anything in my living room an obstacle course
  • the sofa pillows come off the sofa often
  • they don't pay much attention to detail, must be a man thing
  • they always enjoy sitting in the garage watching a storm roll through
  • they LOVE to ride in Daddy's truck

There is SO much more that I love about my sweet boys but that will all be saved for another time. Having all boys is very special. They are the light of my life and yes having a baby girl would be great but raising these three boys to be good men, genuine, followers of Christ and all that falls along the way will keep us busy. I don't know anything else but having all boys so yes there are times I want one more child to try for a girl, I also know that there is nothing anyone could do to take these three special men away from me.

Thank you Lord Jesus for trusting J and I with these little souls. Everyday I pray they urn for a deeper, stronger relationship with You! Thank you for blessing my life abundantely and thank you for the gift of being a mother.
I pray you all are having a blessed Tuesday! God Bless America!!!

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