Monday, August 19, 2013

Updating the blog!

WARNING: Picture overload!!!!
I'm trying to play catch up so here is how the end of July (beginning of August) went...
My Mom and Grandmother came in town to pick the boys up for a week and take them back down to Georgia. They had a blast, we missed them but we did enjoy time with just Westin running around. While Nanny was in town we went to the square to have lunch and let the boys play around on the trains. Currently their favorite thing to and I hope it never ends!!!

Nanny and Westin :)

The boys left to head to Georgia and then a week later we all headed down there to get them and spend time with my family.
Here is Westin and my Dad. :)

Lukie, the birthday boy!

My Mom, me and my Nanny! :)

Mom and Luke at the country club there in town.

My Daddy and Me! :)

My parents with their 3 grand babies!!

At the country club, sorry these must be out of place.

Westin is now climbing on everything. Again, this is another trait he learned on his own. Will and Luke were never climbers, he seems to do all kinds of tricks on his own.

Westin and Mom! :) 

Westin is now eating table food, 100% of the time! This is a huge milestone for this sweet baby! He thinks he is SOMETHING else eating with us each night.

Last but not least.... he got his first goose egg and this one is pretty good looking! He is always getting hurt it seems but I guess that is what happens when you have 2 older brothers and you want to be just like them!

Happy Monday friends! I hope it's not another 3 weeks until we talk again. It is not my plan to get this behind on my blog but life happens and there seems to be much more important things that come up.
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Love and blessings to all!

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