Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Perdido Key Part 1

This year was our second time to go to Perdido Key for family vacation. It was such a wonderful time this summer and the whole week with all 4 of my special boys was a dream come true. The water was unusually clear and perfect all the way around. Westin was not the biggest fan of the beach but that boy could play at the pool for hours on end. Spending time at the beach with your loved ones is my happy place.
Our first day on the beach, boogie boards in hand! :)

Although this is Westin's second time to experience the beach, it was his first time to remember.

Luke was COVERED in sand from playing endless hours of football.

Night out with my hubby!

My handsome man playing in the big sand box playground with our kiddos.

This was the first time for him to actually play in the sand, this took lots of convincing. :)

The ages of Will & Luke are my favorite. (Although I do say this at every age) They are very independent boys now but they are still so innocent and sweet. Will loves to have big boy conversations with us which makes my heart happy. Expressing my beliefs to him about certain things he has questions about is a good feeling people.
Stay tuned for part 2. Hopefully I can get the next part of our trip on one more post. :)

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