Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The funny things my 16 month old does/says:

1. Every morning before Daddy leaves for work he will go get Westin out of bed and bring him in our bedroom so he can watch cartoons, drink his milk and be with me while I'm getting ready. Westin was still asleep this morning so Daddy didn't go get him, Westin heard Daddy shutting the garage door to go outside and he healed out from his bed "DA-DA" He was upset his Daddy left without getting him out of the bed.
2. Every single time you give the child food or his drink cup, he politely says: "tank you" It melts my heart into a million pieces.
3. At dinner Sunday night we kept hearing him say "nana". Well my Grandmother is called Nanny but we haven't seen her in a few weeks so I was really blown away by him saying that... then it hit me, I bet he wants a banana so I went to grab half of a banana and he just about jumped out of his seat with excitement and ate the whole banana. Such a smart boy for telling me what he wants! :)
4. When he is playing with his big brothers, he always walks/runs a certain way. He is walking or running in full force with his arms behind his back to help him run faster. He looks like superman and it is so hilarious to us!!!
5. Back in July, Will and Luke had swim lessons and each afternoon Westin and I would watch them. Well ever since then he likes to "swim" in the bath tub. It is the funniest thing to me, he will fall on his belly and pretend he is swimming, all while looking back at us to make sure we are watching. Definitely a show off! :)
6. The words he says are: mama, dada, bubba, tank you, dis (this), nana (banana), no, vroom (when he's playing with cars or trains).
Westin is just the funniest little thing to us, he is constantly keeping us on our toes and keeping us laughing at the same time. It is really amazing to me how smart he is and he picks things up very fast.
I hope you all are having a blessed Wednesday!  

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