Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are you going to try for that girl?!?!

Whenever I'm asked about our kids and how many we have, etc.. After saying we have 3 boys; ages 10, 7 & 2 it is always followed by "Are you going for that girl next?". (after a huge smile followed with a look like that person feels sorry for me, ha)

While, having more children would be a great idea, asking me right now I smile and say "no thank you, we are done." Now, we made this decision together and it is official that we can't have children the good ole fashion way. So, technically we are done. However, the first year after Westin was born I think we thought about this decision on a weekly basis and I even discussed with my doctor ways to make it happen after we made the final choice to close that chapter in our lives. It is not that we are crazy people but we actually thought having 3 children would be overwhelming to us and also come with a financial burden that we didn't know we could handle. After Westin was born we realized that adding him to our family didn't change one bit, just another little boy to fill our home with laughter and joy (and the occasional tears). So, the first year of Westin's life we questioned the decision we made, met with my doctor on how to change it but then the day came when Westin became a little older, the tide has started to change. 

Westin just turned two and although he is still a huge blessing added to our family, we could not feel more complete with him. He is a funny little guy, we say the funniest toddler we've had yet but I remember all of the boys being hilarious and us thinking no one will ever be this funny. He is the most head strong of our children as well. He wants to be so much like his big brothers that it can cause him confusion, which always ends in the loudest screams. He honestly doesn't understand why he has to ride in his car seat (when "Well" doesn't have to) or why he can't walk in the grocery store instead of riding in the buggy. Dealing with these challenges on a daily basis makes me more and more thankful that we have made the decision to close the "baby making" chapter in our lives. 

Those days were the best of our lives but it is time for us to look forward to the next chapter that will also be the "best days of our lives." We are looking forward to the rest of the days with our three boys. God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave us three boys. I would not change one thing about these little beings that we are raising to be young men. They are the light of our lives and I am forever grateful to Him for trusting me with three healthy, smart, handsome young boys! I am forever grateful to the Lord for giving me peace about our family and allowing me to look forward to the many fun times we have ahead for our family. We in the middle of many changes for our family but they all are for the good. Thank you Lord for giving us all peace, the 5 of us are the most important things to each other and I could not be happier about our family! 

"Are you going to try for that girl?" : No, thank you for asking but we are so blessed to have our three perfect boys! 

I pray you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We have a laptop now in this household so I should be posting a lot more often. Many love and thanks to all of you! 


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Jennifer Goodwin said...

I think my heart did a little jump when I saw that you had posted. ;) My biggest pet peeve questions are:

1. Well, don't you have YOUR hands full?! My answer: "Yes, I do~I have my hands full of God's blessing!"

2. Don't you want that girl? My answer: "No! God knew what He was doing by NOT giving me one!"

3. It's not a questions~"You could have your own basketball team!" To which I just smile and shake my head.

Glad to hear about that new laptop! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!