Sunday, May 25, 2014

May Days!

May might be one of my favorite months. It is always a busy one but it is the kick off to the summer which is always lots of fun! May 2014 has brought our family many changes. From looking for houses to Mommy making a job change. I could not be more excited about what we have going on right now in our lives and sitting back to see how God is blessing are family makes it that much more amazing. Just a few nights ago we sat back and discussed how different our lives are right now than they were even a month ago, God is truly amazing. When we thought there was not a way, He made a way! May all of the Glory be to God!!!

Ok, back to my May post. Here is a sweet picture of Will and Luke from this Thursday, May 22, 2014 on their last FULL day of school. They had a half a day Friday which I told them they didn't have to go but they insisted so of course I let them go. I can't believe next year I will have a 5th grader and 3rd grader. I could not be more proud of these two boys. They truly are a gift from God and they constantly keep us laughing and are so smart. We love them both so much! 

Here is Westin with Luke's t-shirt and cleats on. He wants to be so much like his big brothers and often doesn't know at all that he is not their same age. He's a silly one and he constantly keeps us cracking up all the time. 

Another sweet picture I captured of this busy boy last week while he was watching Daddy do the yard. This is serious business people. 

I went to the zoo on May 15, 2014 with Luke's class. These were the sweet kids they gave me. This is Luke's buddies in his class: Elijah, Tanner, Luke, Laci and Eric. Laci is my niece. She was there with her class and when she saw me she had to go with us. It was super fun and they all were such wonderful kids. I love being able to do fun things like this with the boys. Luke was so happy to have me there with them! 

Westin is a huge handful and just like I said before, he wants to be like his big  brothers and pitches a fit to sit in Luke's seat. So, he got his way while we were going through the neighborhood. Silly boy!  

My beautiful iris' finally bloomed this year. This is one of the reasons I feel in love with this little house 10 years ago but about 4 years ago they stopped blooming. A lot of it had to do with me stopping the maintenance on them, not that it's much but I stopped cleaning out this flower bed and well this year I gave them some love and more mulch, they approved and within 2 weeks they were in full bloom. I am becoming more and more like my Momma, love my flowers!!

J's parents live on some land and we have been going to their house each weekend to help in their yard. They just can't keep up with it all anymore so we are trying to help them out. Westin hopped in the wheel barrel and loved every minute of Daddy pushing his around the yard. He doesn't look happy in this picture but I promise he was having a ball!

Luke is still involved in baseball right now. I snapped this picture on our way to one of his games a few weeks ago, love these sweet brothers! 

Another one of Westin's fits is always revolved around the shopping buggy's. He likes to have his own and I thought this was hilarious in Walgreen's last weekend. He is the funniest and most head strong boy I've ever seen. Our Kroger has small kid buggy's and that is much better than this one at Walgreens. 

I hope you all are enjoying your month of May full of fun memories! We are enjoying our weekend and I will post about our great Memorial Day weekend. 
Love to all! 


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